Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day of Firsts

So yesterday was a day of firsts for Dulany. She had her first doctors appointment which was quite annoying. We got to the doctors office at 8:30 for our appointment, and the doctor didnt get there until 10! i was supposed to feed her at 10... when our appointment with a lactation consultant was (i tried to time it perfectly) and so she was quite cranky and then they had to prick her foot and take blood to check her levels of bilirubin(if thats even how its spelled!)She cried and cried and it was hard to watch. (we had to go again today to get it rechecked and they had to prick her foot again! so sad, i dont want to think about all the shots she's gonna have to get!). We finally got to our other appointment and we took her for her first walk! (it was FINALLY sooo sunny outside after 3 weeks of rain!). Of course yesterday afternoon as i was about to change her to feed her, she had the biggest blow out, the first one. I've delt with them many times working in an infant/toddler room at the daycare but she just kept going and going, its like she didnt want to stop (especially when we opened the diaper!). Then i was feeding her she decided to spit up (fountain like!) EVERYWHERE! luckily she was just in her diaper. That meant - first bath! i think tom was pretty nervous trying to hold her in the little tub because she is so unstable, and so we tried to go as fast as we could. .. im not sure that she liked it TOO much.. but she wasnt screaming her head off.

Tom also had a baseball game last night (and tuesday, the day she was born, now he HAD to miss that one.. this one i didnt mind that he went) and i don't know if people will tihnk im crazy or what, but i figured it would be ok to get out and see a little of his game with Dulany since she was sleeping, it was nice outside, and we werent so close to a bunch of people. Yeah, this lady was like 'how old is she?' i said .. um 3 days.. and she was like 'Oh my goodness! that is early.. but now that i tihnk about it, i think i did it with my own kids.' so oh well! And some other good news, Tom's team actually won! (i know, terrible to say) but its the championship game so now they get to play next week when his mom comes so hopefully she can see him play some.

Now i think... that is all the first she had yesterday. She's continuing to do better sleeping thank goodness! she likes her crib now (opposed to the first night) and i usually have to wake her up for feedings.

and all our family is ilke 'yeah i dont care, i just want pictures' - no worries. im working on my picture taking as a new mom and getting everything on camera - i still need to take some videos (especially of her, when she's done feeding and she poops! haha her face expressions are HILARIOUS!)


First Doctors appointment

First Walk

i wish i got a picture of her and tom in his baseball uniform or something at the game, darn it!! im still working on the picture taking!


Joey and Michelle said...

Cute! i love the bath picture :) i told myself i was going to wait till 6 weeks to take ray outside but it's just not possible! i keep him covered up and away from people, just like you. i'm jealous you've had so much experience with babies! i think before Ray came i had changed less than 15 diapers in my life... so i'm taking a crash course :)

jason sabatini said...

Oh, she is so precious. I loved reading about her every "first." It is so fun to experience things with your kids for the first time. She is adorable and my advice for picture taking... click, click, click!! Take a million and then weed out the good ones! :)

jason sabatini said...

I think Bonnie wrote the comment above.

The Sabatini Family said...

Ummmm... You need to post every day if not every hour!! :) We love you guys. And yes, I wrote the previous comment under Jason's name. Woops.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love to see videos of her in the bath, nice close up of her little pussy

Anonymous said...

I have vids of my granddaughters