Sunday, August 29, 2010

D is for Doll

Dulany is now obsessed with - (thank you bonnie for showing us this). Everytime someone goes to the computer D. follows and wants to sit in your lap because she thinks starfall is going to play. It's a site to teach ABC's and it's pretty cute. She has the A-Ah-Apple down (appol for her). Now she goes around saying appol all the time. (i put that video up before). Recently she loves the D page.... it has a dinosaur dance (and roar which she loves) and mostly the D is for Doll, Dancing Doll - and the little doll has the music and dances... she follows. I caught it as best as i could on video.. here it is.

ps. a post below about the Oregon State Fair!

Oregon State Fair

Yesterday we went to the Oregon state Fair. It was pretty fun. We were tired (D. especially since she hadn't napped in 2 days! and tom started to feel sick). but had a lot of fun looking at Cows and old tractors the saw racing (they show it on espn sometimes where the guys race to cut/chop wood) and Tom and Jon (kaylee's husband) went on this one ride (if you call it that) that shoots you up in the air. we got it on video. Here are the VERY few pictures we got..

Grandma and Dulany with the baby cows... Dulany was a little scared to go so close to them. but she kept saying "moooooo" (not as well but she knows what to say when you say "Tow" - her word for cow)

Watching the competition with daddy

Candid shot..

Tom and Jon on their way back down.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now this is a giveaway!

of course, found this on a friends blog, but seriously... this is one of the most amazing giveaways i have ever seen!! not a dinky little thing... check this out! Ive never heard of one before but after checking out the site and all the things you could do with it? Wow! i would be entertained for a good long while!
You can check out the link here

Here is what you get:

A Silhouette Machine(a $299.99 value)
And it includes...
Silhouette machine
Software for Windows XP/Vista
Power cable, USB cable
2 Cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)
One cutting blade
$10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

seriously, go to the site though to see all the things you can do with it! she has pictures of examples and what not.

i know its a slim chance of winning, but my sis did win something once on a blog giveaway so i figure, why not?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cherry Tomatoes and a wedding.

Tom and I went to his friends wedding last night. It was nice to go just by ourselves and not have to chase a toddler around. We finally took a picture of just us... Tom didnt want to take a picture and im a little reluctant of having pictures of me taken... (im still trying to lose the baby weight from when i stopped nursing.. LONG time ago... but everyone who knows me, i HATE working out. Just somethign i need to change, thank you jogging stroller.)

Grandma and Grandpa gave Dulany tomatoes yesterday. IVe always given her small pieces but last night when they were babysitting, they gave her a cherry tomato and she gobbled it up. Tonight we got to see and we had to snap some pictures. it was too funny!

two new posts below!! and lots of pictures! so make sure to check them out!

Kaylee's Baby Shower

here is a slideshow of Kaylee's baby shower we had last week. She got tons of cute outfits (it makes me sad seeing all the little clothes, makes me wish D. still fit in them!) we are so excited to meet baby bailey!!

my little helper.

Dulany decided she wanted to help with laundry today... this is how she helped:

here is my ultimate favorite picture as of lately, it really shows how big she's getting!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lost Pictures

Since ive had the new camera i forgot about my little camera and the pictures on it! so here they are... not in order at all!

Helping the girls pick beans

at the airport, very happy for some reason i cant remember!

At Mo's with momma

At mo's with daddy

Sitting in the diaper bag and really happy! silly girl.

here is a video of D. playing "starfall" (thanks bonnie for showing us this). She is now obsessed. if anyone sits at the computer she comes and wants to play. its hilarious. She's got A down to a T. I tried to get a video but its def. not as good as the first time she did it. She says "A ahh apppppppol *very slow*"(not so much apple but she tries, but shes got A ahhh down!) here is what i could get.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

getting too big.

seriously. i think since we've been in Oregon she's gotten smarter which makes her more like a big girl!

she greet everyone with a smile and "HIII!" it weird that i get annoyed when people in the store or anywhere say "oh my she's just a happy girl with that smile" ....? haha

yesterday morning she copied me when i said "aiy aiy aiy" which cracked me up...

we also went to the tillamook fair yesterday. We said "look at the cows" .. Dulany: "coooowww?" right off the bat!

then the other day i was singing old mcdonald to her... now she goes around "blah blah blah E- I- E- I OOOO (repeats herself a ton with this)

and now she has Uh oh down to a T. although she will throw somehting and go "uh oh..." (sometimes "uh uh oh")

she went to nursery last week... she sat a big kids table, ate popcorn, played with the big kids... She went back today with grandma while i taught YW.. Grandma came out and said "she started to play red light green light with the kids and did exactly what the other kids did".. (i wish i was able to see this!)

she also can count "oooone, teeewww, thweee (and sometimes fooow).

Im not writing this to be like "my kid is so smart!" im just shocked how quickly she picks up on things! she def. wasn't like this in rexburg (or maybe i just didnt notice it as much)... but man, she's getting so big and its making me so sad!!

anywho, i know im a slacker. but i didnt take the big camera to the fiar yesterday and of course my little camera was dead. so no pictures. ill try to get some!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sleepy head.

last night the girls went to enrichment and the boys stayed home with Dulany. I wasn't sure if tom would be able to get her to sleep because we havent started sleep training (AGAIN!) yet (next week!) so i got home and tom "shhhh"ed me...

this is what i walked in the house to see...

seriously, i was jealous. I wish she would fall asleep like that on me! i guess if she was tired enough she would but i guess she just loves her grandpa!

oh did i mention she's def. a roberts? She sweats like none other, uncontrollably. If you look in that last picture, it looks like she just got out of the bath, no.. she was just sweaty. she even left some sweat marks on grandpa's shirt.

ps. new posts below.

she can find anything..

for example: yesterday she found a little jalepeno from tom's hotdog box from 7-11 (ewe.) and she got it in her mouth as tom was trying to wrestle his way into her mouth to get it. She didn't cry but she kept sticking her tongue in and out in and out...

then the day before we saw her like this...

mom and kaylee were skyping with bonnie and leslie while i was making dinner and they were asking what was Blue all over Dulany's face...

it was a gumball... drooling the blue out of it! haha luckily we got it out.

it just makes us laugh how she can find anything that we can't even see. What a stinker! but she's a cute stinker!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the last of our trip.

here are a few last pictures from our trip.

Daddy throwin Dulany - last night on the beach

This is how we all felt after a 3 hour layover in Dallas... we wanted to go home!

She loves her dolly!

Family Picture (impromptu obviously!)

Here is alex... if you can see in the background there are dolphins!

we're now back in Oregon trying to get the hang of things... schedules, what not.

We're going to have to sleep train Dulany again.... and im NOT looking foward to it. AT all.

I still think she's on east coast time . Although she goes to sleep the usual time, she's waking up WAY too early... and im not a happy mamma about that!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the past few days.

Ok, in the past few days we have swam some more in the ocean, Dulany and Elsa have been swimming in their little pool on the deck, we've been getting some sun, playing games, the boys tried surfing... lots of stuff... instead of writing a lot, here are a few of my favorite pics. If you want to see all of them, find them on facebook!

Dulany on the deck

She dunked her head in the bucket of water

the result - My favorite pic of E!

Dulany found a bucket of water (that we washed the sand off our feet wtih). she liked it better than the pool!

here is cousin E and dulany eating snack together. they loved to share!

Dulany in the pool!

one of my favorites of E!


Tom and Alex tried to surf.

Monday, August 2, 2010

OBX day 2

Here are some pictures of Today. We took Dulany and Elsa down to the water (they didn't like it too much) and they played in the sand. We went to the farmers market to get some fresh produce (this one wasnt as good as ones Jody saw) and we got some good watermelon and amazing fresh picked corn (which dulany LOOOVED, she ate a whole slice of watermelon). Tom and Alex rented surf boards and tried surfing. Dulany and Elsa loved playing with each other today. Here are some pictures of Dulany and Elsa

Here are some pictures i took of Tom and Dulany, i think they are adorable!

Also, last night we went looking for crabs in the dark. Jody and I freaked out a bit but they were pretty sweet! Here is a picture.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A little preview.

we FINALLY made it to the outter banks. friday we flew from portland to salt lake (with a stop in boise) and then saturday early morning is when the fun began. Or not. Our flight with american airlines was pushed 3 hours because they took our plane to LA.... so we had to switch flights to delta. We made it from SLC to Chicago and then went Atlanta. We left late from chicago so we missed our flight from altanta to norfolk by 6 minutes.... so that was 7 pm. the next flight was 10 pm. The guy told the couple infront of us that they would be on standby for tickets for that flight so when we went to go put our names up the guy actually gave us the last 2 seats on the next flight! so 10 pm finally came and we got first class seats!! thank goodness something finally went right.

so basically we were supposed to get in at 6:30 to Norfolk then drive the 90 minutes to the OBX... instead we got in at 11:45 and didnt get in till nearly 2 am... it was a LONG day... total hours of travel ...17 hours. Luckily Dulany did pretty well. Doesn't help she is teething and she had a temp of 102.3 the night before we left...

anywho, we're here. The boys have had TONs of fun boogie boarding and Dulany loves playing with cousin Elsa and playing in the surf getting her feet wet.

here are a few photos from today> More to come for sure! we just got done lookiing for crabs on the beach with flashlights. we found a lot (and some HUGE ones!)

Dulany playing in the sand with her belly sticking out

Cute cousin Elsa!

Tom and Alex boogie boarding

Cousins playing together

Tom Dulany and Grandma(Pam) on the beach playing.