Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This girl already knows how to use the remote!

not really, but she always wants the remote, so we give her the dvd one cause its harmless. But thats not good enough. she wants BOTH. ITs too funny. The other day we had it on and she likes to switch the channels (not on purpose but thinks its funny when she does)and she changed it from sportscenter to PBS where there were cartoons and she stopped and just looked at the tv and was so amused. i didnt realize they could tell already the difference between regular tv and cartoons. Yikes.. kinda scary to think about.

here is a video of her playing with both remotes and her doing her new babble with her tongue. cracks me up.

ok now this is scary. As i was waiting for this video to upload.. Dulany was playing with the remotes but the tv/dvdplayer was off. she managed to turn the tv on, then turn the dvd player on, somehow switch the channel on the tv to the "dvd channel" and bam, her baby eintsein video was playing. Lets just say she REALLY got excited.

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