Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been DYING to carve pumpkins since i havent gotten to carve pumpkins in the past 2 years. So finally after convincing tom, i went and bought some pumpkins at Albertsons (only $5 a pumpkin, good deal huh?). Too bad there were HUNDREDS of people there because apparently i went on the night they got a whole new load of new pumpkins. I've never seen so many people at a store before. I was also craving pumpkin seeds. I havent had them for SO long so i figured i would roast some for the first time and man, they were delicious!! Here are some pictures! As you can see, my pumpkin was way lame, tom decided to cheat... just jokin!

can you tell he wasn't very happy about me taking pictures of him?? Haha he's gonna hate me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SurpriseTrip to Oregon

this post was from a little while ago.. somehow i deleted it.. so i had to repost it...

So last thursday, Tom was joking about taking work off friday and saturday (for him) and drive to Oregon since Bonnie and baby Adam were there visiting his parents. I laughed and said 'i wish'. Friday came and when Tom came home on his lunch break, he said 'can you get a sub for monday/tuesday'... i asked why and he said, 'we're gonna go to Oregon and surprise everyone, they don't know we're gonna come'. Tom's parents tried to convince us to come but we said we couldnt because of work. Well... we really wanted to go and figured it was a good enough of an excuse to get out there while we could. We aren't able to go home for thanksgiving or christmas so it was our last visit home for a good while. Tom had a baseball game for the championship on saturday and when it ended we headed to Oregon. We left about 3:30 here in rexburg and ended up getting in about 2:30 am there in Oregon. It was hilarious because tom had a plan to climb into bed with his parents and I could tell he was getting really excited. We got there and leslie was asleep on the couch watching tv, so all was go in our plan to totally shock them all. Tom climbed into bed and said 'scoot over mom'. His dad thought he was dreaming and his mom didn't believe that he was really there.

[Photo] 2:30 am Wake Up Surprise!

Of course we had to go wake up bonnie and of COURSE wake up adam. Tom couldn't help but wake him up! We got a few hours of sleep that night before we had to wake up for church. We then had a Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas dinnerware so we could all 'be home for the holidays'. I thought it was a very clever idea, and boy was it delicious. Later that night we went to Grandma roberts house where the whole family (cousins/uncles/aunts/etc.) came for a potluck dinner. I just love going to those! On monday we spent the day with Bonnie and Adam since everyone else was at school and work. We decided to drive to the coast and go to Moe's to get clam chowder. Now, for those who know me i HATE seafood and Ugh thinking about it makes me sick. But i said i would try it because it is 'nationally known'.. I gave it a try and could only dip my crackers in it. But it wasnt as bad as i thought. We then went to some outlets and found the best deals on shirts at Aeropastle. I got 2 really cute shirts for $6! (originally $25 each). That night we just hung out and relaxed before we had to leave the next morning. We decided to wake up at 4am and go to breakfast with everyone before heading back to rexburg and before tom's dad left for work. It was an awesome trip and I want to go back so bad! im trying to convince tom to let us move there soon. I'm getting a little sick of Idaho to be honest. We had a blast and miss everyone and we're wondering when the next time will be that we see them! Hopefully we'll get to make a trip back to my home in Pennsylvania soon enough too.

ps. I stole these pictures from bonnie's blog because we didn't take any pictures and so i stole hers so my family/friends could see how much fun we had! so thanks bonnie for being the photographer during this trip.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the request of family

When we went back to oregon and people found out we had a blog, they asked that I put up some wedding photos so they could all see. So here they are (just some, we have way too many and these are my favorite!) So enjoy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Future Babies..

I saw this done on my friends facebook and thought it was hilarious. It's where you put you and your partner's pictures in and then find out what your children will look like. You can also do celebrities if you like. So I decided to give it a whirl and see what they could possibly look like, and afterwards, tom told me he didn't want to have kids anymore. haha he was just jokin of course but yeah, those children weren't the cutest in the bunch. here are some of the pictures (first I will put up our kid pictures)

Here are how our children turned out... It reminds me of 'How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days' When she makes the photo album of their future family.

Here is a picture I did using both of our baby pictures and wow.... thats all i have to say.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Deer in Headlights...

This morning as I was running late for work... I thought, ok I should take the freeway... but then I said no it'll be easier to just go the other way, the lights will be green. Well of course I ended up waiting at a couple different red lights for what seems forever as there was NO traffic the other way... again it is 6am and everyone else is still sleeping in their beds. So I finally get past walmart and can drive 45-50 mph. All of a sudden I see a deer right in my lane and of course I freaked when it didn't move ... and so that I wouldn't hit it, i swerved like crazy and lost control of my car.
This wouldve been different if i was on a road that was 25mph but no I was going pretty fast. This was right outside of my work too. I lost control of my car as it went back and forth and seemed like my car was going to flip. I got into my parking lot and just busted out crying because I was so shaken up. I finally went into work and my hands were still shaken because well... ive never lost control of my car before. The whole time after that, all i could think about was what if another car was coming the other way and I couldn't swerve out of the way or If i hit that deer and really messed up my car, and possibly me.... i've heard some freaky stories about people hitting deer and people even dying but... ok now it sounds like im being dramatic and what not. But i couldn't help but think of the different possibilities that could've happened....

Why didn't I just take the freeway???