Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rexburg/Utah Trip

We decided last minute that it would be good for us to go on a family trip together with the rest of toms siblings and parents. We went to Rexburg idaho to go through the temple with Leslie who's getting married this week.  It was fun going around town showing D where she was born, where she lived, where we lived when we dated, etc. And snoasis!! Yum!

here we are just about to leave for Julie's house. We decided to break up the trip and stay the night there.

one word - doritos. that'll make the kids quiet!

we went to the water park in Pendleton. It was like 73 degrees and cold... 
as you can see. But we had fun!

this was after we got done with the session at the temple. this boy is sure cute!

the boys loved being up here in the hotel!

after the hotel (we stayed in pocatello) we headed down to SLC while everyone went to yellowstone to go see Beauty and the Beast at the play mill. we knew the boys wouldn't sit through it so we figured we would spend the day in utah!

but first we needed some breakfast. And this is the pancake we got. it was HUGE!

then we headed to utah!

we tried In N Out for the first time. It was ok.... i love 5 guys way better.

then we went to Temple square

then the next day = LAGOON!
these pics are from my phone

here are pics from my camera- 

colton did NOT like the rides. as you can see ins one of these pics. Kemp however loved him just like D always have. We had such fun! Glad we went.

this is my all time favorite!! Grandpa and his two little pals.