Friday, November 12, 2010

she loves herself

lately when Dulany is being a pain in the you know what because she gets bored being inside (thank you oregon rain..) i pull out the computer and do photobooth with the video so she can watch herself. she makes faces at herself and laughs and talks. its too cute! here is a video of her today when she found uncle jason's "waldo glasses" (from his halloween costume).. she carried them around ALL day.

also we finally got Dulany to see a doctor here in town. Holy cow it was difficult. She's on the Oregon Health Plan (like medicaid) and there are not a lot of doctors who accept new patients who are on that plan... and even if they do it takes at least a month to get in to see a new doctor. its insane. Plus they make you call all the pediatricians in town to see if they accept that insurance, which took forever. this is when i miss rexburg where all the doctors accept medicaid because well... a lot of people have it. and theres a wide variety of doctors to chose from. For us, we have to stick with this one because she's the only one there!

so we get there, the doctors office is in the hospital.. which is kinda weird, and the place feels like a prison with plastic windows that seperate you from the office, not a very welcoming place if you ask me. Her doctor wasn't so bad... although she almost attacked Dulany when her pretzel fell on the floor and she almost put it in her mouth... wow.. haha i must be a terrible mom cause im like eh 5 second rule!

but Dulany is 23 lbs (roughly, it was an awful old school scale and Dulany didnt want to stand on it very long.. on grandma's scale shes 24.2 lbs) and shes 30 1/4 inches long.. roughly... again. haha. she did NOT want to be checked out by the doctor what so ever. luckily i had a tootsie pop in my bag so she could calm down. They also said she probably wont need shots till shes 4.. im like say WHAT? i thought she would ahve to get more next month.

anywho, she's doing well and growing like a weed and repeating like crazy. Like last night when we went on a drive, she learned to say "i love you!" but she says "iiiiii luuuuhh YOUUUUU!" and then starts cracking up. She's funny. And i can't get enough of her!


Caryn said...

I can't believe how big she's getting! I'm totally jealous of all her hair!!

The Sabatini Family said...

That video is too cute! :) Love her!! She's getting so big!!!

Lauren said...

Brooke gets totally bored too! Stupid rain....And, OHP was a huge pain for us too! Ridiculous, actually. Luckily, we randomly picked a great doctor who took it right off the bat.