Thursday, March 4, 2010


Dulany started to say "dada" this morning. the past few days we've been saying "say DADA" like nonstop. Tom really wanted her to say it. this morning i knew she was getting close so i started saying it over and over and right when i said "say dada" she said it clear as day "dada" just as if she were really responding to my request. It is so cute. Just when tom was leaving work i was holding her and she followed him to the door (looking wise) and so i called him back to look at her and when he did she just had the BIGGEST smile and squeeled. Too bad he was leaving... she sure does her daddy.. even though he wakes her up in the morning before he goes to class with all the kisses!

anywho, here is what we captured last night. (i know. we take tons of photos of her sleeping, but thats when she is just so stinkin cute.. considering she loves to cuddle with her blanket/toy and she loves sleeping on her side and belly now)

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Michelle Starrs said...

Oh i love how cuddled up she is! she looks so comfy :)