Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beginning of the School Year

Little update on our family of 5.

D has been saying she wants to be 3 different things for halloween for the past few weeks. She's really getting into the spirit.. as in i thik she thinks halloween is like next week. we were at walmart and we had to walk down the halloween aisle about 5 times and she had to look at everything. 

maybe we will buy some purple and orange lights to go around our huge window.

she painted these yesterday and today

this is a pumpkin

she said this is her and a ghost and the sun and "thats isnt anything!" referring to the yellow blog.

the artist hard at work.

The last time we went grocery shopping she wanted to make cupcakes So bad since we had them at kaylees shower. so i was writing my list and insisted it go on it so i made her write it. She still has troubles with her C making it like a U. and her S's are a bit tricky as well.

And dont you love when they run out of room so they start writing all over the place?

So with D we are doing and its working pretty well. she's always asking to do her preschool. She sees her cousin ayla going to preschool and cousin adam going into kindergarten she wants to do school so bad. wish we could afford to take her to preschool so she could get the hang of being away from home and meet new friends. Next year its kindergarten though and im already freaking out!

Tom started the new school year and yesterday was his first full day of all kids and he came home EXHAUSTED haha. i guess thats what happens when you have the whole summer off! hoepfully he gets back into it. He has a new room and some new classes he's teaching so that will be good. We're excited for some football games (and the snack bar... D is excited for the popcorn and tootsie pops. her go to treats) and visiting daddy at lunch. maybe we'll give a few weeks before we do that!

the boys are just growing growing...

currently they both are cutting their 5th (and different) tooth. I remember D getting diarrhea once or twice and having a rash when she was cutting a tooth but goodness. i go through about 6 poopy diapers before noon. at LEAST. then by the time the day is done ive changed at least 10. Its crazy.

Kemp can now stand for long periods of time before he gives up and sits down and crawls. He also loves to get up onto his knees. he even likes to do the "proposal or football kneel" with one leg bent. 

Colton is now taking steps and will stand forever and then take at the most 6 steps and lunges forward or plops on his bum. he knows crawling can get him around faster but i know he could be walking! 
(although part of me is ok with them not walking. we were at aunt taunjas house and they were the only ones not walking and it was nice i didnt have to chase them everywhere! haha)

other then that we're trying to get outside as often as we can. (we miss our green lush grass... not this yellow crunchy stuff that hurts to step on. poor boys cant crawl through it.)

D also lined up her chalk because we were decorating for a "pretend surprise party" for herself. haha. I do love having this covered deck. 

Can i just say im so excited for fall? the past 2 days its been so breezy and getting cooler. I even bought a fall smelling candle and today its overcast with sprinkling of rain.

makes me so excited.

also -leaves are already changing!

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