Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Saturday the 15th was the daddy daughter dance that the fire department puts on for the community. Saturday afternoon we were out on a search for a dress (andshe needed a church dress So bad along with shoes. this girl had a growth spurt). She was So excited to look at dresses and have her first "fitting room" experience. We went to Marshalls and they only had 6,7,8 dresses. We tried on a few that were so dang cute! i wish they came in my size and i wanted to buy them all for when they would fit her! Anyways. The fitting room had a HUGE mirror and those big huge lightbulbs all around it. She was in heaven! only one fit (for the most part... its a tad big!) and luckily it was her favorite one!  She got new shoes too (im sorry. but holy cow shoes are expensive! so we resorted to walmart clearance and luckily there was a black pair that looked like ballet slippers that she loved. 5 bucks, thank you.)

Before the dance she had to have some "make up" - i let her put on some sparkly eye shadow and had to check herself out in the mirror.

she wanted "Elsa" from Frozen hair. 

here is her new dress in full... sorry for the horrible lighting!!

then the many faces of D.

baby bros wanted to join in !!

D had a lot of fun and Tom said there were SO many people there!! She was hesitant at first but then they danced to 6 songs and then went and got an ice cream cone. 

here are some other pictures of the kiddos from that day!

these boys love their tooth brushes!

they were trying to jump and seat dropping it onto the floor! this is when Colton hit the ground hard!

and D had to photobomb each of the boys when trying to get a picture!

ps.. its been raining like CRAZY!!!! so we've been stuck inside. Boo.

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