Monday, August 26, 2013

2 little monsters

These two boys have figured out how to open the gate away from the chair and escape. so we finally had to rearrange it so we could keep them trapped in. Lets face it. there is no way i can keep up with these 2 going in separate directions and keep them from eating everything in sight (i cant seem to keep this house clean for more then a few minutes... hm wonder why!)

anyways. they get the whole living room to themselves and they have all their toys in there. 

the other day i was in the kitchen and i hear kemp crying like maybe he got hurt so i go in and see this....

what a stinker!

i couldnt tell if he was mad because he was trapped or if he was stuck. probably both. 

and then colton came running when he saw the camera. he gets a big cheesy grin and laughs when the flash goes off. 

this little man has started to take steps. first it was just 1 step but last night i believe he got to 3-4 steps. he's getting better! 


also - Tom went back to work today! itll be nice to get back into a routine with these kiddos but we will sure miss him (and especially when i can ask him to help with one of the boys etc). Next week school starts for the kids. He has a new classroom thats around other classrooms this year. Last year he was in the end of the school in a corner by himself .. but it was nice because he had his own door to the parking lot so it was easy for us to come see him! wonder how it will be this year when we come see him for lunch. 

we have started for D for preschool and she already loves it and asks to do it. She just needs to learn to use the mouse a little bit better on the computer but shes getting the hang of it.
this will have to do for preschool because we cant really send her to preschool this year.
and im seriously so anxious/nervous about next year sending her to kindergarten. maybe ill feel better next summer. i DO have aWHOLE year! I think im more nervous about her making friends haha (this coming from the mother of a daughter who can make friends anywhere she goes.. )

we are excited for some football games at the high school (and lets face it, tom is excited for NFL and Collge football!), and fall weather with some rain (i didnt think i woul dmiss the rain!), making soup, halloween and thanksgiving! and then itll be christmas... im actually really excited for it. D has already started to watch the grinch on a daily basis since we read the book last week. silly girl. 

we are headed up to mom and dads this weekend ... there is a football game on friday night at tom's old school so we're going to that and we actually might get to go on a date! if we do we plan to go to the temple. we havent been since i was pregnant with the boys. a year and a half! Itll be good to go for sure.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

pics from Lagoon-A-beach

Julie just posted these on her blog and im So glad she got some pics of the kids at the water park. i didnt bring my camera since we each had a baby in hand. here they are. Thanks for letting me steal them!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"She's Ready To Pop"

This past weekend we went up to Mac (again!) for Kaylee's baby shower and the Roberts family reunion.

we headed to mom and dad's wednesday morning and got there about noon and babysat Ayla so kaylee could go to the dentist. Then D insisted that Grandma HAD to babysit her and baby brothers. Dad and Mom had to leave. I needed to go to the store for baby shower things so off we went. Well we randomly decided to go to a furniture outlet store in town that has some pretty awesome deals.

and we took the plunge and we finally did what we've always wanted. Actually got a bedroom set. As in an actual bed and dressers that match - and for a pretty darn good price at that. Too bad we have to wait for a week till we can get them> but i am excited. We've had old dressers that have been passed down to us and then our crappy bed we got when we were engaged that just sits there on the metal frame. (thank goodness for coaching money! that definitely comes in handy at times like these)

Im so excited to actually have a grown up looking room. our room seriously looks like a 16 year old boy lives in it.

Thursday D helped mommy bake lots of cupcakes!! Then mommy got to go by herself and go shopping for Kaylee's baby shower present. THen we waited for Julie, Alex and Paysen to get into town that night.

Friday Mommy and D frosted cupcakes. they turned out pretty cute. I didnt even want to try to do cake pops! those are SO bonnie's nitch and i wish she was here so she could've done them (and to be with us of course!). THat afternoon i went and got to go on a girls lunch date with my friend Page who is moving away! She was in our ward when we used to live there and we became really close! It's sad that we wont get to visit when we come up to mac! Her husband is going into the air force and so shes moving to utah while he's in training boot camp (i dont know how she's going to do it! i coulldnt!) anyways. we went to Red Robin and it was so fun to be able to have grown up conversations and it was a nice change from talking to a 4 year old all day : )

I then came home and got ready for the baby shower. Julie threw it and did all the decorations and mom and leslie and i helped with food. it turned out really cute and was fun!
thanks to my lover for watching the boys all day!

here are some pictures from the shower!

we didnt get home till about 9:30 and then that night we both (tom and i) had the worst nights sleep. Mr. C actually woke up at 430 which is very unusual now and then we were all up at 6 so we could go to breakfast. Then we headed off to the family reunion at silver creek falls (which is GORGEOUS). and im soooo annoyed i left my camera in the car. 
the girls did a little swimming and we (as in mom, dad, tom and D) went hiking down under the falls and around. We even saw a bride walk down the "aisle" aka bridge over to her wedding. that was pretty neat!

after we had lunch and visited friends and then did the falls we headed home to myrtle creek. We wish we could stay and go to church (and we heard that leslie sang in church, sad we missed it!!) but Tom has to teach on sundays. 

so now its back to trying to get back on schedule. then we are going to head back up for labor day weekend to see tom's cousin Dave and his wife Emily(who i grew up with) who we havent seen in over a year and meet their little 1 year old. Itll be fun to see them!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tahoe/Lagoon Recap

i have like 200+ pictures from this trip..... and boy was it a long trip. Total we had 8 days of vacation. 4 of those days were spent driving ALL day. i. am. exhausted. I never want to go into that car again. for at least a week.

Thursday morning at 3 am we headed out and we were off to meet mom dad and leslie for breakfast in Klamath falls which was a little out of the ways for us. Then we headed to a farm for dad to look at. D liked looking at the cows. We then headed to reno and met up with julie, alex and paysen at costco and there was a HUGE thunderstorm/down pour. I loved it. reminded me of home.
Then we went up this HUGE mountain to our resort. it was pretty sweet. It was a huge resort looking over lake tahoe on one side and then overlooking carson city (and surrounding small towns) on the other side.
(this was taken from the internet... i never got a picture of it- but from below it looked like hogwarts or something)

The first day we got in late so I put the boys to sleep while everyone else went swimming. The pools were pretty neat. It was an indoor pool but you could swim under the wall/window and you swam to an outdoor pool. The rooftop had a little sauna and hot tub (sadly i never got to go into it, thank you boys!)

total trip from home - tahoe - 15 hours

here is everyone waiting to go swimming. This was our view from our room. 

(So when we got there we only had 1 room which was a 1 bedroom... so we called and said we requested a 2 bedroom... so they put half of us in another 1 bedroom thank goodness.)

The next morning we headed to one of the beaches for a Clark family reunion (mom's grandparents were clarks)- anyone know of the swimsuit company Lime Ricki? yup - those are my mother in laws cousins! they were all there and it was so funny to see everyone wearing their swim line (including myself!)

the water was COLD but gorgeous - so clear!! D loved it! the boys - not so much. they hadnt slept well and havent had naps... it was a little brutal for this momma!

Then the next day we learned that we needed to switch rooms since someone else was supposed to have our room (lots of miscommunication). well turns out we had to switch buildings. We ended up going to a different one and it was SO nice..(which we were originally supposed to have so that was a bummer). We had to hurry and pack and pack the car and then unpack the car and take everything into our new room for just the night (holy cow... do you know how much stuff you have with 3 kids?). Luckily they refunded half our money so mom and dad didnt have to pay basically! so that was nice. 

 So then we all took a nap and then we had to get ready to go to a bbq with the taylor family (just mom's immediate side with cousins/uncles/aunts). 

on the way there i was just looking out the window and i saw a BEAR! i made tom stop and i got out my camera - then a few other cars wanted to stop too and they scared the bear off.. which was annoying (why on earth would you run towards a wild bear!?) luckily i had my zoom on my camera so i got a few good shots!

Too bad D wasnt with us. she wouldve LOVED it (she had to be with grandma and grandpa the whole time!)

The next morning we headed out about 9:30 to drive to Utah (which is supposed to be about an 8 hour drive.. thats with out kids! haha) Well we only got to reno and we saw outlet malls... so we went around those for about 2 hours! THen we went on our way... total travel time - 12 hours

We got in really late and luckily we were able to stay at Tom's Aunt Janice's house in Utah.
the next day = LAGOON!

we spent ALL day at lagoon and had a blast. the boys were a little stir crazy being in the stroller for the whole day but they did end up loving the water park since there was a place they could sit and splash. (sadly i didnt bring my camera there and so no pictures - hopefully juile or mom got some with their phone ic an steal!)

D of course had a blast riding on all the rides!!

we then left and got MOOCHIES - (toms favorite in SLC - good philly cheesesteaks that were featured on diners drive ins and dives on FoodNetwork) and D wanted to go walk around temple square (she loved seeing all the temples)

last minute we decided to go to Rexburg since it was only 4 horus away and then head to boise that afternoon and stay at a hotel and then drive the rest of the trip home. Rexburg has changed a TON! holy cow. so many new buildings and we went into the new "mini conference center" and its just crazy

oh and we got a Snoasis! first one in 3 years. YUM!!! D loved it.

we then showed her where she was born. She got all excited "are we in rexburg? thats where i was born!" here she is outside of the hospital.

so total travel of that day? 8 hours - or maybe 9 with stopping.

then the next day from boise - home - we stopped again at outlet malls to just break up the trip - but we traveled about another 12...

holy cow.

i believe that
was close to 50 hours of traveling. Thats about driving cross country!!

anyways now we're glad to be home sleeping in our own bed... but now i have about 5 loads of laundry to fold and we are literally so exhausted that we can't move. We have become so lazy. My house is now a disaster and i dont want to cook. 
hopefully i can get back into a routine in the next day or so!