Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Found the battery charger!

so I lost the battery charger for the camera and the battery died the other day... so thats why there havent been any updates lately. I figured i couldnt do a post with out anything with Dulany in it.

She's getting a little chunky and i LOVE it. I love when babies have little rolls on their arms and legs. just too cute. She's got a big belly too! She's gained weight so now i am able to just let her sleep as long as she wants to in the night. For the first little while i had to wake her up to feed her every 3 hours at night until her weight got up. I figured this was def. a good thing depending on the night. The first night i tried it, she slept for 4 hours straight from 10:30-2:30.. it was nice, but then woke up at 4:30 after that. Then, sunday night she slept from 10:30 to 3:30 and then didnt wake up till 7! it was amazing. That meant i only had to wake up one time. Too bad that didnt last because she kept waking up last night. Oh well. I just try to take naps when she does. It gets so hot in our apartment though. we have fans going but we dont want one straight on her so we dress her in a diaper and try to swaddle her up in a light blanket but she always seems to get out of it and wakes herself up. Ahh i hate the heat!

She loves to sleep on us, as you can see in all the pictures we have. she loves to sleep ontop of us, beside us.. everything. She just seems to slep better that way (maybe because she's on her side or belly, and not on her back!) Here is another picture of her taking a nap with mom! (tom managed to get a picture while i was actually asleep so i couldnt block my face. soemthing else i need to work on, let pictures be taken of me!)

She ALWAYS has the hiccups.. ALWAYS its ridiculous. She always gets a little cranky because her body is so small the whole thing shakes. I wonder if it hurts, like those hiccups you get in your chest that KILL. Here is a little video of her.. i figured i need to take more videos! (ps. you can see how big her belly is and how full it is after she eats!)

Oh did i mention that Dulany is 3 weeks old today? i still can't believe i gave birth 3 weeks ago... and that my actual due date is TOMORROW! crazy to think she could still be in my belly if she didnt decide to come early> I am SO glad she's here though> I dont think i couldve dealt with being pregnant for that much longer, although these past 3 weeks have FLOWN by!

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The Sabatini Family said...

I seriously cried when I saw those pictures. She looks so big!! I can't wait to see her. She is so cute. It was funny, because today I was looking through my planner and saw that I wrote, "Jessie is Due" on tomorrow's slot!! I love the little video. She's got a little tummy on her. We love you guys and hope you are doing well! Take care.