Wednesday, December 19, 2012


In oregon - snow is a BIG deal. considering it may snow (MAY) once in the winter and that it snows in the morning and is completely gone by midafternoon you have to make the most of it.

tom was hoping that it woudl snow through out the night and he would get a delay or off school. Well yeah that didn't happen. we kept waiting for it and then finally at 10:30 before we fell asleep he looked out the window and we saw the huge snowflakes coming down. I told him i wanted to wake D up to show her and so he went and grabbed her out of bed. She was not excited... she was tired. She didn't care until she woke up the next morning.

anyways - it didnt snow very long and there wasnt much on the ground but when i let D out in the front yard and watched her from the big window while feeding the boys i noticed that it was perfect snow for a snowman!

so i put the boys down for a nap and headed out with her and we built a pretty good snowman. I remember as a kid putting M&Ms as the mouth and eyes and i had some so i wanted to use those - yeah not a good idea! totally didnt work. Now mr. snowman looks like mr. zombie snowman! D had a good idea and got some rocks from the driveway though.

Im so happy she got to play in the snow at least once this year! And she said now that it snowed Christmas can come!

here are some pictures.

the night it was snowing and we woke D up.

the next morning

I then realized how scary this snowman looked. SO i had to add a few extra rocks to make him SMILE!Not so creepy anymore..

I wished this snow would wait till next week. or happen again. I would LOVE to wake up to that snow on christmas morning. I actually miss it! it was so beautiful coming down right on the mountain close to our home with the evergreen trees.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life Happenings

I realize its been like 2 weeks since I last posted. Ill admit. Im lazy. I dont really take pictures. My days consist of getting these boys enough sleep during their day that consists of catnaps. Not to mention they have been on opposite schedules so once one goes down the other wakes up and vice versa.

So here is one big post of pictures.

Lazy Day - D did not get out of her PJs and we all did a whole lot of nothin!

Before the Christmas Party for church

Making Christmas trees

Monday, December 3, 2012

matching boys.

all my boys (tom included) matched on sunday for church. we got these boys these spiffy 3 piece suits for church (too bad colton was stuffe into his.. its too small!)

but here are my 3 handsome men!