Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a 2 minute rare event..

yesterday we went to toms class for lunch and when we got home D ate her lunch then passed out on the couch. she never naps anymore so i got really excited since the boys still sleep a lot..thinking i could get a nap in myself which never happens.

Well... i was so happy i had to get a picture. too bad this lasted for literally maybe 2 minutes.

Cwoke up, the i got him back to sleep then K woke up and as soon as i put him down after i got him to sleep he started to cry and that woke d up and then the boys both fell asleep only to wake up 20 min later to eat.

no nap for this momma. but lets face it.im pretty used to it by now.

i miss the days when you have your first baby and you can sleep when they slept and have all the cuddle time you want.

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