Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Trip To Utah

This past weekend, we went down to utah and it was a pretty good trip! i was a little nervous about dulany during the car ride but she did really well and slept for the whole time down there and most of the time on the way back, although we did have to stop once to nurse. We got down there late friday night. We got up early to go to Grandma taylors (tom's gma) and Dulany got to meet aunt julie, leslie, and grandpa tom and see grandma roaseanne who she already met. We then split up while julie, leslie and mom went to go get stuff for julie before she left and I went with tom and his dad to Cabelas, OF COURSE! We came back and we went to go drop Julie off at the mtc. She was ready to get in there and start working hard! no tears were shed and she wanted to get right in there. Afterwards we went to Tucanos which is a brazilian place which is amazing. Dulany also got to meet Uncle alex and see aunt jody again (who we stayed with) and she ended up sleeping in the same bed as us so that was interesting, but she did pretty well. We also go to go to this place called Moochies (which is now toms FAVORITE place) where they make cheesesteaks and they were actually on the Foodnetwork show 'Diners drive ins and dives' It was REALLy good. we also went up to the salt lake cemetary which is walking distance from my sisters apartment and went and saw President Hinckley's grave which tom hasnt seen before. We got lucky because there was a huge lightning storm way in the distance behind mountains so we were able to watch that. but Other then that we just hung out and had a good time. oh yes, and we got many slurpees! here are pics from the trip.

Friday, July 24, 2009

T-Minus 5 Hours

TILL WE LEAVE FOR UTAH! how sad, i have NEVER been excited to get out of Idaho before. Probably because we havent been out of here for a good few months. We're only going for a few days.

things i look foward to

*Trees (although only a few... more then rexburg however)
*City life
*Hopefully the cemetery where President Hinckley and other prophets are, which happens to be right next to my sister/bro in laws apartment which i always go to when im down there, tom has been wanting to go, so hopefully we can go during our short visit.
*Julie will be entering the MTC on saturday morning, we are very excited for her to have this experience of serving the Lord and the people of the Tulsa Oklahoma mission. She's gonna be a great missionary, we know she has such a great testimony of this gospel. Good luck Julie, we will see you in a year and a half!
*FAMILY!!! Toms parents and little sister leslie will be there too to meet Dulany!
*SLURRRRRPPEEEEESSSS! i am SO excited for this one! hahaha, as everyone knows, im and addict and one of the reasons why i HATE idaho. really, is it THAT bad to have a 7-11 here?? I dont think so.

Things i am nervous for..

Dulany being cranky!! she has been cranky these past two days and will only sleep or be content if someone holds her (although, this weekend i suppsoe she will be held ALL the time! so that problem is solved). She's been sleeping REALLy well at night although sometimes it takes awhile for to GET To sleep, the past two nights she's slept between 6-7 hours straight! The only problem,she'll wake up at 5 and not want to go back to sleep AHhhhh haha. but i do appreciate those long hours of sleep. I hope she does well on the car ride down there. I nurse every 3 hours... and its about a 3 1/2 hour drive so i wonder if we'll make it there..We will see!

Anywho, sorry no pics, but im sure ill be taking TONS of them this weekend so no worries. Also this upcoming week.. wednesday = my dad and Bonnie flying in to salt lake so they can come to the baby blessing next sunday! WOO HOO! so excited!! i havent seen my dad since christmas!

oh ALSO!.. TOM IS DONE WITH THE SEMESTER!! ... well done with school until January and he did SUCH A good job in all his classes!! I believe he said he thinks he got ALL A's and maybe a B/B+!! Good job to my hubby!

OH AND>. sorry i keep going on and on. .. but we took Dulany in to the doctor todya because i thought she had some type of eye infection cause it was all goopy and green and dischargy. But it got better and its just a clogged tear duct. But they measured here and weighed her.... 9 lbs 10 oz.. and 20 1/2 inches long - shes getting BIG!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Waiting.

look at those CHUNKY cheeks. can you blame tom for squeezing/pinching/kissing them ALL the time?

Well, we are just waiting till this weekend when we will be getting out of rexburg! WOO HOO! we are so excited....even if it is only Utah. Tom's sister, julie is heading into the MTC on saturday! She's heading to Oklahoma for her mission and we're excited for her! His parents and other little sister leslie will be down there too so it will be awesome to see them and for them to meet Dulany. I am excited to see my sister and alex, my brother in law, especially since he hasnt met her either. We are actually going to be down there for 2 whole nights (this is huge for us, we always make super short trips!) and did i mention, i get to get a SLURPEE! Ah i am so excited.

Im counting down the days. Tom's last week is this week and so im excited for him to be done. Im glad he's done with IBC so he's home a little more. In the meanwhile, Dulany and I are just hanging out trying to stay cool inside (it is getting So hot, therefor she's naked most of the time!)

Today she decided that she was going to have a blowout while in her bouncy seat, i took her out, changed her and realized, she needed a bath, it was EVERYWHERE. So we get in the tub and i hear it.. and i see the bubbles and im thinking to myself... why... but luckily it was only a little bit. So i rush her into her room to get another diaper on her (since when i bring out one before hand, it alwyas gets wet) and well she wasnt finished and decided to finish on her changing table. So lets just say i will never want to buy pampers again (we stick to huggies, but i had a nice coupon for pampers). and i also have some laundry to do.

anywho, sorry for the long post.. here are pics.

Here's a video of her, she's always sticking out her tongue and trying to suck on her wrists (she's still trying to master sticking onto that pacifier) She's such a chunk, and again, its HOT, therefor, naked again.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


ok. i know i know. now this is my 3rd post of the day! i guess its cause ive been home ALL day by myself.. well, with Dulany sleeping. I FINALLY got my printer hooked up to Tom's computer and was able to scan some old baby pics i found of me (i need to get some of tom from his mom). But do you think we look alike? The one pic with my dad i think she looks a LOT like me. You be the judge!

ok maybe its just me, but i think she looks a LOT like me in this one with my dad.

Cori (my older sister) holding me as a baby

another baby pic

No Pictures Please!

ok. i just posted like 10 minutes ago. but then she did this in her sleep and it made me chuckle to myself. so i had to snap a picture.

Just Being Lazy

As you can tell, life is TOUGH for this little one.

heres some more pictures, and a video (if you can EVEN see... it was dark). We've been just hanging out me and baby, and then when tom gets home she gets some time with daddy (as you can see in these pics). Tom just LOVES to cuddle with her. I think its her favorite thing as well. She will fall right asleep when she's right next to one of us or ontop of one of us (although she does fall asleep in her crib by herself, it just takes her a little longer). Tom also loves to go get her out of her crib in the morning and bring her into bed with us so he can sleep with her. I kinda made a rule of her not sleeping in bed with us (through the night) because i dont want her not to be able to sleep on her own in her crib (which we started from day one, and im glad we did because she does so well in her crib). But in the mornings, i dont mind.

Tom is thinking about going on an 'internship excursion' if he gets in.. which takes him to Arkansas where the Wal-mart headquarters is at. Thatll be a few days and last night i realized it means me and Dulany will have to be by ourselves (and this freaked me out just because last night i just had a weird feeling and i made tom lock all the windows.. i just always imagine someone climbing through Dulany's window (SO EASY to get into) and taking her.) I know, its rexburg, and because its rexburg, i think people are naive about what can happen. So she's gonna be sleeping in bed with me those few days, thats for sure!

Also, we were SO looking foward to tom's dad, mom, and his sisters leslie and julie to come this weekend to see Dulany before Julie heads into the MTC this upcoming week but Julie had to have surgery last night on a kidney stone that got stuck while trying to pass (or so thats what i understood). So she'll have to recover before heading down maybe a few days later. We hope she's recovering well... we're bummed she cant see Dulany earlier. We're really excited to get out of Idaho and head to Utah, itll be Dulany's first road trip so that will be interesting to see how it goes.

But thats life for now! Tom has one more week of school and then a good 5 month break till January!! NO MORE IBC! (which makes him stay away from home a lot more!)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

1 Month Old!

ok i just posted that she was 4 weeks old, but now she's a month!! (ok, 2 days later.. haha)But yeah. I figured I would post a picture of Dulany sleeping (yet again) but i couldnt help myself. She looked hilarious. Always doing something with her arms and always has her little legs like a frog, feet together. If you go through her pics, her legs are almost ALWAYS like that. Anywho, not a lot to post.. just pics to see (which who can complain right?). Oh yeah. i tried weighing her last night, with weighing myself and then her with me... and yeah.. we did it like 3 times and the average of the weights would be that she's somewhere between 8-9lbs already.. DANG. shes becoming a chunk!

Oh! PS- Its my stepmom, Pam's birthday!! Happy Birthday PAM! (aka - Grandma!!)We're sad you arent able to come out here and meet dulany, but she says Happy Birthday too! Hope your birthday is an awesome one!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 weeks Old!

Seriously, did I give birth 4 weeks ago??? It def. does NOT seem that long ago! Last night we went to our neighbors birthday get-together and people were saying that she was definitely getting bigger and chunky! She's doing REALLY good at laying on her belly(while on our bellies) and lifting her head to look at us.

She's been doing ok sleeping. there were a few days about a week ago where she slept SO good but lately she's been waking up every 2 hours or so (and this is after she would sleep a total of 4 or 5 hours straight). Oh well.. hopefully she'll do well, i can't wait till she starts sleeping through the night (i got a long ways till then). Some nights she'll wake up, eat and fall RIGHT back to sleep which is amazing, but sometimes it takes her quite awhile to get back to sleep. I HAVE noticed she has been mroe awake during the day which is nice.. more interaction! She also has been doing well on the pacifire. I told myself i wish she would hate it so she wouldnt become addicted to it when she's older or rely on it to fall asleep. but oh well, everyone always says stuff and then it always changes when they actually have the baby. I noticed it does come in handy when we're in public and she gets whiny.. or even at home. I got a cute picture of her sleeping funny with it in her mouth.

so here are a few pics of my cuuuute 4 week old!!! holy cow, i still can't believe it. All the family is saying she needs to stop getting bigger before they come out. Only a week till tom's family comes before his sister julie goes into the MTC and then 2 weeks till my family and his family come back for the baby blessing. I CAN'T WAIT!

Haha i love how she sleeps. always a hand somewhere!

Monday, July 13, 2009

First Sunday

We took Dulany to church for the first time yesterday, although we only stayed for Sacrament Meeting. I was a little nervous because if she doesn't sleep, then she can get fussy. So i figured, i would nurse right before we left so she would most likely fall asleep. She didnt. She ended up falling asleep right about the closing hymn.. and so yeah. She was pretty fussy and so we had the pacifire.. but she has a hard time keeping it in her mouth by herself.. so everytime it fell out she would do a little whine. But we made it through. Hopefully next week she'll decide to sleep so we can go to sunday school and relief society. We will see.

The best part, dressing her up in the CUTEST dress that my friend morgan got me at my baby shower. I couldnt wait to put it on her with a cute bow. haha. And the other part - people starring at her when we would walk down the hallways or in sacrament meeting and hearing people whisper about how cute and teeny she is. Love it!!

ps. she isnt so teeny anymore. She's becoming a chunk!

So theres that picture and heres another, although tom's arm/dulany's head is blocking my face kinda. Oh well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty in...Green?

Here's just a few more pictures of our cute little girl. I can't get over how cute she is sometimes. Especially when she sleeps on us/next to us. We got a cute outfit in the mail yesterday from my dad's sister which I dont get to see very often so i was very grateful she thought about our little girl and us. I wish we had it for the fourth of july, it wouldve been perfect. But i got to dress her up in it today (yay a dress that FINALLY fits!)when i went out to lunch with a bunch of girls for our neighbor (and friend of course!) for a little baby shower luncheon. I finally got a flower/bow/headband to fit her but it seems to be the only one so im gonna have to find the materials to make some more!

Here are some more pictures for everyone to enjoy!

i thought this was too cute. Here she is... all pretty in.. well green!

She's just the master at relaxation!! cracks me up.

Here she is in her new little outfit.

trying to fall asleep. She is the most content when in this position.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Stronger

First off.. before i write about Dulany... I FIT INTO MY JEANS! well last night we were going to yet another baseball game here at the school and I knew it was going to get cold so i figured i would wear my favorite pair of pre pregnancy pants and just do the elastic trick.. but instead, i was actually able to button them up!! AND Sit down in them! i was estatic!

but lately ive noticed when Dulany lays on my chest (or toms) she is able to lift up her head really well. I havent really tried her on the ground with tummy time because she rarely likes laying on the ground. So i tried to get a video of it, but she just kept sucking her hand (which she does a lot too!) and then decided to spit up which ended the video, but just a little of what she can do!

ps i cant wait for all the fam to get here in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Found the battery charger!

so I lost the battery charger for the camera and the battery died the other day... so thats why there havent been any updates lately. I figured i couldnt do a post with out anything with Dulany in it.

She's getting a little chunky and i LOVE it. I love when babies have little rolls on their arms and legs. just too cute. She's got a big belly too! She's gained weight so now i am able to just let her sleep as long as she wants to in the night. For the first little while i had to wake her up to feed her every 3 hours at night until her weight got up. I figured this was def. a good thing depending on the night. The first night i tried it, she slept for 4 hours straight from 10:30-2:30.. it was nice, but then woke up at 4:30 after that. Then, sunday night she slept from 10:30 to 3:30 and then didnt wake up till 7! it was amazing. That meant i only had to wake up one time. Too bad that didnt last because she kept waking up last night. Oh well. I just try to take naps when she does. It gets so hot in our apartment though. we have fans going but we dont want one straight on her so we dress her in a diaper and try to swaddle her up in a light blanket but she always seems to get out of it and wakes herself up. Ahh i hate the heat!

She loves to sleep on us, as you can see in all the pictures we have. she loves to sleep ontop of us, beside us.. everything. She just seems to slep better that way (maybe because she's on her side or belly, and not on her back!) Here is another picture of her taking a nap with mom! (tom managed to get a picture while i was actually asleep so i couldnt block my face. soemthing else i need to work on, let pictures be taken of me!)

She ALWAYS has the hiccups.. ALWAYS its ridiculous. She always gets a little cranky because her body is so small the whole thing shakes. I wonder if it hurts, like those hiccups you get in your chest that KILL. Here is a little video of her.. i figured i need to take more videos! (ps. you can see how big her belly is and how full it is after she eats!)

Oh did i mention that Dulany is 3 weeks old today? i still can't believe i gave birth 3 weeks ago... and that my actual due date is TOMORROW! crazy to think she could still be in my belly if she didnt decide to come early> I am SO glad she's here though> I dont think i couldve dealt with being pregnant for that much longer, although these past 3 weeks have FLOWN by!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i wish..

I could fit into my regular, pre-pregnancy jeans/shorts again! i swear, i try every morning to fit into them. I FINALLY was able to button one pair of jeans... but once i sat down, i knew i couldnt keep them buttoned. I swear, i get SO frustrated! i have to still wear my maternity jeans and they are huge on me so basically i sit around my house in my work out pants because theyre elastic and fit.

I've started going on walks in the morning with Dulany. I don't know how far I go though (miles wise) but its def. a big enough work out for me. Ill try to do it every day (or at least every other day, depending on the morning and how Dulany is) and work up to walking longer/further. Im just afraid that my stomach is mostly extra sagging skin and it will never go away. Why cant i be famous like Kate on Jon and Kate+ 8 and show off my belly and get a free tummy tuck? just joking, i coudlnt do it. (maybe after i had ALL my kids and it was free). And for everyone who knows me, especially my immediate family knows that all i eat is junk and i never work out, so for me to actually get out of the house and do something is SHOCKING! But it should be good for me, so wish me luck that i can keep it up!

And of course, we have to include a pic of Dulany! Here she is just sleeping, i love the way she sleeps sometimes. She just looks so relaxed!

and i obviously didnt want my picture taken so i tried to cover my face.. which probably made me look even worse. Oh well, the focus needs to be on the baby right??