Sunday, October 6, 2013

this past month

First of all Mr. K took his first step today. it was the smallest step i have ever seen but his foot got off the ground. I then caught him trying to walk again but caboom... fell onto the floor onto his bum.

Anyways. moving on. the boys and D got shots to get caught up on thursday. Mr. C did awesome - didnt even kick or cry very hard. He weighs 22.4 lbs. Mr. K kicked and screamed and the needle went in and out and back in again. Awful. poor kid has a bruise to prove. He is a whopping 24 lbs now. D was a whole nother story.she went into it being brave and knew what was happening. Well the lady and i had to hold her down because she wanted to kick and what not and even scram "SHE IS TOUCHING ME!" (like a stranger came and tried to grab her). it was sad. glad thats over with! She also is still 39.6 lbs.

Poor mr. C though. he has had a little fever ever since... and now its bad all day today. poor kid wont eat and he actually will lay on us and be held. his temp was just 102.6. i hear its pretty common with the mmr vaccine so now im waiting on the rash part which ive heard about.

also toms sister had her little baby boy!! we are heading up on friday since tom has a 3 day weekend if colton gets better.

how cute is he?

the boys hanging out with daddy watching the 9ers play. 

then yesterday we played outside since it was such a nice day

currently d is very into exercising and jumping jacks. and practicing her cat face for halloween... this was obviously a fail haha

she wanted to draw herself

and this girl loves hopscotch

she also insisted we write happy birthday camden because he is now 0 and she drew the pink balloons for kaylee.

and some big news people!!!

yes.... after 3 years of no dishwasher we finally found a portable one. and it was a steal. im totally going to brag ... these things are insanely expensive. we figured we could spend up to 150 in a used one which is usually how much they go for on craigslist. weve been looking constantly. randomly this one showed up on my newsfeed. the local momslist on fb some mom was selling it for 70 bucks. everything worked and all ...they were just getting a built in one. we hooked it up last night and wala... it was "magic" as D said. haha so happy early bday to me!

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Jennifer Clark said...

You are such a great mom. I am so impressed and I feel lucky my now big boy got the benefit of a few hours a week with you when he was a little boy. Happiness to you.