Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All my bags are packed...

im SOOO ready to go!

today has finally come. we get to fly cross country and see my family! the last time we saw them it was Christmas of 2010- that was a LONG time ago!

Im so excited for 1. warm weather - its been so warm out there, and sunshine.

we get to meet this little girl - my sisters baby girl born in Feb. -

excited to to see (and for D to play with her cousin) E! This is the last time they were together (look how little they are!)

and we get to go here!!! we go here!
we got lucky and the weather has been so good we get to see cherry blossoms! we are also planning to meet up with Jason, Bonnie, cousin Adam and Niccolie while in DC! so excited they could come down and play. We plan to go to the zoo and the "dinosaur museum" as D calls it - aka the natural history museum.

We get to stay with Toms cousin and Emily who i grew up with (who are married!) down in Northern VA where i grew up. I havent been back there in like 3 years! So excited to go see my old house and get some YUMMY food!

We leave this afternoon and get into Pittsburgh late tonight, get to see my dad for a few hours tomorrow. Stay in Pittsburgh till friday when we go down to DC/NoVA so we can visit friends/family and tom has a job fair/interview there as well.
then we'll head up to Huntingdon, PA where my parents live and ill get to spend a week there
toms coming home early - which means ill be flying solo with D for the first time. Wish me luck!

i promise lots of pictures when we get back!!

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Tiffany Fackrell said...

have so so much fun. and be safe! I want/need a vacation so so bad!