Friday, November 26, 2010

Love, Santa

Santa has a message for Dulany! i wanted to do this last year but obviously she didn't really get it, hopefully this year she'll like it. She DID say santa yesterday! This is possibly the neatest thing ive seen so far and will def. use it every year.

Click HERE to listen to it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day for Posting

there are like 4-5 new posts below.. so check them all out!


Today I turned 23. Yesterday we had a celebration since tom's parents will be gone tonight. We just had my favorite chocolate cupakes with strawberry frosting. I tried to get Dulany to blow the candles but she wasn't having it. i also didnt want to be in pictures since i had a sinus headache all day and looked disgusting. enough said.


at least Dulany liked the cupcake!

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!


Dulany loves putting buckets over her head to play peek a boo. she also loves to run around the corner and scream at everyone. Even last night we got her to play peek a boo with Ayla. it was cute.

this is her showing off her pink nails. first time we did her fingernails since her fingers always used to be in her mouth. so now she has matching fingers and toes!

Watching Cousin Ayla

since Kaylee has to go back to work, Dulany and I watch Ayla a few days of the week. Dulany has gotten so much better with being soft with baby Ayla and she's such a good big cousin. Seriously, she tried to snuggle with her, cover her up with a blanket, but her binki in, push her in the swing, give her kisses, tries to dress her, put her (dulany's) shoes on ayla, and even tries to dress her! when someone else is holding Ayla, Dulany will get her own baby doll and take care of her. Its pretty cute. Im glad cause this will give her practice for when we do have another baby around.

Dulany snuggling with Ayla..while watching Einstein. (i was surprised she didn't put all her weight on her)
giving baby Ayla kisses!

"trying to pick her up"

Ayla in her swing! she's getting so chunky! i love it!

I was trying to get a picture of Dulany pushing her in the swing. i swear Ayla is yawning and not screaming! she was such a great baby for us.

then that night Kaylee and Jon watched Dulany so Tom and I could go out for my 'birthday dinner' and she decided shew anted a try in the swing. she's never been in one before. haha i think she's a little too big for it now!

Full size piggy tails

Finally was able to fit Dulany's hair into full size piggy tails... well for at least 5 minutes when her hair was wet!

here are a few cute pics

ps. can you tell she's now obsessed with tractors since cousin Adam has been here? (he LOVES tractors!) and she can even say "tractor".. well. for the most part she can say it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


this girl can count to 5.... i think i really owe it to starfall though.. "five fingers"... and she's been wanting to count to 5 since and we've been practicing and now she does it on her own. she tries to put up her fingers one at a time but is obviously stuck at 1 haha. here is a video of her counting!

oh and please excuse my 'singing' in the beginning, we were singing starfall haha.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

is she?

ready to be a big sister?? she loves her baby doll and loves to 'take care' of cousin Ayla (yesterday she tried to pick her up) and gives her kisses (and the doll look below) Well, im sure she will be a great big sister when the time comes. (no im not giving any hints of any pregnancy, def. not pregnant - i just took a test after my 'dizzy spell' the other night.. big fat negative!

on a side note, This girl is 17 months going on 17.... talking on the phone with grandma waving her hands and has to have her necklace on... and she's picky about her cell phones... how ridiculous.

this girl is TOO big! - seriously, look at her. Today tom came over to me and was like "look at her! she looks like shes 5 years old!" she is getting to big, even today she started to count to 5 with me.

she's my big cheese ball!

grandma and grandpa just came home from their trip to Ukiah and they agree, she grew in the past few days. Just tonight we were watching videos of Dulany when she was little and she saw her 'baby' that she sleeps with and wanted it and saw pictures of grandma with a 'baby' and it was funny to see her watch herself. it makes me miss her being so little.

ok.. so maybe this is just a post of how im kinda baby hungry..... just a little.

Friday, November 12, 2010

she loves herself

lately when Dulany is being a pain in the you know what because she gets bored being inside (thank you oregon rain..) i pull out the computer and do photobooth with the video so she can watch herself. she makes faces at herself and laughs and talks. its too cute! here is a video of her today when she found uncle jason's "waldo glasses" (from his halloween costume).. she carried them around ALL day.

also we finally got Dulany to see a doctor here in town. Holy cow it was difficult. She's on the Oregon Health Plan (like medicaid) and there are not a lot of doctors who accept new patients who are on that plan... and even if they do it takes at least a month to get in to see a new doctor. its insane. Plus they make you call all the pediatricians in town to see if they accept that insurance, which took forever. this is when i miss rexburg where all the doctors accept medicaid because well... a lot of people have it. and theres a wide variety of doctors to chose from. For us, we have to stick with this one because she's the only one there!

so we get there, the doctors office is in the hospital.. which is kinda weird, and the place feels like a prison with plastic windows that seperate you from the office, not a very welcoming place if you ask me. Her doctor wasn't so bad... although she almost attacked Dulany when her pretzel fell on the floor and she almost put it in her mouth... wow.. haha i must be a terrible mom cause im like eh 5 second rule!

but Dulany is 23 lbs (roughly, it was an awful old school scale and Dulany didnt want to stand on it very long.. on grandma's scale shes 24.2 lbs) and shes 30 1/4 inches long.. roughly... again. haha. she did NOT want to be checked out by the doctor what so ever. luckily i had a tootsie pop in my bag so she could calm down. They also said she probably wont need shots till shes 4.. im like say WHAT? i thought she would ahve to get more next month.

anywho, she's doing well and growing like a weed and repeating like crazy. Like last night when we went on a drive, she learned to say "i love you!" but she says "iiiiii luuuuhh YOUUUUU!" and then starts cracking up. She's funny. And i can't get enough of her!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

this girl misses her dadda

well. most of the family is over in Ukiah hunting. Tom left friday night with dad and Jon and were supposed to come back sunday and leave tuesday, but tom and jon stayed to look after the trailer while dad came back to work for a day. So dad kaylee and baby ayla made their way this morning. Mom goes tomorrow night. Dulany and i will stay here. Its been a little lonely with out Tom here. Maybe its because he's my only friend hahaha. Its awesome we have a lot of family around here but i seriously need to make friends with kids around Dulany's age so i don't go too crazy being home by myself. I think another hard part is while hunting = no cell service so i don't get to talk to tom.. only if he goes into town and maybe has service. Its cute because Dulany has been saying dadda like crazy and points to his pictures and says dadda, she's probably wondering where he is.

Dulany has gotten a little sick. She had a runny nose and bad cough (runny nose not so much anymore) so she's been getting up a lot in the night and sleeping with me which i don't mind because tom's gone. But she still is mostly happy.. still cranky moments though! Like today... she was a little cranky but then i felt horrible (i inahled a little too much bleach when cleaning today = major headache/feeling sick) so call me a terrible mother, but we stayed in my bed while i lay down and she watched a lot of baby einstein and barny... Luckily she's been taking long naps!

Here she is eating her snack in the big recliner watching PBS..

Kaylee had a luncheon/shower for Ayla with her in-law side of the family, here is Dulany before we went. She looks so much like a toddler it freaks me out!

on a side note here are two pics i found on my camera from when adam came to visit... she HATED this thing. it was too loud and she would not get on, even with grandpa. But of course when adam gets on the "green tractor" she HAD to get on and had a blast. So hopefully grandpa will get another chance!

Oh and on request from my sister, here is the halloween graveyard cake i made for a halloween party. not so bad if i do say so myself. (for a first time).. but ive always wanted to take a cake decorating class = like nice cakes... fondant and all.. but i dont know if thatll ever happen!

anywho. so we're just hanging out, its been raining a lot (i knew it was going to come) but sometimes i feel like im back in Rexburg where i have to go to walmart to get my exercise. But i then looked at people's pictures from yesterday and there is snow on the ground. yikes.... i guess i should be grateful for just rain!

anywho.. just a few more weeks and we're headed to Pennsylvania to see my family!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


When aunt bonnie was in town, she made a tutu for baby Ayla to wear for pictures she was taking of her... well they decided to try it on Dulany cause it was kinda big and boy did this girl NOT like it! they put it on her and she ran away trying to get away from it before realizing it was ON her and she screamed and tried to rip it off. it was possibly one of the funniest things! I was in the middle of washing dishes when this happened so luckily Bonnie got a picture of it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the other day to keep Dulany occupied i was doing photobooth. i didn't know you could record videos on there too! she was obsessed with looking at herself and making faces. it was too funny. I caught this video of her singing. She gets it from she is too funny. i was recording a video of her doing all the animal sounds she knows but somehow it got deleted. so annoyed.