Sunday, July 11, 2010

was she really that small?

tonight we went to em and dave's for dinner, they had another couple over who had a 3 week old ... seriously... was my baby girl (who was into everything and walking all over the place) really that little?? i had to go back to look at pictures to make sure..
Dulany decided she wanted to take a look at the little man too.. she even decided to go over and pull on his toes (thank goodness his mamma laughed and thought it was funny...) and when we're at tom's baseball game, tom's friend has a little 7 week old and she would have to walk over to his carseat, tilt her head to the side and peak in (ok, that was darn cute! wish ihad a picture) it makes me nervous for when we have another kid (which will be awhile) and how she'll react.. hopefully she'll be a good big sister. I guess if we stay in oregon when Kaylee's baby (dulany's cousin) is born, she'll have plenty of practice!

i came across this one when she was just that age..

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