Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkins and Brownies

these are the kiddos (and D's painted pumpkin) before our ward halloween party. The boys... oh those boys. We weren't going to do costumes for them this year but i found the tops for $2 at a thrift shop but realizedi had no pants that fit them to match HAH. so they look a little ghetto. And they hated the hoods on. But they are still cute.

I realized we didnt carve a pumpkin so last minute we bought one and After Zumba on Monday I carved one with D - plus we love roasted pumpkin seeds!

D says maybe when she's older she will touch the "gunk" in the pumpkin. she thought it was funny when i tried to "pretend" feed her

oh yes. we also made brownies - note empty plate with brownie crumbs. Theboys got upset when they didnt get any. so they had their first brownie.

this little boy LOVES to point. i love his little smirk behind his blurry pointing hand.

Tomorrow is halloween! Tom is helping his Leadership class from school at the elementary school's halloween party so we will go to that for a little bit and then back into town where the main street stores hand out candy. I think thats all i can handle with the kids on my own. 

also dont miss the other new post below - just random pictures from the past week

Inside Play

last week was gorgeous. We went to the park almost every day in the afternoon when it was sunny and 70 degrees. Then it got cold - fall is definitely here. The fog doesnt leave till lunch time and the ground is constantly wet and the clouds are coming. So we've been playing a lot inside. Days like these i wish we had a place like "scottys placehouse" back in McMinnville. (and indoor play place that was free...) although im not sure how i would chase 2 little boys around on my own.

here is what we've been up to the past 2 weeks.

The other night i was doing dishes and Tom walked into the living room and saw D passed out on the floor.

these boys were having quite the day.... toys were thrown resulting in cuts on the head and kids were falling face on the floor resulting in fat lips. Then comes baby einstein on the computer and they wanted to sit in the laundry basket...

then that didnt work. so we went to the thing they love the most. the computer chair. They look SO big.

coltons ouchy

Kemps fat lip (and his eyelashes!!)

then D wanted to have a picnic with the boys

love this next one of Mr. K.

D said she needed to pose.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pictures of Mr. Camden

I wanted to try out getting some pics of a baby so I asked kaylee if i could use him as a tester! She agreed and luckily Julie was in town too so she helped out. i think all together we got some pretty good ones.