Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 weeks

(if you want to see the 30 week belly, just look at our family pictures in the post i did below!)

anyways i had my 30 week appointment yesterday and it was the first appointment i didnt have an ultrasound done since my 17 week appointment (how weird!) it was kinda sad not to see the boys and have such a quick appointment. But thats ok, we'll see them in 2 weeks.

everything looks good. ive gained 22 lbs so far (not counting the 13 i lost then gained back) from pre pregnancy weight. Its weird to see the BIG number on that scale. But its all good, i dont mind!

the doctor found the heartbeats 140 and 134 i believe is what they were. I asked if maybe one baby dropped or somehing because i was so low, so after the heartbeats he checked and he goes "there is nothing down there" and then he was able to literally (what seemed like grab) feel both of their heads.. up in my ribs... Faaaaabulous... not what i wanted to hear. obviously i dont want a baby engaged yet. too early! but i also was hoping maybe baby A flipped from breech to being head down. nope. both heads up in my ribs, both breech. But i sitll have time for them to flip. Still dont understand how i got so low in one day. THursday i had my baby shower and i was up and then friay i was down. Sunday i went to grandmas house with the cousins and everyone noticed how low i dropped. Its a wonder! maybe just because there are 2 in there.

also measured my uterus for the first time - measuring 37 weeks. Whew! i can believe it.

today i went with tom to winco and a lady goes "wow you look like you're ready to pop" and i had to explain "its because im carrying twins! i got a little while left"

I think this time around im hurting and am more uncomfortable then i ever was with D. .. maybe because i never made it past 37 weeks with her.

i just need to make it 1 1/2 more weeks to 32 weeks to hit our first goal, and then 35-36.

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