Monday, June 29, 2009


im afraid Dulany will take after me and will be a thumb sucker. She's been trying to get her fingers in her mouth and as we speak, she's got her thumb in her mouth and sucking hard. Lets just say, i sucked my thumb till i was like 10.. at least. Lets hope we break the habit sooner then it starts.

ps. her umbilical cord stump fell off! yay finally!

and for your viewing pleasure another picture of the baby. Cause I know i cant do a post with out a picture with out getting the family mad : )

Bonnie said i needed to put this one up and Jody said it was just too cute so i figure why not.

and this one shows how chunky she's getting!


Scimber said...

A thumb sucking baby is SO CUTE! I want thumb suckers...and since scott and I both sucked our thumbs, Im pretty sure thats what Im getting!

Anonymous said...

be happy to make her a c--k sucker