Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this girl loves herself.

more like her "friend" in the mirror! she will sit infront of it and tlak and talk and clap and play. Its hilarious. i finally got it on video.

here is another video of he
r doing the LIp thing i wrote down in the post below. dont mind the ending. Tom was trying to mess up the video.

here is the last video of her eating her string cheese. seriously. go look back at the first picture i took of her in this high chair, and now look at her. she has grown SO much! i even looked back yesterday at her in her carseat. her feet reach the back fo the seat already! aHHH so anywho, make sure to scroll down for that other post!

what a big girl.

this little munchkin is CRAZY! she is all over the place nad loves to do new things. She LOVES the clap. i mean she does it ALL the time. She also loves to make sounds with her lips (with help of her fingers of course) she saw me do it to her, and then i did it to myself, so she can now do it to herself AND others. When ever someone picks her up she goes straight for the face and usually the lips.

she has started to eat more finger foods. She's AWESOME at getting her fingers from either my hand or the high chair to her mouth by herself (good fine motor skills!)she loves yogurt melts, lil crunchies (they look like cheese puffs) puffs, animal crackers (still needs help with those cause she likes to bite off huge chunks.. with the no teeth she has.. funny if you ask me!) she loves mum-mums and ritz crackers, she LOVES those. her new favorite - string cheese. I gave her just the whole thing to hold onto to chew last night and she like devoured it. I thought she would get too many big chunks and choke (which she did get big chunks, but no choking). its crazy how much they learn so fast.

here is her and her string cheese

she also is scooting everywhere. i crack up every time how she does it. Gets on her side and pushes with one leg.. so forth. youve seen the video. We finally got a book shelf so we could put our picture frames and what not up high so she can have her books on the tv stand bottom shelf and she loves it, she pulls them out and looks at them.

anywho, this past weekend our friends the Bate's came up to visit. They used to be our neighbors but then left us all to go to provo (grr.. just jokin) we were glad they came to visit. it was like good old times (aka last summer) They have a little girl about 6 months older than Dulany and so they played with dulany's good friend Everett. It was way fun! We even went to 5 guys (we've been craving a big juicy burger and fries since eating healthY)

here are tons of pictures of Dulany and her many friends. Some are from the ward activity we had. I think i was the only person who brought toys (tom makes fun of me and says "you bring her whole toy trunk with you wherever we go) .. so anywho, all the kids kinda came our way when we were on the floor playing which was fine with us!

all the kids playing at the ward activity.

heres dulany playing with everett and kate -

here is one last one of her and everett. it was the pefect shot!

ok, more pics of her sleeping. it amazes me in the positions she ends up in!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

who knew bathtime could be so fun!

this video cracked me up. Luckily i had the camera on the counter right around the corner of the bathroom so i could quickly snag it while still looking over my baby girl. She kept scooting closer to the faucet and was so amused by it. I caught this on video. I think she saw her reflection and tried to "eat" herself... sadly enough.. my camera ran out of room right in the middle of it.

here is the video.

here is the video i promised of her clapping. She is too cute! i swear...

here are a few pics of her today. She is in the cutest summer jumper (that is 3 months... and she is 9 months. sad.) and i figured i needed her to wear it before it got to besummer time and she would be too big for it. So i had to make it "wintery" for her to wear. She is adorable. (ps. i had brown pants on her.. but she had a NASTY diaper right before i took this, therefor i let her chunky legs breath)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 more weeks and a long post.

ok.. well two more weeks from tomorrow till Tom is done with this semester!! We will then be heading to Utah on thursday, pick mom (roberts) up from the airport, and stay the night and go to tom's cousin's nathan's wedding (wow thats a lot of 's) on friday and then we're driving back to oregon with her (and possibly dad too? we're not sure yet). We'll be in oregon for a WHOLE week! this is outrageous considering the longest we've stayed is 4 whole days. Sad i know. We're so excited. We're also very excited for Kaylee (tom's sis) who's getting married while we're there! We're very happy for her!

anywho... as of lately with our family....

the snow has finally melted (then of course snowed yesterday and left a dusting, but is gone now) so we've been trying to spend as much time outside on a blanket on the nasty grass. Can't wait for it to grow back and be green again so i can let Dulany roll on it and get a little dirty!

Dulany has been playing with friends a lot more. We have play group with my two neighbors once a week when we can and she loves it. She also plays with my friend/neighbor's little boy everett. This week she's gotten to play with him twice. I think they like eachother a lot! he is too cute! The best is when he sticks his tongue out and pants like a little puppy.

here are some pictures of them playing.

also she LOVES the tub now that she sits in it and plays with her little letters. I know it says # years + but she can't bite off pieces yet... so she enjoys playing with them. here are pics of her enjoying tub time. (she hates being taken out of the bath.. HATES it..).. andim not like every other person who puts wash cloth over privates.. so please dont think im a bad mother by posted somewhat nakey pics of her..

and she has started to eat more solid/finger foods. she loves "mum mum" cracker thingys. i tried giving her ritz crackers last night and she devoured them...here are a few pics of that.

here is a video of her trying to crawl, shes getting closer. this is how she scoots around. She no longer goes right to rolling back onto her back. She also ahs been taking "steps". When we walk with her (aka her holding onto myhands) and she takes her own steps instead of me pushing her legs with my legs haha.

also ANOTHER video (told you this is al ong post) she learned to roll the ball back to me when we roll it to her (sorta, she has help with her feet) but i thought it was cute

ALSOOOOO ---- SHE LEARNED to Clap!! all of a sudden she did it tonight on our way out!! i would do it then she would. I got REALLY excited! ill try to get a video of it later

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dulany's Infant "professional photoshoot"

we have a friend in our ward who wanted to practice her photography skills so she took pictures of Dulany when she was just a few weeks old. Today we got them copied onto our computer and it was the first time we saw them and they are AMAZING. its crazy how small she was. I almost forget. here are a few of our favorites! the rest are in the slide show.

here is the slide show with the rest. a lot are copies, just BW and Color

Friday, March 19, 2010

sick Baby

Dulany has been sick for the past few days. She started to get a cough again and is really congested but we were nervous beacuse her cough is a little more wheezy than before. So we made sure to go to the doctor today. But first, the night before last, i had to wake up at 5 am when she woke up because she couldn't control her coughing, that lasted till 6:30... of me trying to get her to sleep ontop of me while on the couch.. i couldn't go to sleep. Then last night she was up at 1:45... i got up and thought a warm bottle might help her go back to sleep... bad idea. she fell asleep in my arms in the rocking chair, as i layed her on her side (to help her coughing) she started to cough then BAM... barf, mucus, formula... a monsterous puddle of it. i mean, theres a mattress protector which was soaked, and a puddle of it ontop of her sheets. thats how much. I took her out, cleaned her off (with tom's help) and then realized she was burning up. She had a fever. Awesome... so back to the couch we went... till 3:45... when she fell asleep and i put her back in her crib and she finally slept in till about 6.

poor thing. we went to the doctor today and we saw someone knew and i really liked her. I think im going to switch to seeing her from now on. Anywho she saw that one of her ears was a little red so it could be a sign of an infection but dulany hasnt been pulling on it or anything.. but they did an rsv test and it came back negative thank goodness but she said to do breathing treatments and get a cool mist humidifier. so we did. luckily our insurance covered the breathing treatments and we'll start that tonight. i seriously hope it helps. luckily tom didnt have classes yesterday or today so he's been a ton of help with getting up with her in the morning after i spend the middle of hte night up with her.

here are a few pics (taken at like 5 in the morning) watching baby Einstein of her sick and cuddly.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

9 Months and St. Pattys Day

Dulany turned 9 months yesterday. we went to a WIC appointment today but they didnt measure her! i tried to weigh her on the scale and it was just 18 lbs.. no idea how tall she is, and i dont really care to try to measure her myself.right now she's rolling ALL over the place... shes better at staying on her belly and not just flipping back at her back therefor getting better at trying to reach for things. She still LOVES to stand. and she is so much better at going from sitting up to her belly with out face planting which i think will help with getting to her knees.
at first i was really nervous about her not crawling yet but after reading posts on babycenter.com it made me feel a lot better because a lot of parents on there feel the same way. So im not to worried about it anymore.
lately it has been SO nice out. (ilke mid 40s -50 degrees) i think all of the snow has melted (excpet for the huge piles in parking lots...) but outside our front lawn it has! we went outside yesterday and sat out there with our neighbor and her baby boy for a good hour-2 hours.. then dulany and I went on a walk with our other neighbor and her little boy.. and i got a LOT of sun. And im already sunburnt on my face. Awesome. Who wouldve thought i would have to be putting aloe on my face in the middle of march. in REXBURG? not me. Today it was gorgeous again> i actually got in my tshirt, capris and flipflops it was so hot, then it got cold again. Bummer. Dulany was outside for like 3 hours and loved it. cant wait for summer when itll STAY warm and the grass is green and i can jsut let her roam free on it.

oh and she still hasnt teeth, we keep thinking that she is, but nope!

anywho here are tons of pictures -
here is one of her sitting in the car at the dealership.. tom decided to buckle her in. so cute!

here she is outside last week (ther isnt snow anymore and she doesnt need the hat anymore either!)

here she is sleeping, AGAIN! she looks like a sumo wrestler.

here are some more pictures of today for st. pattys day we dressed her in green and had little green piggy tails (the rubber bands that is!)

these ones are her and her daddy watching... i think it was Arthur! haha.

these are just of her playing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

our latest addition

so when tom called the bank to see how much longer we needed to pay off his little red nissan sentra, we figured it was about a year... nope... it was 2 years or so... so we looked online for cheap used cars... and we actually found a trailblazer for a pretty good price. we figured by the time we payed off that little red car, we would ahve to get a bigger car anyways iwth a growing family...so we foudn the trailblazer in salt lake and so friday we went down and test drove it and really liked it so we traded the little car in and got this one. Its pretty nice and its so much nicer to be able to fit all our luggage when we travel! anywho, here are some pictures

ohand a random picture tom took with his phone for Aunt Leslie... her taking a nap. What a cutie.