Tuesday, March 19, 2013

8 months old

Happy 8 Months to these little men!

(ok on saturday they turned 8 months! im behind...)

these little men are getting so big. I can hardly believe it. Tom and I just realized.. uh they are going to be 1 year old sooner then we know it! they are already 3/4 of the way there! AH!

Here is some info on the boys individually. 


*Hes becoming a little chunker. He Loooves his food. He can eat about 3-4jars plus the oatmeal/brown rice a day. 
*He has started to sleep 11 hours straight through the night.
*i THINK he might be getting his two bottom teeth. Whenever i stick my fingers in there to look he has his tongue sticking out so far i cant see!
*he loves to observe. Must be the eyes.
*he can roll both ways and still has trouble sitting up on his own. i think its due to his big noggin.
*he has the most amazing laugh and LOVES to laugh at his big sister whenever she comes around
*he loves to smile at everyone who looks at him. (especially the ladies!)
*he is getting LOTS of blond hair. I love it with his big blue eyes. It sticks up everywhere.

the eyes!

haha and then the flash got to him. it made me laugh.

love these. this big sis loves giving these boys kisses!

*he's gotten better at eating food. he does really well with these rice "mummums" but definitely still chokes when i give him those little rice puffs and now he can eat about 1-2 jars of food (he used to HATE it)
*this kid is always on his belly and is trying SO hard to get on those knees. This week he gets on his knees for a few seconds and has his head on the ground helping him! haha he will be crawling so soon
*he definitely can get around. He is a spinning master. he will get on his tummy and spin a 360 within a few seconds. (wooden floors help!)
*he gets stuck in the crib... we finally had to put bumpers up
*last night was the first night he slept all through the night in quite awhile. I hope it lasts.
*i THINK he is getting a tooth. that kid has been grumpy, drooling everywhere, clear runny nose, rash on  his chin from drooling and gnawing on his one finger. He is like his brother and i cant get a good look.
*Still smaller then his brother
*His hair has gotten SO thick, but its perfect in where it sits.. as in people think we cut his hair that way.
*can sit up by himself for a little bit. He just wants to grab everything that he topples over trying to get stuff.
*and when i say he likes to grab i mean grab. this kid has the strongest grip and will get your face, neck, chest, hair, ANYTHING.

Dulany didnt want to be left out. She demanded she get in the middle!

then demanded a picture of her feet.

Some more of just the boys

My favorite of the two!

(he definitely gets that frown from his daddy!)

Colton looks bigger, but Kemp is definitely by few inches and pounds!
more of the cute boys!

Im not sure what im going to do when they hit 1 year old. itll definitely be a shock. Maybe then ill want another baby....

HAH yeah right. we are totally done (ok like 99.5% sure!) Ive given all of Dulanys baby clothes and all the boys clothes away. Im selling bouncers and swings and baby stuff we no longer use. 

and im not going to lie. im totally content. And i kinda like it.