Saturday, October 30, 2010


last night was the ward halloween trunk-or-treat. It was pretty fun! Dulany got lots of candy and is actually eating a lot of it. great! She didn't like to get candy from other people at first, then we gave her a dum dum and she realized what the people were putting in her basket and got excited.

here are some pictures!

ps. she went as little bo peep. while cousin adam and ayla went as woody and bo peep's sheep. it was pretty darn cute!

PS! another new post below this one!

This little lady

Dulany has been up to a lot lately. And she's growing a ton and looking more and more like a toddler. It makes me sad a lot of times cause it makes me miss her as a baby = ( like right now she's sitting on grandma's lap and 'reading' her book.. pointing and singing what sounds like abc's.

anywho... here are some pictures. we were able to get her first ponytail in her hair!

What a cheese ball!! please excuse the food.

supporting the Oregon Ducks! we pretty much just saw the shirt in Old Navy and had to get it!

Adam (being italian from his dad's side) wanted spaghetti for breakfast the other morning, so naturally, Dulany had to follow... Elf anyone?

Ever since we got our new travel system from craigslist, and put it in the 'storage room" as i call it, Dulany loves to go back there and sit in the carseat. Its so much deeper than the carseat she ever sat it. I found her like this after i heard her screaming, she got stuck.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch the other day and of course it rained, but we still had fun! Again, i forgot my camera so thanks again to bonnie for letting me steal these pictures from her blog. Just two. but they're cute so why not.

Last night we carved pumpkins, dulany was not a fan. she would rather just run up and down Kaylee's hallway. Today we're going to make a haunted house (kinda like the gingerbread house but for halloween) and then I need to makea graveyard cake for a party tomorrow. Tonight is Trunk-Or-Treating at the church and Dulany is too cute in her outfit (that we put together of stuff we had). This time ill remember to bring my camera!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


cousin Adam (with bonnie, leslie and jason) are here for a visit. Dulany is following adam around like crazy and i think she's learning more and more because of him. for example. today she said yellow and Ayla, clear as day.

here is a video of Adam making Dulany laugh. (thanks bonnie for letting me steal these!)

here are some cute pictures as well.

Matching PJs! too cute!

Dulany after her bath

all cousins on the couch

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

16 months

Dulany turned 16 months on saturday. I figured its about time i do another blog post. its been awhile.

She is officially over her high chair. we went and got a booster seat (with a tray that can come on and off) so she'll actually eat on her own and not in someones lap, which she's been doing and it the only way she'll get food in her mouth. that stinker.
she loves to make animal sounds... she's got them down pretty well. anytime she sees a cat or dog, she says woof woof or meow... if she sees anything red and round she says apple. she loves to say "ya" and "what"... with really expressing the T. its too cute. she says a new word almost everyday. she's just too quick!

she loves any type of food. she will stick anything in her mouth that grandma or grandpa eat.. for example, last night we opened up a jar of pickled green beans, i mean they have a KICk to them... i could only eat one. she devoured like 5... and wanted more.

she's doing better being around Ayla (not like she was terrible before) but she's getting better at being soft and tries to change her diaper and get her dressed. She's better at letting grandma hold her although she still has her moments. This for example...

she also loves to sit next to ayla when she's on the floor and give her kisses..

She also is getting more teeth! she has 9 already through (4 top, 4 bottom, 1 premolar) and now she's cutting 3 of her other premolars and it makes my mouth hurt seeing how swollen her gums are. She also has had a terrible bum rash. so we let her "air out" the other night after her bath. I couldnt help myself but snap a picture. i just so happened to get this...

black mail anyone?

she also has started the little fits and most of the time its hard not to laugh. I believe she was throwing a fit when i took this picture... what a funny girl.

did i mention her hair is out of control?? its getting long but not long enough for pull pig tails so its usually a fountain hairstyle going on ontop of her head.

we're so excited for Adam. Bonnie and Leslie to come tonight and we'll have to wake Dulany up to see them (they come in the middle of the night). I can tell you this much, Dulany is going to be following Adam around like crazy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

im kinda in love.

with THIS double stroller... although idont know a whole lot about the brand, etc... i love all the different positions you can put it in , AND the fact you can put pretty much all models of carseat in it (aka i can buy whichever carseat i want)!

ps. i should clarify... haha i am NOT pregnant.. nor trying. We got in a fender bender so the insurance company took our carseat away cause it was in an accident and trashed it. lucky for us. we hated that thing. Now we're getting a new carseat and need a stroller for it to go into. so i figured since we'll have 2 kids the next time around, why not get a double now?

anywho. also....

here is a preview of what Tom and I are being for halloween (we usually wouldn't dress up but we actually got invited to a halloween party... i guess we arent that big of losers after all... just joking!)

We are just waiting for the costumes to show up in the mail.

sorry no pics of Dulany... but ill try to take more. i swear!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She loves Grandma

Dulany loves her grandma. The other day grandma had a tootsie pop. Dulany automatically wanted it and she got it.... she ate the WHOLE thing.. i was pretty surprised. she knew what to do with it and everything.

Then she wanted grandma's lollipop even though she already had one. Did i mention she's already starting to throw fits? ugh.

then grandma was making pudding. Dulany stood at her legs and whined. So we pulled up a chair and helped stir and make the pudding. it was too cute. She got a lot of treats this weekend since it was conference weekend

(This is my favorite pic ^^)

speaking of conference..... my old bishop (Elder Gong of the seventy) spoke! it was so neat to hear him!

Friday, October 1, 2010

bathrobe queen

i found a little bathrobe at a second hand store for a few bucks and bought it not sure if it would fit Dulany or not since it was def. small... well we got it on her but her little bum hung out. haha. she looked so stinkin cute in it we're going to buy her one that actually fits. She walked into the room like she owned the place knowing she looked cute and everyone was going to give her attention.

this picture cracks me up. (please excuse the runny nose) she looks like her daddy in this for sure!


its official: i started weight watchers and i started this morning.(i even measured cereal and everything! never done that before!) I've heard many success stories with Weight Watchers and so Kaylee, Mom and I are doing it together. I really hope I can keep track and everything! I'm supposed to try to lose 7 lbs this week. We will see!! my goal is 20-25 lbs and try to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope I can do this within a few months (hopefully about by feb(ish)). I've also started walking every morning with Dulany for about 30-45 minutes and slowly trying to start jogging (those who know me i HATE and DESPISE running with a passion... so this is big for me).

anywho. you'll hear from me next week to see if i lost weight or not. Wish me luck!!

ps. if you know anyone with a success story, please share it with me so it gives me some motivation!

also. i may take a picture of me and then after... just so i can see a difference....but im not sure. We will see.

sorry a post of Dulany will come later today hopefully!