Saturday, August 16, 2014

Twins Turn Two

July 16, 2014 the boys turned 2 years old! we celebrated early at Toms parents house since everyone would be out of town during their birthday. We just did simple cupcakes and balloons and presents. Im seriously lacking in any energy to do birthday parties... oh well! 

ok guys. first of all... i don't even know what i was thinking.... Apprently i don't know how to put a 2 together... unless this picture came out backwards. WHY didn't anyone say anything?! hahaha I was under a LOT of stress that week. I mean it was a week from hell ill blame it on that. Maybe thats why my family didn't say that i put the cupcakes BACKWARDS! i only post this because of the cute candles. the boys loved them. 

grandma and grandpa got them a wagon! they love it!

my very cute cute boys...theyre 2! Yippee!

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