Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away...

       The snow is all the way up to our window!           

These past few weeks there has been SOOOO much snow! its ridiculous. We've probably gotten over 2 feet of snow overall... and now its snowing even more today! On Christmas, Tom and I decided to venture out into the snow for a total of like 5 minutes... (tom got a little cold, that wuss) to see how deep the snow was and what not.

We watched Marley and Me last night and they lived in Florida with the sunshine, warm weather, beaches and a pool in the backyard. It made us want to move somewhere warmer, or somewhere with out so much snow. I keep convincing Tom to move to Oregon. haha i just want to get out of Rexburg!!! The snow and roads are just so bad here and its frustrating. Anywho, here are some pictures of the snow we've gotten.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time

So It's finally christmas, although it doesn't seem like it too much this year. Probably because Tom and I got stuck in stinkin Rexburg for christmas. We were planning to go to Oregon for a few days but the snow kept coming and so we were afraid of getting snowed in at tom's place or not being able to drive on certain roads or what not. So we just had a little christmas here. Last night we went to Horkley's and rented like 5 movies so we wouldn't get bored today. We also went to the store to buy stuff to make extra cheesey creamy chicken enchiladas that tom really wanted (lets see if ican get through cooking them with the smell and all) and we also bought a lot of junk food since we're not going to be working for a few days and will be stuck at home with all the snow thats coming in (its looking crazy out there!) I think we've gotten at least over a food and half of snow total... it was 12 inches the other night so it said on the news. The wind is whats the bad thing making snow drifts.

This morning we got up pretty 
early... ok like 8ish and we were starving, so we made a big breakfast.... 
with omelets, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage. Tom made the BIGGEST omelete i have ev
er seen .... as you can see in the picture... I just ate a few slices of bacon and called it a morning. We opened stockings and a present each. Tom got me a hair dryer and straightener which i really needed. 


      I got him Burberry 
cologne (which i think i like more than he does haha)
 I also got a present from Jody who pulled my name and got Catch Phrase the game, Thanks jody! My dad pulled tom's name, but the present wont get here for awhile.... . Other than that we just got a bunch of goodies. 

I guess now its just time to be lazy and enjoy one another's company. I got to talk to my dad this morning and i bet christmas is def. different since my sister is at her husband's place and my other sister is stuck in georgia working (i hope she's having a good christmas, even though she's working all  day today. Im excited to see her next week!) I hope the roberts side is having a fun christmas, and i wish we were there. We'll have to make a phone call later on to see how their christmas is going. (and we enjoyed the videos you guys put up on your blog, HILARIOUS. i cried i was laughing so hard). Oh Ps. HAPPY LATE BIRtHDAY ADAM! (cant believe you're already a year old! CRazy!)

Well i hope everyone is enjoying their christmas and we miss and love you all!!! We hope that next year we will get to be with family on christmas!

ps. We just got a phone call from Nick! YAY we're glad he's doing so well on his mission. It's crazy to think he just got passed his first year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Rumors are True..

(the night i surprised tom with the pregnancy test...)

So the rumors are true. Some family members already know, but for others, i guess it's safe to say...

we are expecting a baby!! Im 12 weeks right now and just got to hear the heartbeat today. Everything looks good so far although i am bummed we were never able to get a print out of the baby at 8 weeks, otherwise i would've posted it on here. But oh well, I guess we're going to have to wait 2 more months till im 20 weeks. But yup, just thought I'd let everyone know. Incase you didn't get the hint when I was so incredibly sick these past few weeks of throwing up non-stop! haha. Luckily it is getting better as the weeks go by.

The Due date is July 8th 2009.... 07.08.09! Pretty neat huh?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tom Tom TOM!

Husband Post!! (ok so i didnt get tagged, but i stole it off my friend michelle's blog cause i thought it would be fun, especially since im bored at home)

1. Where did you meet your husband?
we were in the same ward here at BYU-I... we specifically met at his apartment when his roommate invited me to go to see a movie with him and friends. I can't say it was love at first site, but definitely 'like' at first site.

2. How long did you date?
we were friends for 6 months and dated for 3 months

3. How long have you been married?
just about 8 months in a few days

4. What does he do that surprises you?
i think the thing that surprises me is that he notices small things.. like sunsets (incase you all didnt know (i didnt until after we were married) he was playing a video game with his roommate and he said 'hold on' and went outside to go admire the nice sunset hahaha. he's too cute. 

5. What is your favorite feature of his?
good question.. my FAVORITE? he's got really pretty blue eyes... 

6. What is his best quality?
he is a HARD worker, probably the hardest worker i know. He really tries hard. Im lucky to have him because im not a very hard worker....

7. Does he have a nick name for you?
not really... we dont have nicknames... maybe 'sweetie' once and awhile.

8. What is his favorite food?
oh geez... um. guacamole? or ... whatever food that food comes from. i can't think of the name. he always buys them and then they go rotten, so maybe it isnt his favorite food..chili, nacho cheese.. he likes everything! Minus onions and tomatoes..

9. What is his favorite sport?
baseball.. hands down.

10. When and where was your first kiss?
HAHA during Gladiator on emily's couch at the Ridge here in Rexburg while i was visiting.. I told myself (and emily) that if he didnt kiss me that night i was going to kiss him... luckily he kissed me first.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
probably.... movies and watching our favorite shows.

12. Do you have children?
Nope... but i guess this will spill the beans, but come july...

13. Does he have hidden talents?
He's a pretty good little drawer... he gets bored in church and starts drawing tractors. i was impressed. 

14. How old is he?

15. Who said I love you first?
haha he most def. did. I couldnt say it back ... YIKES! i did eventually!

16. His favorite music?
Metallica is his fav. band... music... he loves country too.

17. What do you admire most about him?
Hard worker, and he's willing to help out, especially at this time while ive been sick and what not. he's the more lovable one, and its a good thing. ANd he's always the first to apologize!

18. What is his favorite color?

19. Will he read this?
he probably will after he hears about it from his family who will probably read it! haha. 
Hope i didnt embarress him ; ) 

and i would tag people in this but i dont know how! haha 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

so we finally got snow last night, for the second time this winter... which is VERY unusual for rexburg! We usually get this kind of snow in early november or even earlier. We're supposed to get around 3-5 inches... i suck at measurments so im not sure exactly how much we've had so far. I know i at least scraped off an inch off my car this morning, and the picture I took is when it started to snow again. 

I love snow, i just hate driving in it. I know ill get sick of it once we get it all the time, which is usually the case. I hate walking to class in it as well. I've already had hot chocolate made in my cocoamotion... and wish i made my sugar cookies.. that i went all the way to the store in this morning to make.. came home and realized that Tom used all the eggs. How lame! I guess theyll have to wait till tomorrow.

Speaking of going to the store... I got stuck a little going around a corner but managed to get going... and thenwhen i was at the stop sign across from my apartment, when this guy was going pretty fast and when he turned, he was a few feet from hitting me... he went way out of control and all that. Made me very nervous!! 

Im hoping the roads get better by tonight and not worst because we were planning on going to a wedding reception in Idaho falls... and i really wanted to go. Lame-o. We will see.

IM SO EXCITED because tom got a day off work so now we can go to oregon for chrismtas!!! i already had 3 days off and then the weekend so we got pretty lucky. Only a week and a half.. Yayy.  And then when we get back on sunday, ill rest up on monday and then head back east on tuesday for a week. It's gonna be a nice long break from work.. only 7 more days.  I am actually excited for school to start because im only taking 3 credits and then working afternoons (part time) at the daycare. Lately working full time has really been a drag.. just cause ive been sick and what not. 


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll be home for christmas... or new years at least.

So over the past couple of days I was talking to my dad about coming home for a little while between after christmas and the beginning of the semester. I didn't tihnk i was actually going to go and gave up on the idea until my dad called last night askign if I looked up ticket prices. I said to, its too complicated. Well my dad insisted that I looked because he had the idea that i was going to try to come home. Well, i figured I had a few days off for new years and since i worked the thanskgiving holidays, i would be able to get a few days off for me. So i looked up some dates, and bam, a ticket for $198. Sweet deal huh? So basically, i called my dad and booked it. Luckily, it is the same flight my sister and alex will be on on the way home to SLC.

Im really excited because we're going to go drive down to Georgia to meet up and visit with my sister Cori. She's living in Savannah so itll be way neat, ive never been down there. Other than that, im just excited to go home since i havent been back since we got married in april. Nor have i seen my parents. Luckiliy Jody and alex live just down in utah so we can see them more often.

Tom came home today saying that there is a possibility that we could drive to oregon for a few days for christmas (even though we would get there christmas morning) I thought that would be fun, hopeuflly it would work out. my work schedule would work, but with tom's you never know.

Im just sad that Tom can't come with me to Pennsylvania. If we had a little more extra money he wouldve been able to come. we just cant afford for us to both miss work for a week. Gotta love him for letting me go by myself, although this will be the 2nd new years we'll be apart. I remember last new years we were just dating but it sucked, i was in Va and he was in rexburg and i remember tlaking to him and how he was at some party and i was stuck with a migrane. Hopefully this year will be better, i mean, i would be going to sleep by 10 anyways! I go to sleep so early these days i can't stay up past midnight. I feel bad he can't come with us and wish he could spend more time with my family. We'll just be lucky when most of myf amily will be up here in july. I can't wait for that, itll be tons of fun... it's just so far away.

Im glad my dad is wanting me to come home so bad, I miss it back there and miss my home and family like crazy. I get homesick quite often, ask tom. I'm glad tom is understanding and letting me go... hopefully he'll be ok with out me for a week ; ) I honestly didn't think that I would be going home till next christmas. IM SO EXCITED

now i just need to figure work out : /

What im looking foward to:

Getting to see my dog sabastian:

MOBY DICKS! (the best food ever, im making my dad stop in VA on the way down to Georgia to get me some) ...

my mouth is watering as I look at this picture... i could eat the whole thing even though it should be enough for 2. The chicken and rice is the most amazing thing I have ever had. This is the one thing i miss most... GOOD food. Rexburg def. lacks in that area .. and has no good food what so ever.

Oh... moby dicks. how i can't wait to eat you!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

So thanksgiving just past and we (tom and I) were pretty annoyed we couldnt get any work off to go see family and what not. Well luckily Jody and Alex (my sis and bro in law) were able to come up from Utah to spend a few days with us.

Anywho, they came up wednesday afternoon and we just hung out until we made a trip up to Big Juds... for those who don't know what that is.. its a hamburger place where you can order a HUGE 1 lb hamburger (which alex did, show in the pic below) and then they even have up to 4lb burgers... its disgusting.

Thursday I was very happy not to have to go to work... We played games all day and then finally went down to... Chuck-a-rama of all places for thanksgiving dinner. Jody and Alex went there last year for thanksgiving and said it was pretty good so thats what we decided to do (and for all those who know tom, he loves that for me, i was happy enough to get a slushie that was close enough to a slurpee) Im not sure if i was in the mood for thanksgiving food because earlier that week i was craving thanksgiving dinner and made mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken(close enough to turkey) and then got sick afterwards. But I managed to eat some good stuff there... overall i thought it was a good way to spend thanksgiving.

Friday I work up around 5am... not for the early morning specials, because i had the liberty of opening for work. Whoopie! or not. It was a bummer because jody and alex were at my apt along with tom who last minute got the day off. That day of work was pretty easy but i was mad that I had to stay there. I ended up passing out (for who knows what reason.. i was drinking water and ate breakfast that morning) early in the morning and ended up having to stay because of one child. At least it went by fast.

That day REALLY felt like christmas because we set up the tree, and went shopping for christmas decorations and lights... i got some neat ornaments for the tree and of course candy canes. It really seems like christmas now! i LOVE IT! i love chrismtas music as well, I really need to get to buying some more christmas CDs or something so ic an listen to them at work.
That night we made tacos for dinner and went to see Four Christmas's (this has been the first time in about 9 months that tom and i have actually been to a real movie theater) Which was a really funny movie. I crashed right when we got home since i was up so early...

Today they left but we got to go to the temple which was way fun, although tom was at work so that was a bummer.... Jody and I tried to make 'dessert burgers' which are SO good but since im not the biggest cook/baker we didnt have some of the necessities to make them so we tried to manage making them with out them and they didn't turn out the best, but tom says their still good as long as we have milk so at least he'll eat them.

Overall the thanksgiving holidays went by SUPER fast and im glad christmas time is finally here and i can officially light my tree and hang my wreath (which i still need to do) We even have 2 presents under our tree (yay!) We're just so sad that we can't go to either home for christmas this year since we have to work.... and we're gonna be stuck here in rexburg.. again. Hopefully next year! We def. miss both our families over the holidays and hope to see you guys soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Surprises

So saturday was my birthday, the big 21! woaah, ok not really. But I do have to say that Tom did quite the good job of getting me birthday presents. First off, friday night he came home from work with flowers... I was a little shocked. (i secretly think its because awhile ago, i said 'no matter how much a girl says she doesnt like getting flowers, s he does) haha. Saturday morning, before tom headed off to work he was REALLY excited about me opening the next gift... i looked at the bag and saw Best Buy and was like greeat, he got somthing for himself! haha but no, i opened it and it was a new camera!! Now, my camera sucks and has a broke screen and is a big bulky thing. Actually, when i come to think of it, i dont even know where that camera is. This camera is an Olympus Black skinny camera and i LOVE it! His camera that we've always used... URG it would bug me because we had to change the batteries SO often and got annoying. This one we can just charge the battery which i love.

Well when he left for work, i got up and got ready to go out to breakfast. My friend Cat drove us to Idaho Falls to IHOP whichi havent had in a long time. It was very good! YUM! When i got home I FINALLY went and saw twilight with my friend brooke from back home. She was nice enough to go with me for a second time since i couldnt go to the midnight showing. Despide what everyone said about not liking it and it wasnt the book.... i liked it. I went in knowing it was NOT gonna be like the book so tried to think of them as separates.

That night we were really looking foward to watching the UTAH vs BYU game (I was going for Utah... and tom couldnt make up his mind of who to root for) Too bad the game was not playing on ANY channels on TV and tried to find some restaurant/bar (theres only one in rexburg) to watch it.. but couldnt.. that was annoying. Im glad that UTAH ended up CRUSHING byu 48-24 (for those who don't know, i wanted to go to the U, got in but couldnt afford it... but on my off track i was apart of the U's LDS sorority which was the best ever!) Well that night we ended up settling for Applebees and watching some other football game that tom was very into... as for me i was feeling sick and just wanted to head home... so thats what we did. we called it a night pretty much after that, but overall it was a really good birthday

ps. Not to mention, thanks to the inlaws and my family for the birthday cards and birthday wishes!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To Early for Christmas?

So today I went to porters with Morgan because they had this HUGE sale and soooo much christmas stuff there and at this time i wish i was rich because i wanted to buy everything. It also got me REALLY in the christmas mood.. Why can't it be thanksgiving already so I can start putting christmas stuff up (not like i have any christmas stuff yet, but there's still time) They had christmas music playing and it made me want to buy a tree and what not. Instead i bought a wreath that was plain and bought some stuff to decorate it and to be honest, i had NO idea what to do. So there it is. Haha its def. not professional looking but it'll do. Id rather spend a couple bucks on this wreath then spend like $50 on one already made!

I just can't wait to get a little tree here for our apartment since we'll be staying here for christmas. Hopefully tom's parents will be able to come (that's what tom said at least!!) that would be so fun. Im exicted for Jody and Alex (my sis and bro in law) to come to town for thanksgiving so we can go buy some more christmas things.

All we're waiting for now is the snow.. luckily it's just been raining this week. Im not sure if i can handle snow yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cute Little Bows

I came across this on the BYU-Idaho bulletin board and thought they were SO adorable and see cute bows all the time on little baby girls. I figured if anyone was in the rexburg area or even wanted to order them for themselves or for a gift (they would make great baby gifts) then you shoudl check it out!

here is the link:

not to mention im trying to enter for a free give away.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been DYING to carve pumpkins since i havent gotten to carve pumpkins in the past 2 years. So finally after convincing tom, i went and bought some pumpkins at Albertsons (only $5 a pumpkin, good deal huh?). Too bad there were HUNDREDS of people there because apparently i went on the night they got a whole new load of new pumpkins. I've never seen so many people at a store before. I was also craving pumpkin seeds. I havent had them for SO long so i figured i would roast some for the first time and man, they were delicious!! Here are some pictures! As you can see, my pumpkin was way lame, tom decided to cheat... just jokin!

can you tell he wasn't very happy about me taking pictures of him?? Haha he's gonna hate me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SurpriseTrip to Oregon

this post was from a little while ago.. somehow i deleted it.. so i had to repost it...

So last thursday, Tom was joking about taking work off friday and saturday (for him) and drive to Oregon since Bonnie and baby Adam were there visiting his parents. I laughed and said 'i wish'. Friday came and when Tom came home on his lunch break, he said 'can you get a sub for monday/tuesday'... i asked why and he said, 'we're gonna go to Oregon and surprise everyone, they don't know we're gonna come'. Tom's parents tried to convince us to come but we said we couldnt because of work. Well... we really wanted to go and figured it was a good enough of an excuse to get out there while we could. We aren't able to go home for thanksgiving or christmas so it was our last visit home for a good while. Tom had a baseball game for the championship on saturday and when it ended we headed to Oregon. We left about 3:30 here in rexburg and ended up getting in about 2:30 am there in Oregon. It was hilarious because tom had a plan to climb into bed with his parents and I could tell he was getting really excited. We got there and leslie was asleep on the couch watching tv, so all was go in our plan to totally shock them all. Tom climbed into bed and said 'scoot over mom'. His dad thought he was dreaming and his mom didn't believe that he was really there.

[Photo] 2:30 am Wake Up Surprise!

Of course we had to go wake up bonnie and of COURSE wake up adam. Tom couldn't help but wake him up! We got a few hours of sleep that night before we had to wake up for church. We then had a Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas dinnerware so we could all 'be home for the holidays'. I thought it was a very clever idea, and boy was it delicious. Later that night we went to Grandma roberts house where the whole family (cousins/uncles/aunts/etc.) came for a potluck dinner. I just love going to those! On monday we spent the day with Bonnie and Adam since everyone else was at school and work. We decided to drive to the coast and go to Moe's to get clam chowder. Now, for those who know me i HATE seafood and Ugh thinking about it makes me sick. But i said i would try it because it is 'nationally known'.. I gave it a try and could only dip my crackers in it. But it wasnt as bad as i thought. We then went to some outlets and found the best deals on shirts at Aeropastle. I got 2 really cute shirts for $6! (originally $25 each). That night we just hung out and relaxed before we had to leave the next morning. We decided to wake up at 4am and go to breakfast with everyone before heading back to rexburg and before tom's dad left for work. It was an awesome trip and I want to go back so bad! im trying to convince tom to let us move there soon. I'm getting a little sick of Idaho to be honest. We had a blast and miss everyone and we're wondering when the next time will be that we see them! Hopefully we'll get to make a trip back to my home in Pennsylvania soon enough too.

ps. I stole these pictures from bonnie's blog because we didn't take any pictures and so i stole hers so my family/friends could see how much fun we had! so thanks bonnie for being the photographer during this trip.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the request of family

When we went back to oregon and people found out we had a blog, they asked that I put up some wedding photos so they could all see. So here they are (just some, we have way too many and these are my favorite!) So enjoy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Future Babies..

I saw this done on my friends facebook and thought it was hilarious. It's where you put you and your partner's pictures in and then find out what your children will look like. You can also do celebrities if you like. So I decided to give it a whirl and see what they could possibly look like, and afterwards, tom told me he didn't want to have kids anymore. haha he was just jokin of course but yeah, those children weren't the cutest in the bunch. here are some of the pictures (first I will put up our kid pictures)

Here are how our children turned out... It reminds me of 'How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days' When she makes the photo album of their future family.

Here is a picture I did using both of our baby pictures and wow.... thats all i have to say.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Deer in Headlights...

This morning as I was running late for work... I thought, ok I should take the freeway... but then I said no it'll be easier to just go the other way, the lights will be green. Well of course I ended up waiting at a couple different red lights for what seems forever as there was NO traffic the other way... again it is 6am and everyone else is still sleeping in their beds. So I finally get past walmart and can drive 45-50 mph. All of a sudden I see a deer right in my lane and of course I freaked when it didn't move ... and so that I wouldn't hit it, i swerved like crazy and lost control of my car.
This wouldve been different if i was on a road that was 25mph but no I was going pretty fast. This was right outside of my work too. I lost control of my car as it went back and forth and seemed like my car was going to flip. I got into my parking lot and just busted out crying because I was so shaken up. I finally went into work and my hands were still shaken because well... ive never lost control of my car before. The whole time after that, all i could think about was what if another car was coming the other way and I couldn't swerve out of the way or If i hit that deer and really messed up my car, and possibly me.... i've heard some freaky stories about people hitting deer and people even dying but... ok now it sounds like im being dramatic and what not. But i couldn't help but think of the different possibilities that could've happened....

Why didn't I just take the freeway???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SO over being sick.

I started to get a bad cold back in mexico and brought it back with me. I started getting better around monday and then yesterday my nose started getting stuffy again and while I was at work my head started to hurt incredibly bad behind my eyes and around my nose. I got home and tried to take a nap but couldn't even bare to lay down it hurt so bad. I've never had a sinus infection but I'm guessing that is what it is. I can only sit upright and when I either bend over or try to lay down it hurts so bad. I've already gone through half a box of tissues and 3 individual packs of tissues. Our apartment has big piles of my 'snot rags' as tom calls them, next to the couch and next to the bed... a lot like this.. and it's gross. I have never had such green snot, since im sure everyone wanted to know that!

I missed work today because I can't even go outside with out the sun killing my eyes, drive nor even bend down to pick up kids with out feeling incredibly dizzy and my head feeling like it's going to explode. Both of us have been been taking nyquil like crazy and ive been taking sinus/head congestion medicine like crazy as well. Lets hope that i don't accidentally overdose or any on it. I CAN say that the cheap brand of nyquil pills and cheap brand of vicks vapor rub have been my best friend and can sleep like a baby. Supposedly my inlaws use this vaporub all the time and say it works so i tried it for the first time awhile back and love it. I just hope it goes away soon with a lot of rest because to be quite frank... I am SOOO over being sick!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally Fall

Today is the first day of Fall and by today's weather, it definitely feels like it. I LOVE IT! fall is my favorite season, but I am used to East coast fall with all the trees so I'm not getting my hopes up for fall in Idaho. We only have a small amount of trees here... although yesterday there were yellow leaves in the road and it was windy, that made my day. Tom probably thought I was weird for getting all jittery about that. Knowing rexburg, idaho... we'll get snow any week now because it snows about 8 months out of the year. We go from summer to winter back to summer. I Definitely miss east coast falls.

This is what I miss most.

Tom and I started back at work last thursday after our long vacation. It was rough going back the first couple of days since we're both sick with colds...I ended up giving mine to tom. whoops! I finally started my class with my new kids from the infant room and wow... it is definitely a challenge. Lots and lots of crying because they want binkies bottles and sleep all at the wrong times. It'll get better after a few weeks. I'm really excited about halloween for once because at this daycare, the take it seriously! everyone HAS to dress up and all the staff gets together and figures out what they're going to wear. There are already tons of decorations up and it's not even october yet! I am going to miss handing out candy though now that we're in rexburg. Highly doubt any kids will come to our door. But just incase, i definitely want to buy candy (because if nobody comes, then I get to eat it!)

I also had a friend pass 2 weeks ago from today. She passed away just before her 21st birthday. We went to middle school together and became best friends when she joined the church at age 11. She lived just down the street from me and we did everything together. Although we went our separate ways in high school and we only kept in touch once in a while, I still have very good memories with her> I got the call and was shocked. I still cant believe she's gone but I pray for her family that they will have comfort at this time. I'm sad i wasnt able to attend the funeral either. Im just grateful for the knowledge that we have in our gospel about life on earth and the afterlife.

Anywho, Just wanted to update a little and hope everyone is experiencing the first day of fall!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last week Tom and I took our delayed honeymoon to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (about 40 miles south of cancun). We got lucky and the hurricane totally missed us (for the most part, it was cloudy the first 2 days we were there) but the rest of the trip it was sunny and VERY hot and humid.

First off... I dont think we will ever fly with American Airlines again. From SLC to Dallas, Tx where our layover/connection was... we had to wait on the plane at our gate before taking off because of a battery problem... so then finally we took off and bam, we are turned around because of some engine problem. An hour and half later we take off and wouldnt you know, we missed our connecting flight to mexico. Luckily there was another flight an hour and a half from when we got to dallas so we took that. We got on the plane and wouldnt you know. MORE maintenance problems. We waited about another half hour and then finally left. We were supposed to arrive at Cancun at 2pm and we didnt get there to about 5/5:30.

Now as for the trip, It was good for about 5 days and then tom and I wanted to head home. We ended up getting pretty bored with just staying at the resort. The picture of the resort on the website showed trees surrounding the resort and when we drove up there was construction EVERYWHERE. it reminded me of that hotel commercial of the guy trying to ask where his flipflops are but the construction kept interupting him. I didn't enjoy waking up to banging at 7 am. But the resort was all inclusive so all the food/drinks were free which was nice. There was a buffet which was nice for the first half of the week but we got sick of it after awhile. There were restaurants there that you had to make reservations for that were pretty fancy, with candlelit dinners and what not. We tried to eat there for dinner as much as we could.

There are a lot of excursions that people can go on including scuba diving, snorkling, atv adventures, parasailing, horseback riding and wow were they expensive. A lot of them were only like an hour long or less so we deciding to do the horseback riding for a few hours so it was worth the money. We rode horses through the 'jungle' although i wouldnt say it was much of a jungle but then we went to the beach and we each got to ride a horse through the water. I thought it was right where the water breaks but we actually swam with them> it was pretty neat.

tom on the horse in the ocean

Other than that, we mostly swam in the pool, body surfed in the ocean (there werent many waves at all so we went to one spot that we found that had decent sized waves) We went shopping on 5th ave. where there are open markets and then there were designer stores. We had a lot of virgin strawberry daqaris, pina coladas and magaritas (although i did have an incident with one that was not virgin...) Tom was upset because espn down there ONLY played soccer... and didnt play football but he got lucky because sunday/monday night they played some football (although though that didn't make me happy...) The last night we were there we were so sick of the food we ordered a dominos pizza. I dont like delivery pizza but i was So happy to have that for dinner. At the airport on the way home in dallas, I ate a LOT of mcdonalds. I love american food.

We both got sick as well. Tom threw up violently on thursday night. we think it is because he drank too much salt water and was dehydrated. That was gross. I got sick the following sunday night/monday morning with some bad cold that i still have. It's a pain in the butt. Tom says its because i wont take airborne (that stuff makes me want to gag). Well that was our trip. next time we said we would rather go for about 5 days. Anything longer than that is to long. im just glad to be back in rexburg and in my own apartment.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Weekend

This weekend has been a long fun weekend! First off it's labor day weekend and so both Tom and I have Monday off. ALSO, Tom's parents came into town and stayed for the weekend. We had tons of fun going out to eat on friday when they arrived. We went to Texas Roadhouse (my favorite!) and got some yummy burgers and steaks and the loaded mashed potatoes, and not to mention... the best... THE ROLLS! oh I can taste them right now.

On Saturday we all took our time to wake up after a long night and we went out to eat at Frontier Pies before kaylee had to go to work. We ate and then decided to take a drive down to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The drive was really pretty and when we got down there we took a look around the town and went to the candy shop and bought some chocolate, fudge and the best caramel popcorn. It was very yummy. We just stayed for a little while and I'm mad we didn't bring a camera. We drove back and just relaxed. When we got home, we all watched the movie 'What Happens in Vegas' then went to sleep. We were all very very tired. This morning we got up early and had breakfast at Julie and Kaylee's apartment and just hung around. Tom's parents then had to head off for a long drive back to Oregon so it was sad that they couldnt stay longer. We had ton's of fun though and this sunday has been very relaxing. (not to mention, our ward has been changed from 1:30 to 11:15 so we are happy)

Tomorrow both Tom and I have the day off so we were planning to go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair but it plans to rain ALL week which makes me annoyed because although I want rain, Ive been looking forward to this fair! We're gonna go to Idaho Falls to go get some pants for me since I can't fit into any of mine and they're all getting holes in them. I'm excited to buy pants that I can actually sit in!

I also start working in my new room at the preschool. Ill be teaching in the 'Nursery' where it's the toddlers who come right from the infant room. It will be a very interesting experience to transition a few kids at a time from the infant room (where they nap and get bottles whenever they want) to this room (one nap a day and sippy cups and no binkis). Hopefully it will be a good experience for when I have to have my own kids. My shift will be a very different one for me, ill be working from 6 am to about 12:30-1pm whenever the kids fall asleep. Itll be nice to come home and relax for the whole afternoon. Lets just hope i don't get super crabby (when im tired, i get crabby) and take it out on Tom.

Im just excited to have been able to spend so much time with Tom since he usually works saturdays. We only have one week till we head down to Utah to spend a few days with my sister Jody and Alex (my brother in law) who we haven't seen ALL summer and then head out to Mexico!

Oh... PS. I forgot to mention. I FAILED at the whole soda thing> I dont think i can do it until Im off this Birth Control... and besides.. ALL THE DRINKS in mexico for FREE?? Yeah, maybe ill wait till AFTER mexico.... maybe.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

what a POOPY day... literally.

So, I work at Apple Tree Learning Ctr. here in Rexburg Idaho. This past week I've been working in the toddler room in the mornings, and then in the afternoons I go over to the preschool side. After We combined children together, I went to let another co-worker leave and took over her class. We're playing outside and it was all nice and going well.... then I heard a kid yell... 'SOMEONE POOPED!'... i figured, oh it's just goose poop. As I had over towards the swings, I see it. Someone had pooped on the playground (now this isn't so uncommon, it happened last week but the mother found out and cleaned it herself... ) I figured it couldnt be an animal because the playground is fenced in. So, I go inside to ask the director what I should do and she stated back..'gloves are in the kitchen'. ick.... I put on the gloves and and got a plastic bag and cleaned it up. Lets just say I was highly disgusted and felt like I was cleaning up dog poop.

honestly, what child goes and takes a poop in the middle of the playground? The least they could do is go to the corner of the playground far away and do it behind the bushes... NOT infront of the swings. (im just glad nobody stepped in it)

don't you all wish you had my job??

maybe we should start ordering some of these for outside:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Really Bored..

So I stole this from Morgan.... because now I am extremely bored while tom plays HIS playstation. wouldnt you know. I figured it would be fun to do to waste the minutes away.

4 Jobs I have had:
1. Daycare-NVCCC
2. Daycare-Columbia Baptist CDC
3. Daycare/preschool-University of Utah Kindercare
4. Daycare/preschool- Apple Tree Learning Ctr.

4 Movies I have watched more than once:
1. Notebook
2. Juno
3. She's the Man

4 Places I have lived:
1. McLean, Virginia
2. Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
3. Rexburg, Idaho
4. Salt Lake City, Utah

4 TV shows I watch:
1. John and Kate plus 8
2. Wipeout
3. Lost
4. currently obsessed with 24

4 Places I have been:
1. um. ive never been out of the country..
2. so ill say...
3. Disney World

4 People who text me regularly:
1. im too cool for texting..

4 of my favorite foods:
1. Chicken Fried Rice.. only from places back in McLean.
2. Im going to count snoasis and slurpees as food
3. Steak. Yummmm.
4. doritos.

4 Places I would like to visit:
1. Mexico (oh wait, im already going there)
2. Rome
3. California, ive never been.
4. Pennsylvania.. or back home. I miss it.

4 Things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
2. Going to Salt Lake over Turkey Day to see sister/bro in law
3. seeing the in-laws since we wont get to go home this year
4. probably being able to make some money and pay off everything

1. How long have you been married? 4 months from tuesday (the 19th)
2. How old is your spouse? 23
3. Who eats more? definetly him. ive lost my appetite lately
4. Who said I love you first? Tom.. and it freaked me out. I asked him if it would be awkward if i didnt say anything back.
6. Who sings better? definetly him although he doesnt think so.
7. Who is smarter? um... i really have no idea.
8. Who controls the TV remote? ... thats why there are two tvs in our house... he does. sports center is the main thing on the front room
9. Whose temper is worse? ever since ive been on birth control.. mine. i get frustrated very easily.
10. Who does the laundry? me. last time he did it he bleached my grey tshirt... grr.
11. Who does the dishes? hah... me, most def.
12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? he does.
13. Who cooks dinner? i would like to see him cook dinner...
14. Who is more stubborn? ummm. i dont know
15. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? usually tom
16. Whose parents do you see the most? Tom's because they can drive here. I miss my fam though and we wont get to see them for a LONG time. = (
17. Who has more friends?Um, probably him from work.
18. Who has more siblings? we have same number
19. Who wears the pants in the family? we both make major decisions, although he brings in more money. but i try! but usually what i say goes.

Time to go watch the Olympics.... diving is on and its my favorite!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 Months

Just thought I would say that Tom and I have been married for 4 months now. Although, I must say, I feel like we've been married a LOT longer then that.

I guess I'll share how we met, but its not that great of a story. We just met up here at school at BYU-Idaho and we were in the same ward. I will admit. I liked him when I first saw him but we ended up just staying friends for that whole semester while we dated other people and what not. We started dating (it took him a little while longer to finally realize he liked me) when I moved down to Salt Lake for the fall semester I was wondering why I moved down there, previously, I knew it was the right thing to do after praying about it and jobs/housing fell right into place. I knew i was supposed to be down there for a reason but I felt so lost after things weren't going the right way. So when Tom came down a few weekends and let me know how he felt (i give him kudos for that, he had some serious guts to just let out how he felt) Well I wasnt sure if I still wanted to date him .But while he was still up in Rexburg, I went up to visit and knew that I liked him all over again (like the first time we met, i know, it sounds cheeeesey). We dated while we were away from eachother but tried to visit as much as we could. I guess I believe that he was the reason for me living in Salt Lake that fall. We got engaged pretty much right after I got back to rexburg for Winter semester. I knew he asked my dad at Dave (tom's cousin) and Emily's (my friend from back home i grew up with) wedding [small world]. I wasn't sure when it was going to happen but definitely sooner than later. I remember when we first started dating dave and emily were all saying we needed to get engaged at christmas and his parents were jokingly(ill say half jokingly) telling us to get married (haha, they crack me up!) But i told him I would never say yes if he asked me that soon. I am... or should i say WAS one of those people who had a timeline of how long to date...

but basically we got engaged Jan 11 and then got married April 19th in the Washington D.C Temple. By that time we had known each other for about exactly a year and we thought about it and we got married exactly 6 months after our very first date. All I know is that I'm glad things turned out the way they did and I love being married. I say we make a pretty good couple ; )




Saturday, August 16, 2008

Caving In...

Tom doesn't know it yet that I have created this blog. Out of boredom of going through everyone else's blogs after FINALLY finishing the 4th Twilight book, I decided that who cares if we don't have a baby, we'll have a blog.(many people believe that in order to have a blog, you should have a baby) I figured that when we do have a kid, I won't have to go through the trouble of making a blog. So there is my justification of making this blog, I've always secretly wanted one.

I would go on writing about how we met and all that lovey dovey stuff, but ill save that for another day.... or when enough people actually look at this = )

But I will say for now is that Tom is still working at the Tire Factory here in Rexburg and I have been working at a preschool/daycare for a couple of weeks right now. I can't say I am enjoying it as much as I have at the previous preschool's I have been at but I definetly like the people I work with. Right now we both are off track for the fall so we'll be working full time. Right now for a few more weeks I am only part time and being a sub, and then I will be either a full time 3 year old preschool teacher or a toddler teacher (although I want to be in the infant room) But I will take what I can get.

And not to mention, a good vacation is deserved... therefore we are going on our delayed honeymoon in exactly 24 days till we leave for MEXICO! We're going to an all inclusive resort. We are rather excited. That is the resort we're going to.. Grand CoCo Bay!