Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pitt/DC trip

so i uploaded TONS of pictures from this past week of being in Pittsburgh and DC - since i dont want to upload them all to here on a slide show i figured i would send the link from my facebook page. (click link)

you should be able to see them - but if you can't let me know!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All my bags are packed...

im SOOO ready to go!

today has finally come. we get to fly cross country and see my family! the last time we saw them it was Christmas of 2010- that was a LONG time ago!

Im so excited for 1. warm weather - its been so warm out there, and sunshine.

we get to meet this little girl - my sisters baby girl born in Feb. -

excited to to see (and for D to play with her cousin) E! This is the last time they were together (look how little they are!)

and we get to go here!!! we go here!
we got lucky and the weather has been so good we get to see cherry blossoms! we are also planning to meet up with Jason, Bonnie, cousin Adam and Niccolie while in DC! so excited they could come down and play. We plan to go to the zoo and the "dinosaur museum" as D calls it - aka the natural history museum.

We get to stay with Toms cousin and Emily who i grew up with (who are married!) down in Northern VA where i grew up. I havent been back there in like 3 years! So excited to go see my old house and get some YUMMY food!

We leave this afternoon and get into Pittsburgh late tonight, get to see my dad for a few hours tomorrow. Stay in Pittsburgh till friday when we go down to DC/NoVA so we can visit friends/family and tom has a job fair/interview there as well.
then we'll head up to Huntingdon, PA where my parents live and ill get to spend a week there
toms coming home early - which means ill be flying solo with D for the first time. Wish me luck!

i promise lots of pictures when we get back!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

starting every 4 weeks..

every 4 weeks, im going to post a pregnancy picture. i know i post one like every week but today i actually got ready so you get to see my face, i know you really wanted to... haha

so this is the beginning of the pregnancy pictures..

this is how big i was with D at 16 weeks:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

16 weeks.

today marks 16 weeks in this pregnancy. Kind of weird, its going by pretty fast.
the babies are size of Avocados and I had an appointment today and they were able to find 2 different heartbeats on the Doppler. They obviously moved next to each other instead of side by side and they were right below my belly button. That was also nice, I'm hoping ill be able to feel them more in the next few weeks.

April 10th we'll have our anatomy u/s and we'll be able to find out what we're having!

Friday, March 9, 2012

update:She did IT!

.... she went poop on the potty... granted she was kind of standing over the potty cause she couldnt sit down so half of it fell on the floor next do it cause she got so excited to look at it..

BUT i am SOOOO happy!

and if you have no idea what im talking about, look at my post below from earlier today!


...why did i chose to potty train D while pregnant?
its been 2 weeks now and things are going great.

yesterday was just a rough day. Lesson learned - she gets NO more slurpees. She hasnt had one in so long, and since it was like a spring day outside we got one. Nope, never again. I have piles of undies mounting on the stairs to take over to grandmas to wash...

potty training AND a toddler who's becoming rebellious with double the hormones = nightmare. my poor poor husband when he comes home.

also - if any moms who have suggestions about pooping in the potty. D used to be fine with pooping in the potty. now not so much to the point that she holds it in...

any advice?

thanks in advance!

and for your viewing pleasure. mommy was trying to take pictures of herself with her belly (15 weeks, babies are size of apples!) --- D wanted to do the same. so here she is posing with her "babies"

Friday, March 2, 2012

PT- Day 3

yesterday went pretty good. minus D HATES underwear. hates them.

i finally got her to put them on yesterday morning because they were "valentine" underwear with hearts. well that lasted 30 minutes and she just peed in them. She definitely doesn't have the concept of undies. So i tried to get her to put a new pair on with hearts again and no way, she refused so i gave her some time. Would she put them on for the rest of the day? no, she fought and fought so i didnt want to force it.

Even grandma couldnt even get them on that girl... which she usually does everything for grandma.

i think im getting more stressed about this than i should be because everyone says "whatever you do dont go back to putting a diaper on her" -- but today i think i might have to so we can take a quick trip to walmart so she can pick out her own (EXPENSIVE - why the heck is kids underwear so darn expensive?) undies - is it horrible i hope she picks out the boy kind cause im getting sick of dora/princess for girls?

on a good note. i was upstairs in the shower when tom was home for a few hours and D came up to see what i was doing and started to pee and i quickly put her on the big potty and she went up there for the first tie (she was too scared to before, so im glad we got that out of the way!)

so over all -
pee = 11x on the potty
peed in undies = 1x
no pooping...