Thursday, December 31, 2009

finally home.

we're finally home in rexburg in our OWN apartment with our own beds and what not. Its so nice to be back after the lONGEST day ever yesterday. Holy cow.

it all started when iwas going to go check my email. I ended up signing into Tom's instead where Orbitz decided to let us know our flight had been cancelled. Crap. Well so i told him, he called the airlines and they decided to let us know at 11:00 (When we called) that our flight moved up to 11:30 am from 5:00 pm!! WHO does that and doesnt tell us? yikes. Anywho. so we had to get a new flight home (after an hour on the phone) and we finally found one at 4:45 to detriot then to SLC and supposed to get in at 9:30pm (which was better than the original flight, so we thought). we had to drop off the rental car at 2. so we left at 1.. we did that. got to the airport. got through all the security and what not and had some time to spare. Dulany was doing really well. We got on. we left and off to detriot on a teeeeeny little plane. Dulany slept the whole time. Thank you. We got to detroit. got off, and went to the next gate with time to fill up bottles, change her and then board the plane. Another teeny plane, but newer. We got on... "Oh we need to wait to de-ice the plane" - hour and a half later after waiting in line to do so, we take off. Then they let us know that we had to stop in Lincoln nebraska to "fuel up" becaue of the wind. HOLYC OW! luckily, dulany slept the whole way to nebraska. So we had to wait another 30 minutes while we do that. From nebraska to Salt lake (about 2 hours) dulany was awake for some of it, but she did really well... and talked a lot. On the way to DC she FREAKED out because her ears were popping and she didnt want us to hold her when she wanted to sleep, but on the way home she was good. And its a good thing because it was such a long trip. I think we calculated that we were on a plane for 8 hours total. 13 hours total of traveling. We were supposed to get in at 9:30 didnt get in till 11. didnt get in to Tom's uncles house till midnight (2 am east coast time). We left from slc this morning and we're finlaly home.

i have a LOT of pics and LOTS of videos to post. but i have too much laundry and grocery shopping to do. So itll have to wait. But seriously, youll love it.

ps. DULANY CAN SAY MAMMA! I love it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family Pics

We took a few family pics this morning. This is the first time we've had all the family together since a wedding. Here are some i edited. Ill post christmas pics when we get home because i forgot my cord. whoops. So expect a HUGE post then.

us 3

all the fam together

us 3 again

seth, marianne and "cat"

jody, alex and baby E

pease kids

the parents: pam and dad

All the kids

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

on our way...

im typing this above kansas.. in the airplane. awesome huh? dulany is kinda having a rough time but right now shes calm and so hopefully she'll fall asleep sson. DC/PA here we come!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

mmm bananas!

so lately ive been giving dulany bananas and oatmeal for breakfast. Yesterday i remembered Aunt Bonnie gave dulany these mesh things you put fruit and veggies on so they can suck and chew on it and get the food out. so i figured i would try it with a banana last night. It was hilarious. she LOVED it. Im just trying to think of other fruits/veggies you cna put in it. Any suggestions? Ive tried giving her carrots. She hates them. At least for now. so here are a few pics and video. Gotta love this girl.

we leave for utah on tuesday, fly out wed. morning. my parents got about a foot of snow. DC got about 2 feet of snow, where we're flying into. Everyone flying into DC from school, their flights are cancelled till monday/tuesday. i just hope that they dont push ours back because of their flights. Oh man. So instead of leaving the snow from idaho (which isnt even that much) we'll be going into TONS of snow. At least we'll have a white christmas!

oh and here is a different video showing how much she keeps her mouth open. she alawys has it open SUPER wide! too cute.

Friday, December 18, 2009


so we finally got around to taking dulany to see santa. In the car on the way there. i was thinking to myself...and then told tom, i bet she's going to grab his beard, since she grabs our face all the time. And thats exactly what she did. For her first time, not so bad. she didnt cry... thats good!! Santa seemed to really like her, although im sure under his smile he's going "OUCH!" cause she can pull hard.

Dont you think that this santa is one of the best "mall santas" youve seen!?

In the Dark

last night about 7:45-8... we were left in the dark. The power went out and we figured it would come on in a few minutes. its happened before. So then we looked outside. we saw nothing but black. it was kinda neat, kinda scary. We saw everyone going to their cars to get flashlights, candles being lit... so luckily we had some candles in the apartment so we lit those and about an hour later, after a game of yahtzee, the lights came on , but only for a second, and went back off. I guess the power went out almost to idaho falls and all the way to saint anthony. It was quite funny watching people leaving to go somewhere yet everywhere else, the power was out too. Ive never seen so many cars leave our parking lot like i did last night. It lasted till about 10:00 or so.. i dont even remember. But Im not going to lie, it was kinda fun. Dulany was already going to sleep so tom and i played some board games and cards and studied a little bit (luckily his computer was all the way charged).

I thought about it, he was supposed to have a final last night at 7... and there were tons of students taking finals when it went out. But im glad his got switched to today early this week because i wouldve HATED to be home alone when that happened!

So here we are. or tom... bag of doritos, candles and yahtzee. So romantic yes?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today, Dulany turned 6 months!! crazy how time flies. Seriously... i really gave birth 6 months ago!? Today we had a WIC appointment so she was weighed and measured. she was 14 lbs 7oz and 24 inches long. So she grew a little bit. 2 lbs heavier, 2 inches longer. She was in the 25% for height, 50% for weight. but this is according to her due date (cause according to WIC she is a premie... kinda dumb if you ask me)

as for her, she's doing tons better sitting up on her own. She can go for over a minute but either goes to the side or face plants as she tries to get a toy. (she hasnt faceplanted hard.. yet at least... just slowely goes forward) She still hasnt rolled from her back to her front... but at this point ive given up on worrying about it. She just hates her tummy. and therefore doesnt like tummy time very much. She does a great "mini push up" and then rolls right back over to her back. She loves her exersaucer much more lately (as you saw in preivous posts) because she's more entertained by the toys on it.

as for eating, she's been eating sweet potatoes for dinner with rice and oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. I love when she eats now because she gets so excited kicking her legs and opens her mouth up WIDE waiting for the next bite and she doesnt spit it out nearly as much. I can't wait to let her try new foods.

she's still sleeping really well. Usually going to bed between 7-8 and sleeping till 6-7 in the morning. She can only stay awake for an hour and a half - 2 hours before wanting to take a 2 hour nap. (which she takes about 3 of them a day) so i feel like most of the time she's sleeping. Which makes it hard in church or anywhere else we go because she still doesnt sleep anywhere else but her crib. AHH! But i was talking to my friend mel today and realized i can't have everything! i at least have her sleeping through the night.. so i think id rather have that! I think after the christmas break im going to try to get her to sleep not being swaddled anymore. we'll see how that goes.

only one week exactly and we'll be in DC on our way to PA for christmas!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM! (ok maybe you do, but seriously. SO excited for Dulany to meet her grandma pam, uncle royce and aunt corinne.)

and i really wish i had a new pic of her but today we've been running errands and she's been sleeping (i catch a growth spurt coming on soon) so youll just have to wait!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dulany in the Snow

so it was snowing a Ton a week or so ago and so i decided to take dulany out in it. Well of course, right as i was taking the video, the camera died. ALways happens. Just my luck, i get her ALL bundled up, and she's out ther for a minute and i ahve to unbundle her again. Now i know why my parents made me and my siblings stay out in the snow for a good while if we ever did go out... its a lot of work! Since she doesnt have a snow suit or anything. i had to put tights, a long sleeved onsie, tights, socks, little bootie shoes, a sweatshirt and jacket. i didnt think she was going to fit in her bumbo haha. But she liked it, not so much the snowflakes on her eyelashes! as you can see in the video, she loved movin her feet around in the snow. It was just too cute. here is the video and some pictures. I think she takes a little after my sister Corinne with her red nose. She always had a red nose in her pics when she was little, and so does Dulany (which happens to be Corinne's middle name). Her nose turned so red in these pics. But first a video. Gotta love the end. She likes to have her mouth open WIDE a lot of the time, my little weirdo!

looking at mom wondering, what is this stuff, and why am i sitting in it?!

she doesnt have any snow boots, therefor she wears tights, socks and her little bootie/shoes

she wasnt a fan of all the snowflakes landing on her eyelashes!

Close up! of my little girl
hahhaha she's so bundled up.. i didnt think she would fit in her bumbo.

here are other pics. One with Dulany and Daddy on our bed. Shes too cute!!

and here is one of her snuggling with me. she NEVER snuggles, so i made sure to get a picture of it!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ANOTHER video!

this is impressive. 3 posts in 3 days. Amazing. Just so happens dulany was being so silly yesterday when she was playing in her exersaucer. She's finally realized ALL the toys on it and lvoes playing with them. She would play with one toy on it and then get REALLY excited (youll see in the video) it just cracked me up!

here are my two loves on the way to our ward christmas party. We left right when santa came because she was so tired, so we're going to take a trip to the mall this next week to go take a picture with him.

did we mention that today is tom's last day at The Tire Factory!? SO excited!! im not so excited about him having a non-paying internship, but im SOO excited that i will have him home with me on saturdays. This is the first time since he's been up here at school that he wont work saturdays. He's doing an internship with Beehive Federal Credit Union this winter semester while going to school. In the summer semester he MIGHT do another internship with Northwestern Mutual.. selling life insurance but he has the opportunity to go back to tire factory if he wants.

Im just excited to have him home with me for the weekends. i always hated that everyone else in our complex has their husband home with them on saturdays except me.

Friday, December 11, 2009


here are two videos of her playing with her new favorite little toy. LAtely when she's on her stomach she kinda goes in a circle to get to it.. but in this video it was kinda after she ate (as you can tell from the big burp) so she wasnt really happy. haha but i thought they were still super cute. She does really good at reaching for her toys when laying on her back and i figured she would start trying to roll over to them but..she still wont roll over from her back to her front. i try practicing with her but she just will NOT have it. I think she'll sit on her own before doing it... but she gets to her side.. so i guess that's progress right!?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

my christmas babe.

here are a few "chrismtas pictures" if yu can call them that, basically just dulany infront of the tree. She is too cute and getting so big. we go into her WIC appointment next week so we'll see how big she's gotten!

ps. its been in the negatives in temperatures here. This morning the weather said it was -15 with wind chill making it feel like -23. YIKES! so cold!

Monday, December 7, 2009

SWEET potatoes!

2 posts in one day! alright! well here are pIcs of dulany eating sweet potatoes. I got some while i was at the store and decided to puree them myself.. it took a long time... and it was quite messy. It was annoying.. but oh well, she liked them. I tried to get a picture of her smiling but only came out with crazy pictures! she's such a silly girl. here are the pics.

here are also pics of her with dad. she sat with him and just stared at him efor the longest time. it was hilarious! and of course, the last one, dad pinching cheeks. i swear... ihave to pull his hands away from her most of the time. She gets little red marks on her cheeks from being kissed and pinched all the time!

make sure to scroll down, anothe rpost WITH video!

laughing girl and cute boots.

i ordered these darling little crochet booties from here and i just am in love with them, they are sooo dang dang cute! Take a looksie. They look even more cute on her with ehr cute tights. I couldnt get the best pic of them so you may have to go to her blog and look at how cute they are.

here is a video of her laughing, she kinda sounds like she's about to cry, but we found a little ticklish spot. but by the time we got the camera out she was kinda over laughing, i swear right before she was laughing up a storm. it was hilarious. I love when she laughs!

Friday, December 4, 2009


so dulany has a new "way of talking" i guess you could say. Instead of cooing, she's girgling all the time, or i guess you could call it that. its too funny. tonight she was doing it non-stop and we were cracking up. She also has started squeeking REALLY loud, very randomly (youll see in the video) So we tried to get it on video. too bad the tv was on in the background so you cant hear too well till the end. And excuse the end because tom tried to be funny...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I look out the window and what do i see...

SNOW! here are a few cute pics of my baby girl looking out the window.

oh i want to look out the window!

hmm what do i see??

oops, i got caught!

mom, my fingers are stuck!

. and here are a few pics of dulany wearing her christmas tights grandma roseanne got her while she was here. I didnt know they had a gingerbread man on the bum! TOO cute!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my growing girl

its official, my little girl is growing up too fast. I think she just went through a growth spurt cause all of a sudden she looks a few inches taller! Not only that but she's learning to sit on her own too! before, we started to try with her leaning against my leg or what not and she would be able to sit by herself for like 10 seconds at the most. But today she did it for the longest time (no worries, i got videoS (multiple!) of it! shes just etting too big! i just saw a video of an old friend and his little new baby girl and i miss how teeeny she was! but its way fun to see her grow and get older. She is just too cute!

here are the vids of her sititng up (i did what my sis in law bonnie did and made a youtube account. i waited for 45 minutes at least for this video to upload and gave up. Hopefully this works. let me know if it doesnt!) ps.please excuse my voice for being so loud in this vid. whoops!

ok these pictures are pretty random, but... first i made this teriyaki chicken rice bowl that i got from my sister. It is delish! tom and i love it and make it a lot now. But seriously, does this not look like you would get it from somewhere (like hogi yogi?) i was pretty proud. haha

Yesterday i made some christmas cookies! my sister bought me some cookie cutters last year (which is awesome, ive been trying to find a wide variety of them) and so i made some sugar cookies and even found some food coloring and cake decorator. Don't they make you think its time for christmas?! yes!

and its the first of december and its SNOWING right now. I know, whoop-de-do. It snows all the time in rexburg. But for some reason since we havent really had TOO much yet. its still exciting. Give me a few weeks and ill tell you im sick of it.

ONLY 3 WEEKS (and one day) till we go to DC/PA! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

alright now here is just a random video of her i took today, she's doing a lot better in the exersaucer playing with all the toys unlike before where she just sunk into it and looked at them. And, dont mind her at the end when she kept looking back and forth, back and forth.. i think its cause i had a towel on my head and she was confused.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Loves of my Life

I love these two.

and you can tell daddy loves his little girl...

ps. make sure to scroll down for another post about our weekend (videos and LOTS of pics included!)

Thanksgiving Weekend

After thanksgiving, we were able to spend a few days with Grandma and grandpa and aunt leslie. Friday morning tom was going to go to Walmart with his dad and leslie at 5 am, somehow he convinced me to go. I just wanted the $4 hand mixer and mini chopper.... wow. NEVER again> of course we got stuck behind this guy who would not stop talking ... (about the same thing over and over) who reaked of BO. It was funny because he mentioned something about mormons and 9 kids... and tom's dad asked what a mormon was, and that he was from oregon and didnt know. It was funny to hear what he thought and the person behind us too.. you would think people in rexburg would be more knowledgeable. oh well. I will never do that again.

we came home, and tom ahd to go to work but got off around 1. We went down to idaho falls to do some shopping and then headed down to pocatello just to go to golden corral, yum! we got so stuffed.. holy cow. We got home and then went hot tubing at the hotel. We quickly went home and put dulany to bed so grandma roseanne and leslie could babysit while we went on our FIRST date since having Dulany. we went to the actual movie theater(not the cheap theater) for the first time in a year..we went and saw The Blind Side... SOOOO GOOD, and pretty funny actually, and sad... so its good all around. Thank you grandma for babysitting even though she was asleep the whole time. It was nice to go out just the two of us.

They left this morning back to Oregon. We'll get to see them when we go to OR in February. It was really fun all in all. Dulany was exhausted today apparently. She took a nap from 11:30am-3pm... WHEW! good thing because i slept all day today too. (never again should i take tylenol pm at 1 am.)

When we went out to dinner.. we gave Dulany a lemon. It was pretty funny, like the snow. We got it on vid. here you go.

here is a video of her with her first christmas present (that we opened early). She LOVES it!

Here are pictures of the rest of their visit! Thanks for coming and we can't wait to see you guys again in February!