Monday, February 23, 2009

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!

SO its official. We're going to have a baby Girl!!!! Yaaay. It's funny though, when we were looking at the ultrasound, both tom and I thought we saw a clear picture of what was going to be a boy... well we were definitely wrong! She said that it was textbook worthy of the shot she got.. naming all the parts, and i didnt realize that the ultrasound could show that well! She said the measurements all looked really good and that she (this is weird, putting a gender to our baby!) is 15 oz.!! from what i read this morning, at 21 weeks the baby should weigh 10 oz... haha she's already taking after tom (him coming out at 10lbs 7 oz!).

We went to Wal-mart right after and wanted to buy a little girls baby outfit, lets just say walmart had cute boys outfits and all the girls ones were ... not my favorite so i opted out for a simple summer dress (since she'll be born in the middle of summer). Tom is excited to go to Sportsmans (wishing we had Cabela's nearby, but this will be close enough) and get a little girls camo outfit. I dont mind as long as its not cheap looking PINK or Purple camo. Yuck!! and as long as it looks girly and not like we're trying to make our girl look like a boy.

Well here are some pictures of the ultrasound!!! ennnnjoy! Oh and I said I would post a picture of my growing belly (finally getting to the point of not looking like a gut) at 21 weeks (well 21 weeks on wed. close enough)

And the results (from the poll that is) are...

Well the poll ran up like a day or 2 ago but I figured I should post on who won before i take it down. 10-11... Girl over boy. Seems like most family members think we're gonna have a girl, others lately (friends) have been saying they think its going to be a boy...

WELL WE FIND OUT IN about... 30 minutes!! my appointment is at 3 and its just about 2:30. Lets just hope this little one will let us find out!! No worries, i will post right when i get home so everyone will know!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Way Done...

So today marks my 20th week. HOLY COW. does that mean I am seriously half way done? or should I say half way there? Although these past months have gone by pretty fast, im positive these last few months will go by very slow.. as i hear that the last month, every day seems like a month in itself. Oh i am so excited.... haha but i AM excited about finding out whether we are going to have a boy or girl> Everyone asks what we want and I always said i didn't care. Lately I've noticed all the SUPER cute little boys in church and when we go out to eat and it makes me want a little boy a little more every day . But I don't want to say 'I really want a boy' and then when we find out if we're having a girl, be disappointed. I realized that mostly everyones blog that I follow, who just gave birth or who is pregnant are with little baby girls... maybe i can bring a mix into the group? Who knows. I ask tom what he wants, but he always says he doesn't care. Although I would think he would want a boy so he can teach him to play baseball sooner than he can a girl (although it is VERY Clear that our girls will be learning softball... and he did say he would want to coach a softball team.) so who knows what he REALLY is thinking.
Only 5 more days till we find out!! it keeps on going from having a girl being in the lead and then the poll tying up and so i guess nobody is really sure! Hopefully monday will come fast, and HOPEFULLY that little baby decides to cooporate and not have the legs all tangled so we can figure out the sex (lets keep our fingers crossed!) I feel like i have gotten bigger too, even though i posted a picture of me at 18 weeks. maybe its because i finally bought some maternity pants which are incredibly comfy but still a little too big. That's ok though. I also can't stop going to the bathroom. i swear, tom gets annoyed that i have to pee every 30 minutes... i can't sit through a movie, a meal or even sleep through the night. its getting kinda annoying. I wish it would get better, but im pretty sure its going to stay the same. Also, today is my last day in my pregnancy class.. which means ill only have 1 class a day! (oh the joys of going to school part time) but since i havent been working these past few weeks, i get restless. I need to work.. Luckily my job will start up in just a few short weeks!!

pretty sure the next time everyone hears from us, we'll hopefully know whether our baby is a boy or girl!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So last night we figured we would go down to Idaho Falls for our 'valentines dinner' since tom has to play in a basketball game tonight. Well, we went and the service well basically sucked. First off I was having terrible stomach aches. I figured i was just hungry. But then the waitress just couldnt get our order right or she would never come by when we needed her too. Oh well. I was hurting so much we just went home afterwards instead of going to winco and target to get stuff.

So today I got craving for valentines day chocolates... big time. I already told tom i didnt want anything and though Valentines day was kinda lame anyways. Everything is so 'expected' on Vday. I think someone could really show you how much they love you any other day but vday. But of course, i am weird and get into the spirit once the day comes. I figured Since he was at work all day I would cook him his fav (well one of his favs at least).. my extra creamy cheesey chicken enchilladas... (I know jody would kill me if i didnt thank her since i got the recipe from her a few years back). This time although when i made them , they cheese on top cooked a lot more than usual. I was going to surprise him with dinner but he came home on his lunch break as i came home with the groceries to make them so no surprise there. Sad day. He also then came home early as i was cooking so it wasnt like i could have it all on the table ready to go. Oh well!

Also while at the store, they were selling chocolate covered strawberries and they looked good but they were SO expensive. like $16 for like 5 strawberries. They also didnt look like the professionally done ones. I figured I could make those for a LOT cheaper. Good things strawberries were on sale. Lets just say i figured I did quite the good job making them (and a LOT of them) for cheaper. Here is a picture (i was really proud, can you tell?)

Here is a picture of our dinner. I got really cheezy and got sparking cidar and we used our flute glasses i got for free right before the wedding, i figured we never use them.. so why not. Here is the picture of our lovely dinner!

I figured our vday was pretty good. No flowers and hearts and what not but it doesn't matter! Now we're going to go to his basketball game and then probably just rent some movies and watch them tonight. Im just glad it is a three day weekend! Woo Hoo!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Warm Weather, where are you?

So me being really late as usual, just found out that the stinkin groundhog HAD to make it so there was 6 more weeks of winter, not like it wouldve mattered much here in rexburg since it is winter like 8 months out of the year. It was either last week or 2 weeks ago where it got to -25 degrees. I had teachers emailing us before class to make sure to dress warm and how to prevent hypothermia.. if teachers are doing that, how come we have to come to class?? Last night i was driving and my windshield was filthy, as I sprayed my .. stuff and tried to wipe it, it froze right on the spot. No fun. Let me just say. I AM SICK of rexburg winters. Why oh Why can't they have a BYU in like.. FLorida..?? Tom and I were in bed last night and saw a commercial for a jamaican vacation. It looked so increidbly nice. I was talking to afriend back home.. the weather was back in the 70s!! in FEBRUARY! why cant we live in a place likethat? All i know is Im glad we're having our baby in july so she/he can have fresh air right away and that tom will HOPEFULLY only have one more winter after this one. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Why can't we live in a place like this???

instead of this.... and yes, this is rexburg...

OOOOOOOOOH how i can't wait for summer to begin. although that will be like.. June, if that. Since i have been here, we have had snow in June. It is outrageous and should not be allowed. Hopefully this year since there hasnt been as much snow (like last) the warm weather will hit us sooner rather than later.

Friday, February 6, 2009

18 weeks and a new job!

Well I finally reached my 18 week mark on Wednesday and realized that in two weeks from monday we get to find out the sex!! i am SOOOOOOOOO excited! well. i should say WE are excited. Tom keeps saying 'I want my baby now!' .. haha, sorry hun, thats not gonna happen. I went to a clothing store the other day to see if they had any maternity pants for cheap, even though i dont necessarily need them, i hear they are OH so comfortable. I ended up buying a few shirts because my other ones were getting a little too snug. once i started wearing these new shirts, i felt like i was popping out more than usual. SO i decided it was time to post another pic for the family to see since we havent seen them in quite some time. I can't believe in 2 weeks ill be half way done! crazy to think, but i guess the second half goes by a LOT slower than the first, but that is ok.So I applied for a new job awhile ago and I got it!! i am so excited. It is a new daycare they're making right here in Rexburg. Its a daycare that has half the kids who stay all day or half day and then the other half are drop ins when their parents want to go to class, need to run errands or just go on a date (its open LATE) but i got the shift I wanted which is everyday 11-3 and then every other saturday from 7:30-2:30... AND im getting paid by the amount of experience and so im getting paid more than my previous job. and most likely getting more hours... NOT to mention, i got my first choice in what age group ill be working in. WHich will be in the infant room. I AM SO EXCITED!! i can't wait to work with the little babies!! I had a dream i was working with infants from my old job in Utah and i miss them = ( The only downside is that I have to wait a month till I can start so my good husband is still working and picking up extra shifts at his job while i sit at home waiting to start. I admit, i feel bad.. but i guess we better get used to it when we have our own little one and im home, but then again i will be doing a WHOLE lot more work.

ONLY 2 and 1/2 MORE WEEKS TILL WE FIND OUT THE SEX! this baby better cooporate and let us see!! From our little survey, its neck in neck with whether people think its a boy or girl... we have NO clue, I wish i had some type of instinct but nothing. I also cant wait till I can feel the baby kick and what not... sometimes i think its the baby, but realize it's just gas ... hah oh well. Hopefully itll come soon!