Thursday, March 25, 2010

who knew bathtime could be so fun!

this video cracked me up. Luckily i had the camera on the counter right around the corner of the bathroom so i could quickly snag it while still looking over my baby girl. She kept scooting closer to the faucet and was so amused by it. I caught this on video. I think she saw her reflection and tried to "eat" herself... sadly enough.. my camera ran out of room right in the middle of it.

here is the video.

here is the video i promised of her clapping. She is too cute! i swear...

here are a few pics of her today. She is in the cutest summer jumper (that is 3 months... and she is 9 months. sad.) and i figured i needed her to wear it before it got to besummer time and she would be too big for it. So i had to make it "wintery" for her to wear. She is adorable. (ps. i had brown pants on her.. but she had a NASTY diaper right before i took this, therefor i let her chunky legs breath)


Jody and Alex said...

The tub video is too funny! Love the outfits too!

Michelle Starrs said...

Oh my gosh her little green sweater is so cute! and 3mo clothes? she must be tiny! i wish i could see her and ray next to each other, he's in 12mo pants and 18mo shirts! I love her little pig tails too... so cute.