Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

this afternoon we're heading to Boise (possibly?) to stay the night and then tomorrow morning we're heading HEREto Ukiah, Oregon (eastern Oregon) to go camping with grandma and grandpa (roberts) and aunt Leslie. We're So excited to be where its GREEN. Hopefully the weather will be somewhat nice and we can do lots of fun stuff. I am just excited to get out of this dang place we all eastern idaho for the weekend and see family. see you all next week! hope everyone gets to do something fun for Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


this is a video of Dulany. She was chasing her water bottle all around the kitchen floor but when I tried to get a video of it, all she wanted to do was say bye so here it is.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

past week.

make sure to look below this post for a blizzard video. not shocking for rexburg!

but anywho.. not a whole lot has been happening lately because the weather has not been so nice. Its been windy and cold! where did those few days of warm sunny weather go? i bought a pool for D. and we cant even use it! but here are some pictures from the past week. Blogger is being dumb, so i had to make a slide show of just only a few photos. oh well! enjoy.

We went to 2 of tom's games. During both of them we froze. She was happier to have the chair to herself..oh and tom won both games by a lot (11-1 and 12-5). In the other pics she's helping with laundry, helping me cook, or not helping me considering all she wanted to do was play with my apron ties. And the othe rone is of her infront of the dishwasher. she LOVES to lick that thing. so gross.


theres a blizzard outside. Just take a looksy...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

if only..

if i was rich, and ton of money, i would buy this...

my sister was oh so kind to get me the sheets when i was pregnant as a gift. I just wish i could afford the rest of the set!

i love pottery barn.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

11 months

Dulany turned 11 months old on sunday. i tried to keep posting pictures and a video but it was a pain in the butt and seriously waited an hour for them to upload. nothing. Oh well. If you know my facebook. go there and look at the pics!

anywho. she's getting too big! the end.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

mommy, wow!

she's a big girl now! seriously, i think she went through a growth spurt (which explains the midnight wakings and starving). Emily and dave were over yesterday and said she looked like she's gotten a ton taller! We put her in a little skirt the other day. It wasnt so little on her. Im pretty sure its 6 months. It just goes to how how little her legs are still! haha

she can now stand on her own, cruise, climb onto stuff... yesterday she stood up by herself with out holding onto anything for the first time(this was outside) i was pretty shocked. but she didnt last too long! But also, she does patty cake (which was seen in previous video) wave hi/bye and yesterday she learned peek aboo in the car. When i say it, she covers her eyes. im going to try to get it on video today.

i took a few pics of her in her high chair. she looks so big to me! what do you think?

ps. like 3 more posts below!

its finally hot!

ook well warm! but it finally got over 60 degrees! YAY! we're sure enjoying the itme outside. Ive gone on 45 minute walks every morning these past few days. Today we finally get to see tom play baseball for the first tiem (even though hes had a few games we couldnt go to). Its supposed to be in the 70s this weekend! (today till monday). so we're def. excited. we've been outside playing with friends too! Dulany loves playing with all our neighbors! (andim not going to lie, i like it too!)

baseball game

last night we all went to a baseball game (at the school) cause it was so nice out. D wore her new overall shorts and crocs (which cant be seen ... darn it). she was seriously too cute!!


she had spaghetti for the first time too! she wasnt very successful in eating it but had fun playing in it! here is a video and some pics.

more posts to come today! internet is being slow though... gotta be patient!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Justin Beiber and Patty Cake.

So, oprah was on and justin beiber was on performing. Right when i turned to it and Dulany heard him singing...she was looking in the mirror at "her friend" and was talking to herself when she heard him and BAM, she was glued to that tv.

here she is doing patty cake. Usually when i say (or anyone says) patty cake she starts clapping. But i think she's got it down. she does the patting, clapping and rolling, I got it on video although she was doing it way better this morning. and i have to do it from the couch because otherwise she'll just go for the camera and wont do it.. that litle stinker.

on a sour note. i think we're going to have to try sleep training Dulany again. She has been so hard to get to sleep lately i dont know what it is. we keep saying she's probably teething but nothings happening with teeth popping up so im afraid she's just used to it. getting her to sleep wont be too hard with her crying. its the waking up in the middle of the night (which she's been doing EVERY Night at 3-4am) and making her cry it out because i still don't sleep and she like makes herself sick the way she cries. Oh well! here goes anohter round of it.

and for your viewing pleasure, her standing up on our gate.. trying to look at us in the bathroom/bedroom whenw e go back there. Ps. she can stand by herself, not holding onto anything for a long amount of time! she's gonna be walking in no time.

Monday, May 10, 2010


i forgot to mention the present I got. Tom totally got me too. He told me to go to the back of the car because he had soda we needed to bring in. i was so confused because well. a. we're trying to give up soda and we don't drink it (well try not to.. youknow me, gotta have one every once in awhile!). so i go and there is a food processor! i was shocked. He heard me awhile back when iwas trying to make almond cluster chicken tenders cause i needed one to make the almond/flour coating.. so he DOES listen! there were also Paula Dean saucepans which ive been wanting. I asked him how much he spent and asked if he would be offended if we went and traded it in for one of .... THESE
although it def. didnt cost as much as that one... thank goodness! he forgot that ive wanted one of these for the longest time. I tested it this morning and lets just say i had one reallllllly dirty floor! i love it!! so thanks hun for thinking of me and what i wanted and actually listening to me instead of just getting me flowers. although that wouldve been better then nothing. Love you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Its my very first mothers day! Happy mothers day to all the mom's out there! I love being a mom and couldnt imagine my life with out this little cutie pie!

and here is to our mothers!(And now grandmothers)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

lost videos

i found these tonight. forgot to put them up. Well.... if i did put them up i dont remember. so you can just watch them again. these were from Oregon.

this one is of her and adam on the bike. i dont think he wanted her on there, but she was sure excited!

here is one of her while at Mo's... she really loved when grandma would say "uh oh"

here is one of adam playing with the cup. we all thought he was pretty funny. We miss this kid like crazy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

being stuck inside..

we get really bored. i take videos.. i take pictures. But she is sure enjoying standing up on her own. She is climbing on to everything. The best part, she will climb up and she'll let go and sometimes she'll clap, and she loves to drum on everything. Sometimes she also likes to lick all surfaces and try to eat them too. She can stand forever on her own and she really wants to move her feet but she's still too scared. I think she's grown a ton as well. We skyped with grandma and grandpa (roberts) and they even said "is it possible that she's grown in the past 3 weeks?" (or something to that extent.) she is really loud too... tonight we went to a little bit of tom's baseball game and she can say "yay". thats for sure. people were clappling so she would clap and say yay! anywho. here are some pics, kinda boring but gotta take what you can get! a video to show how "loud" she is!

here, she made her way to down the hallway to her new favorite place... the shoe basket. She loves shoes. now there is a gate that stands in her way and i dont think she likes it much!

here she is climing on the tv stand... both pics you can see she's only standing with one hand. She saw me in the mirror so i had to get a pic of her. she's too funny.

here is a video of her getting really excited about "patty cake"

here she is looking out the window, trying to get the string. i think this day was finally sunny but WAY too windy to go outside = (

here she is "eating" the glass.

i found her asleep like this. she is too cute!

here is a random one from today. she just looked cute in her tights and shirt.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer, where are you?

To all my family back east.. in the 80 degree weather... i hate you.. not really, but I woke up this morning knowing it would probably be 40 degrees yet again, maybe windy. I went to take the trash and put it outside... i opened the door and there it was... that white stuff again. Covering the ground and more coming down. If it was just snowing and not sticking i would be ok... but holy crap! it shows you how cold its been lately that the ground is cold enough for the snow to stick! seriously... I wish i was rich so i could book a plane ticket for me and my little girl to go fly home for a week. It seriously gets depressing being inside all day every day with not a whole lot to do. My poor girl. Im not sure if i even remember what spring/summer feels like. We havent had warm weather since september... that was 8 months ago. call me a whiner if you want. but if you were STILL stuck inside when it's supposed to be almost summer... you would whine too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

this little girl is everywhere.
well, we had to do it. we had to buy a baby gate. Mainly because in the hallway where the carpet meets the tile, there is a tear thats been there since we moved in. the rug keeps unraveling and therefor the underneath shows and there are staples sticking out.. dangerous. She loves to go back there cause there are the bedrooms. But we have to wait till the gate comes in the mail because oh yeah, our walmart is crap and doesnt have one. Anywho now that she has ben crawling everywhere, she's exploring everything which means a bigger mess. And our vacuum obviously doenst do a very good job. I hate it. She manages to find the LITTLEST pieces of who knows what, food.. paper.. you name it and stick it in her mouth. Oh well. Also we wanted a gate to put in the door way so she can't escape outside when i want the doors open.

i figured i would show everyone a video of her going everywhere. of course... the battery ran out. Shocking? no. but if you listen carefully she was kinda singing to herself. Too cute.