Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day and Graduate

(First off - a few new posts, so make sure to check those out, including lots of pictures from D's party yesterday!)

Happy Father's Day to Tom, my dad and my father in law!

today is low key for fathers day - D went to church with grandma and grandpa. I hear that Dulany followed cousin Ayla up with the primary to sing to the fathers. Wish i could've seen it! Tom had a baseball game (coaching summer ball) an hour away so he left this morning and wont be back till before dinner. Im stuck at home with a cold - yuck. Tom will get his favorite dinner tonight as his present! haha sorry hun!

heres a fathers day shout out from the boys -

and here is one from Dulany (still cant get over how little she was, but i love this picture and this quote, we had it stitched and framed in my house growing up.)-


Congratulations to Tom for graduating this week!! He got his Masters in teaching business and certified in early math (i dont know what its called...) from Western Oregon University! So proud of him. He did student teaching from 7:30am-3:30pm and then would have baseball EVERYDAY this spring plus games and then would have occasional classes he had to go to down at Western (20sh miles away)
He juggled it all and there were times where he was stressed out and i felt horrible. But he did it!

now its time to hope and pray he gets a job. Still filling out lots of applications.

But So glad he's done with school and now he will be home more during the summer as he continues to be the head coach of the summer league baseball. 

(Leslie also graduated with her associates from Chameketa Community College and will go to BYU-I this fall! so congrats to her as well!) 

we helped celebrate at D's party yesterday with a yummmy cake!

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The Sabatini Family said...

Congrats to Tom & Leslie! That's awesome. And, Happy Father's Day! Love the Birthday Pics!!