Monday, June 29, 2009


im afraid Dulany will take after me and will be a thumb sucker. She's been trying to get her fingers in her mouth and as we speak, she's got her thumb in her mouth and sucking hard. Lets just say, i sucked my thumb till i was like 10.. at least. Lets hope we break the habit sooner then it starts.

ps. her umbilical cord stump fell off! yay finally!

and for your viewing pleasure another picture of the baby. Cause I know i cant do a post with out a picture with out getting the family mad : )

Bonnie said i needed to put this one up and Jody said it was just too cute so i figure why not.

and this one shows how chunky she's getting!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hungry Hungry Baby

When dulany is hungry, she tries to suck on anything... last night she got ahold of tom's nose when he went down to give her kisses while i got ready to feed her. She got ahold of it good! heres a little vid. i thought it was funny.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Pictures

we all know everyone just wants to see pictures. So here are some more. We also had a doctors appointment check up on friday and she's alrady up to 7lbs 5 oz so she's def. eating well and gaining weight! they had to take a little more blood from her to do other testing but it def. wasnt as bad as before when they took blood from her heal.who knew so much blood could come from such a teeny finger!

anywho here are some pics. enjoy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grandma Roseanne is here!

Grandma Roseanne came to visit for a week! she originally was planning to come right when i was going into labor but considering i came early, and school was still going on in Oregon she needed to wait a little while before coming. She got her Monday afternoon and is staying for the week. Dulany usually sleeps all the time but since grandma roseanne has been here, she's been quite awake and alert!

Its nice to have some help although I dont have much to recover from. But it is nice to have really good meals cooked, thats for sure. Its gonna be hard to go back to having to make dinner considering we have been having meals brought to us. Dulany is doing well, we had to go to the doctors again to check her biliruben and so that made us worried we would have to go get one of the blankets but we heard back that her levels went down so we're good there. Tom returned back to work and school and he wishes he didnt have to work so he could spend more time kissing dulanys chubby cheeks (theyre getting chunky!). She's eating really well ... we can tell cause she's always spitting up and poops constantly. I mean, i knew you go through lots of diapers, but she poops, i change, she poops WHILE im changing.. so i have to change her again! She also sleeps really well.. i actually have to wake HER up to feed her in the middle of the night. She sleeps in her crib for the most part but I think i feel more fulfilled and like a mom when shes with me (and not always in the crib) and either sleeping with me on the couch and stuff..(since she sleeps most of the time!) So i caught another picture of her taking a little nap with me.

here are some more pictures, im getting better!

My favorite thing about being a mom so far

looking to the camera for a picture!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day.. a day late??

wow. i am TERRIBLE!! well yesterday morning i fed Dulany, came into the living room and sat on the couch where tom was watching tv... and like 5 minutes later her goes 'you know what today is???' and im like uh... no...should i? and he was like 'my first fathers day!' and i was like OH CRAP! i completely forgot.. and i felt bad. Then at about 9pm our time i realized i forgot to call my dad! i couldnt call then because it was 11pm back home and arg.. i forget everything and i dont even have pregnancy to blame (according to tom) but i figure, hey i just had a baby earlier this week, so can that be my excuse??

So to my dad - Thanks for everything and all you do - one of the most selfless people I know.

And to the new dad, my WONDERFUL husband - Dulany came just in time for him to have a real fathers day! (not to mention he was bragging that he got to have a real fathers day before i got a real mothers day!) He is so proud and loves our little baby girl so much. he brags that he kisses her more and what not. I sometimes have to try fight him off in going into her room and kissing and sucking her little chubby cheeks when she's sleeping. I think she gets more kisses and I love yous then i do! ill try not to get jealous, but i mean how can I?? Just look at her!! -------

How could i wake this cute baby up when trying to feed her? She loves to cross her legs (you can see in the pic with tom) and lay on her tummy on our chests. I figure thats how she was in my belly.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day of Firsts

So yesterday was a day of firsts for Dulany. She had her first doctors appointment which was quite annoying. We got to the doctors office at 8:30 for our appointment, and the doctor didnt get there until 10! i was supposed to feed her at 10... when our appointment with a lactation consultant was (i tried to time it perfectly) and so she was quite cranky and then they had to prick her foot and take blood to check her levels of bilirubin(if thats even how its spelled!)She cried and cried and it was hard to watch. (we had to go again today to get it rechecked and they had to prick her foot again! so sad, i dont want to think about all the shots she's gonna have to get!). We finally got to our other appointment and we took her for her first walk! (it was FINALLY sooo sunny outside after 3 weeks of rain!). Of course yesterday afternoon as i was about to change her to feed her, she had the biggest blow out, the first one. I've delt with them many times working in an infant/toddler room at the daycare but she just kept going and going, its like she didnt want to stop (especially when we opened the diaper!). Then i was feeding her she decided to spit up (fountain like!) EVERYWHERE! luckily she was just in her diaper. That meant - first bath! i think tom was pretty nervous trying to hold her in the little tub because she is so unstable, and so we tried to go as fast as we could. .. im not sure that she liked it TOO much.. but she wasnt screaming her head off.

Tom also had a baseball game last night (and tuesday, the day she was born, now he HAD to miss that one.. this one i didnt mind that he went) and i don't know if people will tihnk im crazy or what, but i figured it would be ok to get out and see a little of his game with Dulany since she was sleeping, it was nice outside, and we werent so close to a bunch of people. Yeah, this lady was like 'how old is she?' i said .. um 3 days.. and she was like 'Oh my goodness! that is early.. but now that i tihnk about it, i think i did it with my own kids.' so oh well! And some other good news, Tom's team actually won! (i know, terrible to say) but its the championship game so now they get to play next week when his mom comes so hopefully she can see him play some.

Now i think... that is all the first she had yesterday. She's continuing to do better sleeping thank goodness! she likes her crib now (opposed to the first night) and i usually have to wake her up for feedings.

and all our family is ilke 'yeah i dont care, i just want pictures' - no worries. im working on my picture taking as a new mom and getting everything on camera - i still need to take some videos (especially of her, when she's done feeding and she poops! haha her face expressions are HILARIOUS!)


First Doctors appointment

First Walk

i wish i got a picture of her and tom in his baseball uniform or something at the game, darn it!! im still working on the picture taking!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Story and Pics

Alright,so here is the story on the birth of our baby girl!! So monday night we were watching a tv show and i could feel my stomach tightening, but didnt have any pain. I was always wondering if they were just braxton hicks contractions. I figured these ones def. were because i didn't have any pain. I went to bed totally fine, and woke up with some lower pains and i could feel how tight my stomach was getting.This was about 1 am, mind you, i only fell asleep at 11:30am. they weren't too bad and so i figured they were the braxton hicks finally kicking in with some pain. They kept happening but didn't think anything of it. Finally I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and it hurt again but i figured i was constipated or something (sorry if tmi!). I layed back down and i was still hurting and was wondering if i should time them incase they were the real thing. I didnt want to get it into my head that they were. I realized they were only few minutes apart so i fgured they had to be braxton ones. I got up a few times just to walk around and at this time it was around 2:15ish and i went back into bed... i felt something pop inside me and i thought to myself 'that couldnt have been my water, could it??'. I went back to walk around/go to the bathroom and felt a little leak. I woke tom up and said, either my water just broke or i peed my pants, he told me to go back to bed... men! just joking! haha. So i changed pants, went to look up online how fast i would need to go to the hospital and as i was walking back GUSH.. i def. new my water broke!

We got to the hospital at 3:50- with absolutely nothing, minus my purse - they put me in a room to check to make sure it was my water, and it was and they checked to see if i was dialated at all. (i have never been checked so i had no clue) - and i was already to a 5! i was shocked... tom thought we would be going back home. The nurse said 'you ready for your epidural?' and so i got one within the same hour i got to the hospital. I kept dialating about a cm an hour and so by 9:15 (after i was treated for strep b. lame.) the doctor checked and i was at a 9 and she said she would be back in about 20ish minutes and we could probably start pushing. I was NOT expecting it to go this fast! I think tom was more nervous than i was, he was biting his nails and getting jitters. I pushed for about an hour and 20 minutes and out came baby Dulany. She weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz - 18 1/2 inches long at 11:40 am. Lets just say she def. has my nose and tom's chin (i think its a roberts chin). Her umbilical cord was HUUUUUGGGE (fat that is).. probably from all my sugar!(you can see it in one of the pictures ofh er getting cleaned off) Everything looks healthy considering she was 3 weeks 1 day early. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow with the pediatrician and with the lactation consultant. I did have an awesome recovery since i didn't have to get stitches or anything, i got lucky there too!

I was incredibly tired and couldnt sleep much in the hospital with having to get up every few hours to feed/change her. Within a 48 hour period i think i slept a good 5 hours total? I was exhausted when we got home and luckily my sister Jody was able to drive up from SLC where she was for a few days this week. She was a ton of help the first night when Dulany didn't want to sleep. She doesnt like her crib (although as I type this she has been sleeping in it for i think a whole 5 minutes!) and loves to be held. Nursing was a little difficult at first but its slowly getting better, although still painful! Jody left tonight and tom's mom is coming up here on monday morning so we have a few days with ehr just to ourselves. I just hope we can handle it!

I also need to be a better mom and take more pictures! Ps. Tom is the cutest when he is with his little girl. You can tell he's gonna be a daddys girl. It just makes me laugh because on sunday and monday he was like 'can you just push her out already!?' and asking if i was having any contractions. Well he got his wish! Ill try to post more and maybe take some videos of her for family/friends to see.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dulany Kay Roberts

Here are the pictures for now, Jess will write the long story soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

36 Weeks

Today I've hit my 36 week mark. Yesterday i had my 36 week appointment and everything looked good, her heartbeat was good, my blood pressure, the weight, size of my belly, all that good stuff. I had to take the strep B test, so I hope that comes out negative cause I don't want to be put on antibiotics. Since im 36 weeks, I start going in every week. I think starting at 38 weeks they'll start checking my cervix to see if im dialated and what not. I wish they would do it earlier, just because I am curious!

Sleep is ok... going a little better depending on the night. Acid Reflux is ridiculous and sometimes out of control. I overdose on Tums! Other than that its just leg cramps/arm cramps and not being comfortable. I mean, i have to sit up to turn over, i hate it and it hurts! I've just been having low cramps... probably her head hitting every spot. Oh, and everytime i get up to turn, i realize i have to pee. Last night, every single hour on the dot... its annoying. But i guess everyone whos gone through pregnancy can relate.

I'm becoming a little less nervous and more anxious of her coming. Part of me is like, get her out already!! i want to be able to sleep on my stomach SO bad and I would rather get up every 3 hours with feedings then every hour to pee. Tom asks for his 'baby girl' every single day and yesterday as we were outside our neighbors talking, our friend went and got his little baby from her crib and tom was like "I want to be able to do that! i want her now!".. he's not very patient and I have a feeling he's gonna be a baby hog.

I don't have any feelings of whether she's gonna come early or on time or late. (although i feel that I will want to be induced if she is late, that is if my body is ready and all that). I would love if she came on her awesome due date though!

Anywho, here are belly picture updates!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Tom!

(i should say my prince on a horse or something cheesey right?)
(he's gonna hate me for putting this picture up!)

Anywho, I wanted to wish my WONDERFUL husband a Happy 24th Birthday! holy cow... 24!! i think next year is gonna be crazy, 25.. half way through the 20's. He always asks me 'why did you marry ME?' .. well now he's gonna get embarrassed because im going to list a LOONG list of reasons why I love him and married him.... = )

* Hardest worker!
* Has a great testimony/strong member of the church
* With how busy he is, he always makes time for me/family
* Has an amazing relationship with his parents/siblings
* every day he asks for his baby girl... i know he's going to be an amazing dad! I can't wait to see him with our baby for the first time! (ps. for everyone who knows him, and see's him when he sees/holds babies, you KNOW he wants to be a dad and is gonna be a good one!)
* He treats his mom AMAZINGLY.. which is when I knew he would treat me the same as a wife.
* He served in D.C. therefor it was just convenient so we could get married there.. Just jokin! that was just an amazing coincidence.
* He's always the first to apologize or admit he's wrong when we are stubborn... something I need to work on!
* He constantly compliments... i used to hate it at first, but now i can't complain! (especially now that i am HUGE and have stretchmarks galore)
* He still likes to go on dates, just us.
* whenever he's been super busy with school and work, and he gets invited to go fishing.. which he LOVES .. he (for the MOST part) opts to stay home and hang out with me = )
* He is always willing to help those around him, especially family members.
* He works so hard, and doesnt complain that I can't find work (nor that i am in school) and is very understandable, saying hey, you're carrying our baby, thats enough work for now! thanks hun.
* And because he Loves ME!

(so the list can go on and on and on, but its not like any of you really want to read all of them, its mostly for him to see that I do appreciate everything he does for me and our soon to be family and how amazing he is, although he may not realize it yet!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! - Love your wife and baby in the womb.

Monday, June 1, 2009

She better be a She..

So. I think ive become worried now... about the sex of the baby that is. My friend JUST had her baby and according to all the 'surprising news' on her facebook wall, well... her baby girl came out to be a baby boy. This has happened in our ward i think 3 times now since we've been here. All supposed to be one sex, then comes out the other. We just had a girl in our ward a few months ago who was supposed to have a girl, and out came a little boy.. and then another girl got lucky, she went to the doctor here (after being out of rexburg for her other ultrasound) and they did another ultrasound and found out what they thought was going to be a girl is going to be a boy, so luckiyl she found out a few weeks before she's gonna have the baby.

All i know. is i may have to ask my doctor for another ultrasound JUST to make sure... i dont want to pop out this baby and have it be a boy and have all girly clothes and wall decor, but yeah... it would be nice for the baby to leave the hospital looking like its appropriate sex. Lets hope little Dulany comes out as Dulany... if not, good thing we have boys names picked out!

ps. we just found out the 2 boys names we want to use (Brady and Mason) are used by Melissa Joan Heart... gross. Oh well, good thing nobody really likes her anymore!