Friday, March 9, 2012


...why did i chose to potty train D while pregnant?
its been 2 weeks now and things are going great.

yesterday was just a rough day. Lesson learned - she gets NO more slurpees. She hasnt had one in so long, and since it was like a spring day outside we got one. Nope, never again. I have piles of undies mounting on the stairs to take over to grandmas to wash...

potty training AND a toddler who's becoming rebellious with double the hormones = nightmare. my poor poor husband when he comes home.

also - if any moms who have suggestions about pooping in the potty. D used to be fine with pooping in the potty. now not so much to the point that she holds it in...

any advice?

thanks in advance!

and for your viewing pleasure. mommy was trying to take pictures of herself with her belly (15 weeks, babies are size of apples!) --- D wanted to do the same. so here she is posing with her "babies"

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Jody and Alex said...

Cute pics- you have totally popped. I love it. That picture of Dulany posing is too funny!