Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Room Improvements!

So today we FINALLY set up the crib (after about 3 days of me bugging tom to do it). We were able to rearrange some things and for the most part (minus a HUGE cluttered closet that we need to clear out) its done minus the accessories. We have all the big furniture set up and I know that at least my sister wanted to see pictures so i figured I would put them up. The only thing thats a little annoying is that its black (although i do LOVE black) and I wanted to get a brown/pink combo crib set. Oh well. There are many other cute things out there that we can find. So here are the pictures. I still can't believe we got all three of these pieces for only $200!! Good thing we live in Rexburg where people try to sell their stuff when theyre moving. We got such a great deal! I can't wait to get accessories to put up in the room and when we have diapers and more clothes and all the little things to make it seem more real.

This is what it looks like as you enter the room.

The crib with her name, no mattress or cribset yet, those are to come!

The Armoir with some of the clothes we've bought and gotten from family. It will DEFINITELY come in handy since our extra closet is already cluttered.

The Changing table with matching baskets... we need to get a cover for that nasty changing pad though.. haha.

Friday, March 20, 2009

24 weeks

So I reached my 24th week this week and boy... somehow first trimester hit me again or something. I was SOO incredibly tired all time and on occasion i would start to feel sick and start to throw up but it never came out of my mouth (The worst! yuck!) but that only lasted a few days.

I finally have begun to get VERY uncomfortable when sleeping. Not like getting up to pee at least 3 times a night is enough but i cant manage to lay on my side with out cramping or some limb falling asleep and end up on my back (which my doctor says isnt as bad as everyone says, and ill know if my uterus is cutting off my blood supply) but then my back starts to hurt. Haha tom probably gets really annoyed with all my complaining when trying to get to sleep. I was saying this morning to tom, i dont even WANT to know how uncomfortable its gonna be when imHUGE and ready to deliver.. and well i might as well get used to not getting as much sleep!

I have also started (i think at least) getting shin splints.. ive never had them before but when im walking to the car after class up the LITTLE hill, my shins are KILLING me and i noticed that i cannot walk as fast as i used to, especially when walking next to tom, i have to tell him to wait up and not walk so fast. Today I could feel the weight on my hips and it was HURTING as i was walking down hill to my car from class. Yikes.

On a good note, she's been moving around like CRAZY. I finally felt her move around our ultrasound apointment last month and since then she has moments where I wonder exactly what she is doing in there! Tom finally felt her move and Kick really hard, which is a miracle because she seemed to only move when he wasnt around. It almost freaks me out because i can actually feel that there is a human in me! Itll be even more weird when i can tell which limb she's moving and what not. and as i type this she is kicking, and i can see parts of my stomach jumping.. craaaazy!

also, i have yet to get any stretch marks. Maybe its good skin or cocoa butter (although i rarely put it on and tom keeps reminding me that i need to... i dont think he's a fan of stretch marks. haha) I have been contemplating whether to put up a belly pic of my bare belly.. i have a lot of friends who are due around the same time who put them up and i think, i dont know if i coudl do that, but im thinking that maybe i will while i dont have stretch marks! ANywho, we go in for another appt on Monday and we will see what will happen then, i have no idea what theyre gonna do.

Oh, ps. can i mention that its supposed to be 60 degrees today!? YAAAY I have never been in 60 degree weather in march while living in rexburg. Can't wait to open the windows and do some spring cleaning!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NO more snow!

well at least in our front lawn!!! The past couple of days have been GORGEOUS ..well in the 40's which is very warm. A lot of the snow has melted and the only bad thing is the wind. if there wasnt wind, it would be a LOT warmer. The past winters that I have been here have been a lot worse with snow until april and not getting summer weather till july. Hopefully with it being warm, itll mean spring and summer will hit sooner than usual! Winters in rexburg are just depressing!

the only depressing thing about spring here is when all the snow melts.... the grass looks like this..
It makes me wish i was back in GA at the beach (although it was only 65 degrees and not really beach weather.. but wow i would so rather have that beach than this brown mush idahoans like to call grass.... Here is a vid of Alex , my bro running into the ocean when we were in GA in January

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Waisting time..

ok, so i stole this from Michelles blog because i am SO incredibly bored in the library!

Give one word answers with no explanation, then tag five bloggers
1. Where is you cell phone...left
2. Where is your significant
3. Your hair color... dark
4. Your mother...East
5. Your father...Home
6. Your favorite thing...SLURPEES
7. Your dream last night...Craazzzy
8. Your dream
9. Room you're in...library...
10. Your hobby...crafting?
11. Your fear...Loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years...Oregon
13. Where were you last night...Movies
14. What you're not...depressed
15. One of your wish-list items...KitchenAid
16. Where you grew up... NoVA
17. The last thing you ate...Fruitsnacks
18. What are you wearing...shirt
19. Your tv...Off
20. Your pet...TOM haha
21. Your computer...home
22. Your mood...BORED
23. Missing someone...Family!
24. Your car...Street
25. Something you're not, (yikes!)
26. Favorite
27. Your summer...DULANY
28. Love someone... TOM
29. Your favorite color...Green
30. Last time you laughed...yesterday
31. Last time you cried...recently

and i tag whoever is as bored as i am and wants to do this!

I Love Good Deals!!

Yesterday, Tom and I went to a used Baby store called 'Once Upon a Child' in Idaho Falls and found a GREAT deal on little newborn onsies! We only got 3 because we had 10 bucks in cash we could spend, but we got all 3 for only 7bucks! they were 2.50 each! what a great deal. I realized that when we got to the counter, that tom picked out all the outfits! He either actually has an opinion or he just wanted to get out of there! Heres a pic of them! Im pretty sure we're gonna have to make another trip there soon. Also to everyone who is either buying us clothes or giving away their old clothes to us... THANK YOU!! you guys are awesome!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not Set in stone, but in wood.

So I suppose we're stuck with the name we picked. We always said we were going to use it so today for a new project for the baby room i went and bought wooden letters to spell out her name, which is Dulany Kay Roberts. (most people spell it Delaney, but its a family name) I was looking at wall decor online and people sell these wooden blocks (costumized/personalized) for like $10 a letter!! I decided since I've done it before, I could easily do it by buying the letters for $2 a piece at wal-mart. I already had paint and so all i needed was $1 ribbon! sweet deal huh?? Well I figured I would post a picture of my new project of her name. Tom came home and saw it and said 'um, i never liked that name' and i freaked!! this whole time we decided on using it and NOW he is going to tell me. Well, being as gullible as i am, i fell for it, even though he was joking. Here is a close up of one of the letters to see detail (although there isnt much detail!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Projects

So yesterday I went to porters (my weakness) where they have SOOO many crafts you can do and stuff to decorate your house. I think half the stuff on my living room walls are from that place. But anywho, I saw this cute shadowbox on display and tried to make my own version for the baby room. We can't paint it or anything so I figured I could make some cute things to go on the wall or something. I told myself I wouldn't go all pink.. but I couldn't help myself. Besides, I figured that while we're here in rexburg, we'll only be having one kid so I can put girly stuff on the walls. As for the furniture I def. want to go neutral so they can be reused.

So yesterday I bought some stuff to make some things, only 2 so far.. but i figured I would post them up because I kinda like them = ) haha. Also, We'll have to wait awhile till we can show the actual room, because its kinda the spare/storage room for now. Im excited to get the crib up along with our changing table and armoir (We got the whole set for $200!!) yay for used furniture found on the BYUi bulletin board!

ps. people have been asking about names and we're pretty set on the name Dulany Kay. Both family names.

Here are the pictures, ps. if anyone has any good ideas for cute things ... let me know!!