Saturday, June 30, 2012

the 31 week bump

im seriously scared ill go into labor before taking my "last bump" pic since i said i was going to do it every 4 weeks. yeah more like 2!? hahah so sorry if youre getting sick of me posting them. They're more for me looking back anyways!

so here it is... 31 weeks.

and excuse the pj pants. Currently while at home im either in pj pants, yoga pants or tom's basketball shorts.
i think my maternity jeans, the panel, only goes about 1/4 of the way up.

and i dont know HOW you cant see the many many "tiger stripes" as D likes to call them.
thank you light! haha. 

and look at that belly button - yeah...

anyways - one more week  (a little less) and ill make my first goal of 32 weeks.

only 4 more weeks/1 month till i hit 35 weeks. my next goal.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

hospital bag

So with Dulany - i didn't have a bag packed, i went into labor early and had nothing. My water broke at home in the middle of the night with mild contractions and i just went straight to the hospital with my purse/wallet/phone.

it was awful. Tom had to go home and get the stuff i told him too... and half the stuff he didn't get right, sorry hun, but its true. I think D's "coming home outfit" was an outfit that was 6 months and i wore what i wore to the hospital back home. I didnt have shower products, i had to wear the hospital gown. i felt gross.

This time im going to be prepared. considering my short cervix and contractions - i could go early. and since im delivering 30 minutes away (if i make it past 35 weeks, if not ill be an hour away!) i cant relaly have tom just go home and pick me up stuff.

so here is my list i made tonight:

Hospital Bag:

  • pillow
  • nursing bra/tank top
  • pj/pants i dont mind getting blood on. yuck.
  • cheap flip flops
  • my own sanitary pads (overnight ones!)
  • my own towel (since hospital ones can cover my one bum cheek...)
  • Robe (not sure ill want to risk using it!)
  • Hair bands
  • Make up - maybe to help me feel better? not sure since i dont wear it these days.
  • Calming body lotion (love my aveeno stress relief body lotion!)
  • Sundress to leave in (esp if i have a csection)
  • boys going home outfits, including pjs for staying there to stay warm -(rexburg was awesome and gave us amazing warm swaddling blankets, but who knows about these hospitals)
  • boys mittens, hats, blankets, swaddling blankets
  • Clothes for tom (in case he doesnt have time to pack anything)

  • Travel Size: 

body wash
toothpaste (and cheap toothbrush)
shavecream and razor (incase i have csection and am there for a few days, might have to make tom shave my pits for me!)

then there is the ever important

  • phone/charger
  • laptop/charger
  • camera/charger
  • video camera (maybe? not to video tape birth, but take videos afterwards)
ok... now im wondering, should i bring my nursing pillow? i mean this thing is HUGE (for twins)... im thinking about bringing it and then leaving it in the car in case i need it tom can get it for me.

Then i need to remember to pack a bag for Dulany for when she goes to grandma's house - 
  • few pairs of clothes
  • undies/pull ups/night time diapers
  • pjs
  • and we will leave a key just incase they need to come get stuff.
and then obviously my purse with my I.D/Insurance cards.

WHEW ok... 
if anyone can think of stuff - they should tell me. this seems almost ridiculous the amount of stuff i want to bring but i want to be prepared. i hated not having stuff when in the hospital with Dulany and i was only there for like 36 hours! I could potentially be there for 3-5 days.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 weeks

(if you want to see the 30 week belly, just look at our family pictures in the post i did below!)

anyways i had my 30 week appointment yesterday and it was the first appointment i didnt have an ultrasound done since my 17 week appointment (how weird!) it was kinda sad not to see the boys and have such a quick appointment. But thats ok, we'll see them in 2 weeks.

everything looks good. ive gained 22 lbs so far (not counting the 13 i lost then gained back) from pre pregnancy weight. Its weird to see the BIG number on that scale. But its all good, i dont mind!

the doctor found the heartbeats 140 and 134 i believe is what they were. I asked if maybe one baby dropped or somehing because i was so low, so after the heartbeats he checked and he goes "there is nothing down there" and then he was able to literally (what seemed like grab) feel both of their heads.. up in my ribs... Faaaaabulous... not what i wanted to hear. obviously i dont want a baby engaged yet. too early! but i also was hoping maybe baby A flipped from breech to being head down. nope. both heads up in my ribs, both breech. But i sitll have time for them to flip. Still dont understand how i got so low in one day. THursday i had my baby shower and i was up and then friay i was down. Sunday i went to grandmas house with the cousins and everyone noticed how low i dropped. Its a wonder! maybe just because there are 2 in there.

also measured my uterus for the first time - measuring 37 weeks. Whew! i can believe it.

today i went with tom to winco and a lady goes "wow you look like you're ready to pop" and i had to explain "its because im carrying twins! i got a little while left"

I think this time around im hurting and am more uncomfortable then i ever was with D. .. maybe because i never made it past 37 weeks with her.

i just need to make it 1 1/2 more weeks to 32 weeks to hit our first goal, and then 35-36.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Pictures

We asked leslie if she would take some pictures of us and i would do the editing before these babies come... i didnt really want "maternity" photos so we went with family pictures.

all of the pictures are on my facebook page but here are a few of my favorite:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Video of the Boys

(2nd post today - baby shower post below this)

these babies are crazy active today (even at 3 this morning) luckily i had my video camera right next to me and was able to get clips and put them together.

Without Further Ado...

please welcome Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Yesterday my sister in law Leslie and Kaylee and mother in law, mom, threw me a baby shower for the twin boys. It was really fun and the theme was perfect - thing 1 and thing 2!

here are some pictures!

The Food

The Decorations (how cute are the onsies - leslie and kaylee made them!)
Dulany and her cousin Settelly (2 weeks apart)
(great) grandma and grandpa roberts! After all the babies born this year - they will have about 42(ish) great grand children. (i tried to count them all, i might be off by a few if i missed some)- how crazy is that!

Opening some of the gifts!

i want to thank them for putting it on for us. We got a lot of fun clothes and lots of blankets!

yesterday i also hit 30 weeks. this means they really could come soon!. our first goal is 32 weeks.... then its 35 weeks so i can deliver at my hospital and not have to go down to the bigger hospital.

We're hoping they stay in 5 more weeks and im not going to lie.... i wouldn't mind if htey came at 35/36 weeks. One - i know tom will be here incase he gets a job, he will most likely have to leave at 37 weeks and will miss the birth. 2 -my body is taking a beating. - but its ok. i want them to be healthy!
i dont know how long they'll stay in though. D came at 36w6d and i would be SHOCKED if they stayed in longer then her!

i have my 30 week appointment iwth my regular doctor office (im seeing the other ob though for the first time) on monday so i will have to update then with what they say.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Day of Summer

it was yesterday and we felt it! finally sunny and warm!
we got D a few new dresses for church because shes growing like a weed and theyre becoming too short.
im not sure if dress sizes are totally different or what.... but all her 3T ones are small.

Anyways - here she is sporting a new summer dress. she didnt really want to put it on because it wasnt pink (like another dress we got) so i had to convince her it was like Belle's dress in beauty and the beast.

isnt she just darling? and pardon my "mumu" dress.. hahaha its hard to find anything that fits these days. 

tonight is also my baby shower, so look forward to some pics from the party.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day and Graduate

(First off - a few new posts, so make sure to check those out, including lots of pictures from D's party yesterday!)

Happy Father's Day to Tom, my dad and my father in law!

today is low key for fathers day - D went to church with grandma and grandpa. I hear that Dulany followed cousin Ayla up with the primary to sing to the fathers. Wish i could've seen it! Tom had a baseball game (coaching summer ball) an hour away so he left this morning and wont be back till before dinner. Im stuck at home with a cold - yuck. Tom will get his favorite dinner tonight as his present! haha sorry hun!

heres a fathers day shout out from the boys -

and here is one from Dulany (still cant get over how little she was, but i love this picture and this quote, we had it stitched and framed in my house growing up.)-


Congratulations to Tom for graduating this week!! He got his Masters in teaching business and certified in early math (i dont know what its called...) from Western Oregon University! So proud of him. He did student teaching from 7:30am-3:30pm and then would have baseball EVERYDAY this spring plus games and then would have occasional classes he had to go to down at Western (20sh miles away)
He juggled it all and there were times where he was stressed out and i felt horrible. But he did it!

now its time to hope and pray he gets a job. Still filling out lots of applications.

But So glad he's done with school and now he will be home more during the summer as he continues to be the head coach of the summer league baseball. 

(Leslie also graduated with her associates from Chameketa Community College and will go to BYU-I this fall! so congrats to her as well!) 

we helped celebrate at D's party yesterday with a yummmy cake!

D's 3rd Bday Party

Yesterday we just did a little bbq/cupcakes with the family - i was so not having a party! D had fun anyways and LOVED the presents she got. She was such a princess. She was super excited about being 3 and having "ballerina cupcakes" for her party. Here are pictures