Thursday, March 11, 2010

piggy tails and overalls

yesterday i was determined to put pig tails in Dulany's hair, i did it, and she looks like a baby shrek haha. But today i did it and then i put on these pink baby gap overalls i got at a 2nd hand baby store a few months back. and believe it or not, they are a little short. haha But she looks so stinkin cute i can't get over it.

here are some pictures.


The Beck Bunch said...

I love it!! I can't wait to do that to Molly!

Jody and Alex said...

So we think Dulany looked like you when she was born and then totally turned into Tom. Now, I think she is totally a mixture of the two of you. She def. got your button nose!

Nicki Wilson said...

She's so cute with pigtales, and Everett loves them! :)