Wednesday, July 2, 2014

D turns 5!

you guys. so sorry. I'm such a slacker. I blame Instagram. Ever since i got it and i can upload straight to FB i rarely blog. so sad! i finally got my nice camera out though for Miss D's 5th Birthday. It happened to be on monday after school got out so we headed up to Mac to mom and dads and celebrated her birthday there. Im usually gung-ho with making a nice cake for my kids. This year - totally not into it. Last year it took up SO much time. I wanted to just buy her one from costco but never got there. so she got a regular cake. But really - she doesnt even notice or care as long as there is pink on the inside, candles and sprinkles. SO I'm glad she was happy! She got a lot of fun presents too! some frozen stuff from gramps (my dad), some money she's saving, a barbie microphone, a lunchbox for school and a pink alarm clock from Aunt Jody (she wanted a pink alarm clock for when she goes to school!), a new church bag from grandma, a tea party set from cousin ayla.... i think that covers it! She also got LOTS of balloons which the kids loved.

one thing I'm upset - i didn't take 5 year pictures... so maybe ill do that later.