Monday, August 26, 2013

2 little monsters

These two boys have figured out how to open the gate away from the chair and escape. so we finally had to rearrange it so we could keep them trapped in. Lets face it. there is no way i can keep up with these 2 going in separate directions and keep them from eating everything in sight (i cant seem to keep this house clean for more then a few minutes... hm wonder why!)

anyways. they get the whole living room to themselves and they have all their toys in there. 

the other day i was in the kitchen and i hear kemp crying like maybe he got hurt so i go in and see this....

what a stinker!

i couldnt tell if he was mad because he was trapped or if he was stuck. probably both. 

and then colton came running when he saw the camera. he gets a big cheesy grin and laughs when the flash goes off. 

this little man has started to take steps. first it was just 1 step but last night i believe he got to 3-4 steps. he's getting better! 


also - Tom went back to work today! itll be nice to get back into a routine with these kiddos but we will sure miss him (and especially when i can ask him to help with one of the boys etc). Next week school starts for the kids. He has a new classroom thats around other classrooms this year. Last year he was in the end of the school in a corner by himself .. but it was nice because he had his own door to the parking lot so it was easy for us to come see him! wonder how it will be this year when we come see him for lunch. 

we have started for D for preschool and she already loves it and asks to do it. She just needs to learn to use the mouse a little bit better on the computer but shes getting the hang of it.
this will have to do for preschool because we cant really send her to preschool this year.
and im seriously so anxious/nervous about next year sending her to kindergarten. maybe ill feel better next summer. i DO have aWHOLE year! I think im more nervous about her making friends haha (this coming from the mother of a daughter who can make friends anywhere she goes.. )

we are excited for some football games at the high school (and lets face it, tom is excited for NFL and Collge football!), and fall weather with some rain (i didnt think i woul dmiss the rain!), making soup, halloween and thanksgiving! and then itll be christmas... im actually really excited for it. D has already started to watch the grinch on a daily basis since we read the book last week. silly girl. 

we are headed up to mom and dads this weekend ... there is a football game on friday night at tom's old school so we're going to that and we actually might get to go on a date! if we do we plan to go to the temple. we havent been since i was pregnant with the boys. a year and a half! Itll be good to go for sure.

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Jody and Alex said...

So cute. They are getting so big and Kemp's looks are really changing.