Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sneak peak

we finally got one of the cribs up in the boys room. back a few months ago i won cerib bedding on an online giveaway.. (4 pice set for $400! ridiculous). im not sure what we will do about the other crib when we set it up...  i mean a simple crb skirt is like 25 bucks. this is when i wish i could sew!

anyways here are the few things i haveup. i plan on making a trip to michaels to get a few things for decoration as well. 

so stay tuned

fun w. bubbles.

D wont take a bath if there arent bubbles! fine by me bc its a great entertainer.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Silly Boys

(a few posts today)

Here are some silly faces of the boys

K makes the funniest faces mainly because of his eyes. They are just so wide and he crosses them all the time. Its just too funny. (not to mention he's balding ... hes my little old man)

C makes some pretty funny faces with his eyes and raising his eyebrows. 

theyre pretty darn cute if you ask me!


Hush Little Baby

Just some pictures of the boys snoozin. 
They usually do awesome at going to sleep on their own. I will swaddle them up, give them a binki and they will fall asleep on their own in the pack n play (yeah we have yet to put the cribs up! that is today's project!) These past few days though they've been a bit fussy and have to lay with us in bed which i don't usually do but at this point ill do anything to keep my sanity and get ANY sleep i can get. 
im hoping that they will get back into the habit of going down with out the need to be held or against our bodies. Don't get me wrong, i love my cuddle time but not at night, i just don't do co-sleeping! haha

(ps. i dont think i realized exactly HOW sleep deprived i would get )

 Kemp Has to hold on to your clothes when he sleeps - its too cute
He's Getting some cheeks!

Tired Little fella - C

Sunday Snooze

 Mr. C all swaddled up in the swing.... .Now the swing would come in handy if we ever decided to get batteries for the darn thing.... he likes it anyways!

Mr C snoozin on his play mat. Both the boys LOVE their hands next to their head like that. Which makes swaddling a little difficult at night when they try to get out!

now if only THIS little girl would take a nap as well - but at least shes content watching a movie on the couch with "her stuff" - do you think she has enough things she takes to bed? Right now she has 7 things that need to go with her. Silly girl

and on a random note - D likes to run around in her undies. There are 2 entrances to the kitchen/hallway so she likes to run through the kitchen to get to the hallway. (and as you can see, we still have boxes everywhere... so no, i havent taken pics of the new house yet but there is our kitchen!)

never will i

take having a washer/dryer for granted.


When we moved here and actually had a laundry room I told Tom we had to get a washer/dryer even if it was a crappy pair from craigslist. No way i was dragging 3 kids to a laundromat.

luckily these bad boys were on sale. We figured we're always going to live in a place with washer/dryer so we might as well get a good pair

and boy are they good.

im in love.

who knew i would actually LIKE to do laundry. After a year of having to drag the kid/s and laundry over to mom and dads (luckily they let us do laundry!! im so grateful for that so we didnt have to pay to use the crappy ones at the apartment).. i enjoy doing a load whenever i want. especially with these little boys... lots of poop and spit up will do a number.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

im going to ask...

Have any of you mommies ever dealt with post partum depression before?? if so - how did you know you had it?

im just no sure if what im feeling is normal and most mommies with older kids welcoming a new baby feel the same or if im just exhausted... so i figured id ask.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

splish splash

splish splash they were takin a bath....

bath time is a chore. d could stay in for hours but getting both the boys in with her takes a lot of work!

oh and dont you love the pink bath??

D and C

i love that theyre looking at eachother

this little man loooves the bath!

mr. k - he was asleep when i put him in. he is the biggest wiggle worm so i really have to make sure i hold him. 


a 2 minute rare event..

yesterday we went to toms class for lunch and when we got home D ate her lunch then passed out on the couch. she never naps anymore so i got really excited since the boys still sleep a lot..thinking i could get a nap in myself which never happens.

Well... i was so happy i had to get a picture. too bad this lasted for literally maybe 2 minutes.

Cwoke up, the i got him back to sleep then K woke up and as soon as i put him down after i got him to sleep he started to cry and that woke d up and then the boys both fell asleep only to wake up 20 min later to eat.

no nap for this momma. but lets face it.im pretty used to it by now.

i miss the days when you have your first baby and you can sleep when they slept and have all the cuddle time you want.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 months

I can't believe my babies are 2 months old already. Tom and I always say how it seems like they just came home with us. Everyday I see my Csection scar and i seriously can't believe that 1. i had a csection. 2 that they were pulled out of my belly from that little opening (the scar isnt so big at all).

I love my boys to pieces. I have to remember that they aren't like most 2 month olds and will most likely be behind in things since they're preemies. I mean, my due date was only a little over 2 weeks ago (crazy right?)

But im grateful they're healthy and theyre growing. We dont have a doctor for them yet here down where we moved to so im not sure their stats but once we get them in, ill most definitely let you all know!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Birth Announcement

Here it is online for our friends to see!

Monday, September 3, 2012

looky here

 first off - new post about the boys below so make sure to check it out!!

so when going to church for the first time people kept telling me that tom looked familiar. then when we got home our neighbor came to show us the newspaper. tom was on the front cover! (pls excuse that its backwards!)

anyways tom started preperation for teaching last week and tomorrow is the first day of school. its a teeeny school with only about 15 teachers and each class only has 10-12 students. hes teaching business, sports marketing, math classes and computer lab. we got to see his classroom and it finally hit me that hes an actual teacher and not in school anymore. So proud of Tom for doing what he wanted in going into teaching and getting a job right after graduating!

and this is random but i found my baby book and saw this pic and thought wow... that looks like colton!


remember new post below!!

7 weeks

Still cant get over the fact i have 3 kids.

 And friday the 31st was my actual due date. Crazy to think that K and C are 7 weeks today! 

We weighed Colton the other day (well i weighed myself and then him with me and there was a good 8.2 lb difference. WOW!) We havent weighed K yet but i might to do that today cause im curious to see how he's grown.

i havent taken them to the Dr's since we've been, im still waiting for insurance stuff to go through so i can take them. Such a pain in the butt.

 Anyways, here are a few pictures of the boys (and D) from the past few days. im trying to get better at taking more and more pictures! i promise.

 C reminds me a ton of D when she was a baby
 K always has such wide eyes. He's been staying awake more and more.

And D needed a picture of herself as well!