Thursday, September 25, 2008

SO over being sick.

I started to get a bad cold back in mexico and brought it back with me. I started getting better around monday and then yesterday my nose started getting stuffy again and while I was at work my head started to hurt incredibly bad behind my eyes and around my nose. I got home and tried to take a nap but couldn't even bare to lay down it hurt so bad. I've never had a sinus infection but I'm guessing that is what it is. I can only sit upright and when I either bend over or try to lay down it hurts so bad. I've already gone through half a box of tissues and 3 individual packs of tissues. Our apartment has big piles of my 'snot rags' as tom calls them, next to the couch and next to the bed... a lot like this.. and it's gross. I have never had such green snot, since im sure everyone wanted to know that!

I missed work today because I can't even go outside with out the sun killing my eyes, drive nor even bend down to pick up kids with out feeling incredibly dizzy and my head feeling like it's going to explode. Both of us have been been taking nyquil like crazy and ive been taking sinus/head congestion medicine like crazy as well. Lets hope that i don't accidentally overdose or any on it. I CAN say that the cheap brand of nyquil pills and cheap brand of vicks vapor rub have been my best friend and can sleep like a baby. Supposedly my inlaws use this vaporub all the time and say it works so i tried it for the first time awhile back and love it. I just hope it goes away soon with a lot of rest because to be quite frank... I am SOOO over being sick!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally Fall

Today is the first day of Fall and by today's weather, it definitely feels like it. I LOVE IT! fall is my favorite season, but I am used to East coast fall with all the trees so I'm not getting my hopes up for fall in Idaho. We only have a small amount of trees here... although yesterday there were yellow leaves in the road and it was windy, that made my day. Tom probably thought I was weird for getting all jittery about that. Knowing rexburg, idaho... we'll get snow any week now because it snows about 8 months out of the year. We go from summer to winter back to summer. I Definitely miss east coast falls.

This is what I miss most.

Tom and I started back at work last thursday after our long vacation. It was rough going back the first couple of days since we're both sick with colds...I ended up giving mine to tom. whoops! I finally started my class with my new kids from the infant room and wow... it is definitely a challenge. Lots and lots of crying because they want binkies bottles and sleep all at the wrong times. It'll get better after a few weeks. I'm really excited about halloween for once because at this daycare, the take it seriously! everyone HAS to dress up and all the staff gets together and figures out what they're going to wear. There are already tons of decorations up and it's not even october yet! I am going to miss handing out candy though now that we're in rexburg. Highly doubt any kids will come to our door. But just incase, i definitely want to buy candy (because if nobody comes, then I get to eat it!)

I also had a friend pass 2 weeks ago from today. She passed away just before her 21st birthday. We went to middle school together and became best friends when she joined the church at age 11. She lived just down the street from me and we did everything together. Although we went our separate ways in high school and we only kept in touch once in a while, I still have very good memories with her> I got the call and was shocked. I still cant believe she's gone but I pray for her family that they will have comfort at this time. I'm sad i wasnt able to attend the funeral either. Im just grateful for the knowledge that we have in our gospel about life on earth and the afterlife.

Anywho, Just wanted to update a little and hope everyone is experiencing the first day of fall!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last week Tom and I took our delayed honeymoon to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (about 40 miles south of cancun). We got lucky and the hurricane totally missed us (for the most part, it was cloudy the first 2 days we were there) but the rest of the trip it was sunny and VERY hot and humid.

First off... I dont think we will ever fly with American Airlines again. From SLC to Dallas, Tx where our layover/connection was... we had to wait on the plane at our gate before taking off because of a battery problem... so then finally we took off and bam, we are turned around because of some engine problem. An hour and half later we take off and wouldnt you know, we missed our connecting flight to mexico. Luckily there was another flight an hour and a half from when we got to dallas so we took that. We got on the plane and wouldnt you know. MORE maintenance problems. We waited about another half hour and then finally left. We were supposed to arrive at Cancun at 2pm and we didnt get there to about 5/5:30.

Now as for the trip, It was good for about 5 days and then tom and I wanted to head home. We ended up getting pretty bored with just staying at the resort. The picture of the resort on the website showed trees surrounding the resort and when we drove up there was construction EVERYWHERE. it reminded me of that hotel commercial of the guy trying to ask where his flipflops are but the construction kept interupting him. I didn't enjoy waking up to banging at 7 am. But the resort was all inclusive so all the food/drinks were free which was nice. There was a buffet which was nice for the first half of the week but we got sick of it after awhile. There were restaurants there that you had to make reservations for that were pretty fancy, with candlelit dinners and what not. We tried to eat there for dinner as much as we could.

There are a lot of excursions that people can go on including scuba diving, snorkling, atv adventures, parasailing, horseback riding and wow were they expensive. A lot of them were only like an hour long or less so we deciding to do the horseback riding for a few hours so it was worth the money. We rode horses through the 'jungle' although i wouldnt say it was much of a jungle but then we went to the beach and we each got to ride a horse through the water. I thought it was right where the water breaks but we actually swam with them> it was pretty neat.

tom on the horse in the ocean

Other than that, we mostly swam in the pool, body surfed in the ocean (there werent many waves at all so we went to one spot that we found that had decent sized waves) We went shopping on 5th ave. where there are open markets and then there were designer stores. We had a lot of virgin strawberry daqaris, pina coladas and magaritas (although i did have an incident with one that was not virgin...) Tom was upset because espn down there ONLY played soccer... and didnt play football but he got lucky because sunday/monday night they played some football (although though that didn't make me happy...) The last night we were there we were so sick of the food we ordered a dominos pizza. I dont like delivery pizza but i was So happy to have that for dinner. At the airport on the way home in dallas, I ate a LOT of mcdonalds. I love american food.

We both got sick as well. Tom threw up violently on thursday night. we think it is because he drank too much salt water and was dehydrated. That was gross. I got sick the following sunday night/monday morning with some bad cold that i still have. It's a pain in the butt. Tom says its because i wont take airborne (that stuff makes me want to gag). Well that was our trip. next time we said we would rather go for about 5 days. Anything longer than that is to long. im just glad to be back in rexburg and in my own apartment.