Thursday, July 29, 2010

My new Baby!

obviously not a real one... but today i used the money we sold our car with to buy THIS:
My sis in law Bonnie has one (she has the 5000 better one) and my neighbor has this one and ive been seeing all the pictures they take and how incredibly better they are so I told myself i could splurge once and get something for me. Tom has golfing (had baseball, other sports) as a hobby, and i wanted something for me! So im excited to learn how to use it and hopefully ill get some good practice while we are HERE:
We're heading to North Carolina (the outter banks) with my family for a whole week! we leave tomorrow for salt lake and then saturday we're flying to the beach!! I AM SO EXCITED! i haven't seen them in 7 months! Im so excited for Dulany and her cousin Elsa to play together (since before they were too little!)

Ill make sure to post TONS of pictures when we get bacK!

Monday, July 26, 2010

this past week

This past week has been crazy with packing and cleaning and moving to Oregon. Tom graduated a few days ago! we went to a wedding (congrats nattie and payton!) and we also went to Lagoon and yellowstone! Here are pictures!!

Only till this weekend and we're heading to the beach! WAHOO!

ps. new post below as well.

Congrats Tom!

CONGRATULATIONS TO TOM FOR GRADUATING!!! We have been waiting for this day for a LONG time! YAaaay!!! So Proud of you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

after 2 1/2 years..

WE are OUTTA here!!!

others may be sad... but really, ive been ready to get out of here for quite some time! sure ill miss our friends (although all our friends are leaving anyways or have already left). We've lived in the same apartment since we got married and it was Dulany's first home but i think she even wants to get outta here and be with grandma and grandpa (Roberts) when we move to Oregon and be with cousins and actually have places to go and have room to run around (seriously, shes ready to run!)
so heres to you rexburg, thanks for being our home for the past 2 1/2 years, but goodbye, I will not miss some of you (aka, your winters!) Thanks to everyone who we became friends with while we were here as well! we will miss you! (Dulany says she'll miss her favorite neighbor/friend - Everett!)

ps, i have Lagoon pics and we're going to yellowstone tomorrow, but we're in the middle (closer to the end) of moving so you all will just have to wait till we get back to Oregon!

pps... in one week from Saturday we will be in North Carolina (Outter Banks) at the BEACH!!! YAY!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oregon Trip

thank you grandma (roberts) for sending the camera charger so we could share or Oregon trip pictures! We went got there thursday night and stayed till late late monday night... the drive was long and with Dulany only sleeping 30 minutes, then 10 and then another 10 minutes during a 14 hour drive (usually takes 12, longer with this child) it was long, then on the wya back we left oregon at 11 pm and drove through the night... at least she slept this time... minus going through 3 pairs of clothes because of a bad diaper or figuring out how to get the juice out of the cup....

while we were in oregon, we went to some outlets and then on friday and Tom and i went and saw Grown Ups (we never see movies in the expensive theatre except for a date which we havent had in awhile!) Saturday we went to the st paul rodeo. Tom has talked about this rodeo for years and how they go on the 4th of july weekend. We went and ate a ton of carnival food and Dulany rode the carousel and then during the actual rodeo which started during Dulany's bedtime so she was kinda cranky and such a mamma's girl. The rodeo was really fun and we all got free coupons to the Casino which we used to go to but now for dinner on the weekends its 19 bucks a person! so we saved them and ended up getting a 9 dollar lunch (which was good anyways) and we're going to use our coupons on a friday night, get as much as we can from them!

Fourth of july we went to church and then had a bbq at Kaylee's husband's parents house> that was tons of fun and we put on our own fire works.

Monday Tom and I and Jon and Kaylee went and saw a movie. (2 movies in oen weekend is def. NOT typical for us but we had to take advantage of getting out of the house with out dulany)
here are pictures from our trip!:

we have a week and a half before we're out of rexburg for good. Tom graduates a week from friday (yayyy so proud of him!) and im already stressed with packing! its tough, we've been here for SO long! Oh well, so glad to get out of here.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

was she really that small?

tonight we went to em and dave's for dinner, they had another couple over who had a 3 week old ... seriously... was my baby girl (who was into everything and walking all over the place) really that little?? i had to go back to look at pictures to make sure..
Dulany decided she wanted to take a look at the little man too.. she even decided to go over and pull on his toes (thank goodness his mamma laughed and thought it was funny...) and when we're at tom's baseball game, tom's friend has a little 7 week old and she would have to walk over to his carseat, tilt her head to the side and peak in (ok, that was darn cute! wish ihad a picture) it makes me nervous for when we have another kid (which will be awhile) and how she'll react.. hopefully she'll be a good big sister. I guess if we stay in oregon when Kaylee's baby (dulany's cousin) is born, she'll have plenty of practice!

i came across this one when she was just that age..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stay tuned

well, we went to Oregon this past weekend for the 4th of july and what not... i didnt take as many pictures as i wouldve hoped, but my camera died and i left my charger at grandma/grandpas house, so everyone will have to wait.

i got a good video of D. on the move! so stay tuned.