Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

So thanksgiving just past and we (tom and I) were pretty annoyed we couldnt get any work off to go see family and what not. Well luckily Jody and Alex (my sis and bro in law) were able to come up from Utah to spend a few days with us.

Anywho, they came up wednesday afternoon and we just hung out until we made a trip up to Big Juds... for those who don't know what that is.. its a hamburger place where you can order a HUGE 1 lb hamburger (which alex did, show in the pic below) and then they even have up to 4lb burgers... its disgusting.

Thursday I was very happy not to have to go to work... We played games all day and then finally went down to... Chuck-a-rama of all places for thanksgiving dinner. Jody and Alex went there last year for thanksgiving and said it was pretty good so thats what we decided to do (and for all those who know tom, he loves that for me, i was happy enough to get a slushie that was close enough to a slurpee) Im not sure if i was in the mood for thanksgiving food because earlier that week i was craving thanksgiving dinner and made mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken(close enough to turkey) and then got sick afterwards. But I managed to eat some good stuff there... overall i thought it was a good way to spend thanksgiving.

Friday I work up around 5am... not for the early morning specials, because i had the liberty of opening for work. Whoopie! or not. It was a bummer because jody and alex were at my apt along with tom who last minute got the day off. That day of work was pretty easy but i was mad that I had to stay there. I ended up passing out (for who knows what reason.. i was drinking water and ate breakfast that morning) early in the morning and ended up having to stay because of one child. At least it went by fast.

That day REALLY felt like christmas because we set up the tree, and went shopping for christmas decorations and lights... i got some neat ornaments for the tree and of course candy canes. It really seems like christmas now! i LOVE IT! i love chrismtas music as well, I really need to get to buying some more christmas CDs or something so ic an listen to them at work.
That night we made tacos for dinner and went to see Four Christmas's (this has been the first time in about 9 months that tom and i have actually been to a real movie theater) Which was a really funny movie. I crashed right when we got home since i was up so early...

Today they left but we got to go to the temple which was way fun, although tom was at work so that was a bummer.... Jody and I tried to make 'dessert burgers' which are SO good but since im not the biggest cook/baker we didnt have some of the necessities to make them so we tried to manage making them with out them and they didn't turn out the best, but tom says their still good as long as we have milk so at least he'll eat them.

Overall the thanksgiving holidays went by SUPER fast and im glad christmas time is finally here and i can officially light my tree and hang my wreath (which i still need to do) We even have 2 presents under our tree (yay!) We're just so sad that we can't go to either home for christmas this year since we have to work.... and we're gonna be stuck here in rexburg.. again. Hopefully next year! We def. miss both our families over the holidays and hope to see you guys soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Surprises

So saturday was my birthday, the big 21! woaah, ok not really. But I do have to say that Tom did quite the good job of getting me birthday presents. First off, friday night he came home from work with flowers... I was a little shocked. (i secretly think its because awhile ago, i said 'no matter how much a girl says she doesnt like getting flowers, s he does) haha. Saturday morning, before tom headed off to work he was REALLY excited about me opening the next gift... i looked at the bag and saw Best Buy and was like greeat, he got somthing for himself! haha but no, i opened it and it was a new camera!! Now, my camera sucks and has a broke screen and is a big bulky thing. Actually, when i come to think of it, i dont even know where that camera is. This camera is an Olympus Black skinny camera and i LOVE it! His camera that we've always used... URG it would bug me because we had to change the batteries SO often and got annoying. This one we can just charge the battery which i love.

Well when he left for work, i got up and got ready to go out to breakfast. My friend Cat drove us to Idaho Falls to IHOP whichi havent had in a long time. It was very good! YUM! When i got home I FINALLY went and saw twilight with my friend brooke from back home. She was nice enough to go with me for a second time since i couldnt go to the midnight showing. Despide what everyone said about not liking it and it wasnt the book.... i liked it. I went in knowing it was NOT gonna be like the book so tried to think of them as separates.

That night we were really looking foward to watching the UTAH vs BYU game (I was going for Utah... and tom couldnt make up his mind of who to root for) Too bad the game was not playing on ANY channels on TV and tried to find some restaurant/bar (theres only one in rexburg) to watch it.. but couldnt.. that was annoying. Im glad that UTAH ended up CRUSHING byu 48-24 (for those who don't know, i wanted to go to the U, got in but couldnt afford it... but on my off track i was apart of the U's LDS sorority which was the best ever!) Well that night we ended up settling for Applebees and watching some other football game that tom was very into... as for me i was feeling sick and just wanted to head home... so thats what we did. we called it a night pretty much after that, but overall it was a really good birthday

ps. Not to mention, thanks to the inlaws and my family for the birthday cards and birthday wishes!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To Early for Christmas?

So today I went to porters with Morgan because they had this HUGE sale and soooo much christmas stuff there and at this time i wish i was rich because i wanted to buy everything. It also got me REALLY in the christmas mood.. Why can't it be thanksgiving already so I can start putting christmas stuff up (not like i have any christmas stuff yet, but there's still time) They had christmas music playing and it made me want to buy a tree and what not. Instead i bought a wreath that was plain and bought some stuff to decorate it and to be honest, i had NO idea what to do. So there it is. Haha its def. not professional looking but it'll do. Id rather spend a couple bucks on this wreath then spend like $50 on one already made!

I just can't wait to get a little tree here for our apartment since we'll be staying here for christmas. Hopefully tom's parents will be able to come (that's what tom said at least!!) that would be so fun. Im exicted for Jody and Alex (my sis and bro in law) to come to town for thanksgiving so we can go buy some more christmas things.

All we're waiting for now is the snow.. luckily it's just been raining this week. Im not sure if i can handle snow yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cute Little Bows

I came across this on the BYU-Idaho bulletin board and thought they were SO adorable and see cute bows all the time on little baby girls. I figured if anyone was in the rexburg area or even wanted to order them for themselves or for a gift (they would make great baby gifts) then you shoudl check it out!

here is the link:

not to mention im trying to enter for a free give away.