Thursday, February 20, 2014

9 inches

this just happened.....  

ive been wanting to cut about 5 inchess of my hair for awhile now... because my hair is so long and i never wear it down and chasing after the two monsters plus doing all the household work... i needed some short hair i could pull back into a low pony with out having to rip hair out of knots etc with my long hair...

i then saw it only took 8 inches to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths...
ive always wanted to donate. I have some friends that have gone through cancer and have lost hair and i really wanted to do something good. I didnt want to go through locks of love- for those donating, mayeb do some research. I found out Locks of Love ends up throwing out SO much donated hair. I heard about Pantene Beautiful Lengths and how they use most of the hair thats sent to them and i dont want mine thrown out! its never dyed and pretty darn healthy and i hope it can work for someone! 

I hate the way i look with short hair> i never style it anymore nor wear it down and just wanted something for convenience so im not sure if youll even get an after picture. MAYBE. seriously i had it cut, i dried it and i stuck it back haha. 

maybe ill get the courage (and time) to style it and ill show you what it looks like. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Saturday the 15th was the daddy daughter dance that the fire department puts on for the community. Saturday afternoon we were out on a search for a dress (andshe needed a church dress So bad along with shoes. this girl had a growth spurt). She was So excited to look at dresses and have her first "fitting room" experience. We went to Marshalls and they only had 6,7,8 dresses. We tried on a few that were so dang cute! i wish they came in my size and i wanted to buy them all for when they would fit her! Anyways. The fitting room had a HUGE mirror and those big huge lightbulbs all around it. She was in heaven! only one fit (for the most part... its a tad big!) and luckily it was her favorite one!  She got new shoes too (im sorry. but holy cow shoes are expensive! so we resorted to walmart clearance and luckily there was a black pair that looked like ballet slippers that she loved. 5 bucks, thank you.)

Before the dance she had to have some "make up" - i let her put on some sparkly eye shadow and had to check herself out in the mirror.

she wanted "Elsa" from Frozen hair. 

here is her new dress in full... sorry for the horrible lighting!!

then the many faces of D.

baby bros wanted to join in !!

D had a lot of fun and Tom said there were SO many people there!! She was hesitant at first but then they danced to 6 songs and then went and got an ice cream cone. 

here are some other pictures of the kiddos from that day!

these boys love their tooth brushes!

they were trying to jump and seat dropping it onto the floor! this is when Colton hit the ground hard!

and D had to photobomb each of the boys when trying to get a picture!

ps.. its been raining like CRAZY!!!! so we've been stuck inside. Boo.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Remember this from last year???

it would only be fitting if we did it again. But this year is hilarious because Kemp is pointing... to  YOU as he's asking the question! 

hope everyone has a great Valentines day!

we really just make cookies and cars for daddy and D gets a balloon and some treats. I dont think Tom and I have actually celebrated Vday ... ever. haha. But My VDAY present is that he's done with coaching basketball! YAY! i get him for 2 whole weeks before Softball starts... then its brutal. I will never see him. 

Tomorrow Daddy is taking D to the Daddy/Daughter dance they have for the community. At first she didnt want to go and kept saying "maybe when im 8" but now shes SO excited! she gets to pick out a new dress, a tiara and (she needs) new shoes. Tom is also going to get her a a flower for her wrist so its a true date. Im excited! stay tuned for pictures.