Tuesday, October 25, 2011

so i have this pregnant friend...

and i asked if i could take her picture...

My friend Page from my ward is pregnant with her first baby in December. I've been wanting to try out taking pictures of people actually wanting their picture taking (posing as opposed to candid shots at bridal showers/dinners, etc).... im in no way im saying im a photographer, but i think i did pretty well with her pictures! it was a little experiment as we like to call it.

here are some of my favorites and for all of the pictures - click on my facebook link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.784903831204.2241283.193304858&type=1&l=3430ae7694

Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Update

as of late:

Tom is still in school. 2 days a week (and the occasional saturday) he goes to school down at WOU and every day he goes to the high school and observes in the classroom for half the day. He has also started helping with SATs/ACTs and athletics to make some extra $... he is also a happy man because it is football season. he has been getting tickets to the OSU games so he's been able to attend quite a few (including the last BYU vs OSU game where i got to go as well!)

Me - um. nothing... how sad is that.

Dulany - she is getting too big! talking and talking and she keeps getting taller it seems. Its quite sad! she loves her "baby" still but now she acts like its her actual baby (not just a comfort toy). she tucks her in to sleep, feeds her and reminds her that she loves her with "i love you baby" and lots of kisses. its cute. Maybe this will be good training for when she gets a brother or sister whenever that happens. She LOVES letters. we had the ones for the fridge but forget the fridge. she wants to play with them everywhere and she loves to name each of them. She knows them all and she's even starting to call out letters as she sees them on signs and shirts and what not. Too cute!
also - she has gone poopy on the potty 3 out of 4 days! (she did friday, saturday and today, monday) she usually goes in the morning but she didnt yesterday. im not sure if its cause we were at church and she grasped the concept that we do it on the potty now or if she just didnt have to go cause she waited to go while at grandmas house way later that night. But its pretty successful. Although, she sees the poop in the potty and it makes it "dirty or gross" and she doesnt want to sit on it for the rest of the day.... so we have to work on that.

anyways, here are just a few pictures. not a ton has been going on but she has been wanting to be in forts and things so she's been using her little "crib" as she calls her little bed thing and making forts on the couch with it. The other day she was so well hidden andi had to get some pictures.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So some of you know that we've been on a waiting list for subsidized housing here in mcminnville. Basically if you're a student and dont have any income, then you have free rent.

that would help - ohhh since we've moved here but especially now. We've been on the waiting list a year to date. We were told it was a 6-8 month waiting list... well come july - we're still way behind on the list. september, still behind. I called last week and they said they were moving someone in the first week of november then there were 2 more people ahead of us.

i was pretty disappointed. I was like well, there was our hope of getting in before Christmas.

then today my phone rang, and it was the apartments and i was thinking, oh theyll just ask if we're still interested.... and they did. But then asked if we would be interested in moving in NEXT month! i was so excited i was shaking. no joke. We went in and had to reapply to get up to date information and she told us that we were applying exactly a year to the date. How funny.

i dont know how we got in so fast after we had just heard the bad news. But i am so happy and grateful!! and im really excited to get out of this apartment and have a YARD in the back. These "townhouse" apartments have a sliding back door to grass (which we havent had since being here!) and even were just remodeled on the outside and the inside!

so now we're just in the process of getting paper work done and background checks done. SO excited!! November 18th we will be in our new place (and even a new ward)!.

Monday, October 17, 2011


papa is known for taking off the grandbabies shoes. He takes them off and then says "ahhhh" and rubs their feet. Dulany learned to do it about a year ago and everytime someone would take of their shoes (or she would take off hers) she would sigh "ahhh"

Ayla was over the other day and she pulled off her sock and rubbed her foot and went "ahhhh" - it was hilarious (at least to us!) cause she learned it early!

so i got it on tape, and you in t his video you can tell Dulany and Ayla are best friends!

Monday, October 10, 2011

videos galore

i finally figured out how to get the videos onto youtube.. after much trouble with blogger and youtube.. holy cow.

anyways, these are videos from the past week or so.

her current favorite song to sing is twinkle twinkle little star..

she also sang it in this video - but this seriously cracks me up cause she must be missin her Cousin E...

and she has possibly the cutest giggle. cracks me up!
this is when she was watching barney - obviously something funny was going on!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday the family headed over to the Pumpkin Patch since Julie and Alex were in town. It was the opening day and we figured it would be cold and rainy but it only sprinkled on us a little bit and it was a good cool 65 degrees... we got lucky! Tom was busy taking his LSAT test when we went and came to join us later with Aunt Sessie. We had a really good time and Dulany LOVED it. I'm annoyed cause my camera died right before she went down the BIG slide! Oh well.. i LOVE fall and this made me even more excited for halloween and carving pumpkins, etc.

oh. Dulany picked out a baby pumpkin which was actually a goard and it looked like a christmas ornament so she called it a "chrismiss punkin"... but the stem broke off after we bought it (for 50 cents) and she was heartbroken. she doesnt even like it anymore and goes around saying "it froken"... poor girl! she is obsessed with "punkins" now. its hilarious! (im wondering if she'll stick her hand in the goo this year when we carve pumpkins!)

ok ok, here are the pictures!

and we finally got a few shots of our family (This never happens, and of course, couldn't even get a normal shot! haha oh well, good enough!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 year check up ... 3 months late!

(she stole my phone and got up on the couch and acted like she was texting or playing games! it was too funny!)

so i finally took D into the doctor 3 months late. Im not sure if i like her doctor too much... but oh well.

Anyways, she freaked out BIG time - did not want to get on the scale, did not want the doctor to get near her... everything. She took 10 minutes to even get weighed... she fought and kicked, etc. Poor girl was NOT loving this place. then again, the dr's office is in the hospital - not a very friendly place! (unlike the place where they have rooms with themes like trains and rocket ships, etc... which wont accept Dulany with her insurance.. Bah! insert - i miss rexburg for this reason, i loved her doctor)

She asked a series of questions, does she use a fork/spoon, does she jump/run...and then she asked if she knew 10 words... um... did you not just hear her? she just said "mommy, i want some juice" - i think so!

anyways. she was so exhausted fighting everything that when the doctor left for the nurse to come in to give her the flu shot - she fell asleep. and she only woke up a teeny bit to fuss because it bothered her and made her wake up... i was impressed.

and that was after the doctor said to the nurse "have fun with that" cause D was being a little difficult. (irked me quite a bit.. she didnt think that i heard her...)

anyways - she didnt get measured for height.. but she was 32 lbs, and im pretty sure she's 30 since she had big boots and a coat on.. oh well. Im excited when we can switch offices.

anywho - that was her 2 year check up - just a few months late!

she is saying a whole lot more and learning words everyday and saying sentances, she knows almost all the words to "i am a child of God" knows the whole "itsy bitsy spider" and "twinkle twinkle little star" and is repeating EVERYTHING so now i need to be very careful with words like stupid and freakin and things like that!

but seriously. she is too cute and i love her!