Monday, August 29, 2011

why i love Ross

- enough said!

these boots: $330

These boots: $25 and no tax. (thank you oregon, love you for that)

i rarely ever find boots that fit. saw these, had to get them.

ps. i am wearing my skinny jeans - they fit. (barely) but is a relief after thinking i gained 10 lbs.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

little ballerina

Dulany loves Angelina Ballerina on Sprout - and she loves twirling with her hands above her head and trying to lift one leg while being graceful. its too cute. i decided shes going to be a ballerina for halloween. We found a leotard at walmart and a tutu - (but she hates toole, so i dont think thats going to work). and so im thinking we're going to have to get one of those little skirts at walmart and then tights, and i might just skip on the shoes... shes gonna be too cute!

anyways, we put the leotard on and she loved it. she knew exactly what to do!

here are some pics.

Monday, August 15, 2011

formal dinner

here are some pictures from Julie and Alex's formal dinner -

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forever Families

Tonight we got to experience something pretty awesome. My sister in law Kaylee and her husband Jon went through the temple tonight for the first time. They also were able to be sealed to each other and their little girl Ayla. We are so proud of them for the decisions they made to lead up to this moment in their life...

I usually don't cry - but you couldn't help but do so. It was truly amazing.

The whole time during the session all i would look over at Tom and think about how grateful i was that we could come to the temple and have our family sealed and we could be together for all time and eternity.

I remember my dad saying that when the missionaries taught him, they talked about sealings and the fact that families can be together forever and he actually asked the missionaries if it was some big secret and how come more people didn't know about it. Its true though, it's such an amazing thing!

I just wanted to jot down these few things, since this is kind of (sort of) a journal for our family, so we could remember this day. I'm so grateful to be brought up the way i did and for finding a man who could take me to the temple... (love you hun.)

I was also reminded that I need to go to the temple more often.

New Goal : for one of our date nights, once a month, we will go to the temple. eventually, i want to be like my parents who (when they lived close enough to a temple) would go once a week for their date.

it was an awesome day. no doubt about it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

All About Ayla

Today my sis in law, Kaylee asked me to take a few pictures of her cute girl so she can make Ayla's first birthday party invites.
this girl is TOO cute!! Am I right or am I right?! im right.. she is too cute.

this is by far my favorite picture - CRACKS me up!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

brag post

ive never been able to french braid until a few years ago when i taught myself on myself - therefor i only knew how to do an inside out braid and only on myself.

a month or so ago i tried french braids on D. it only took about a week to figure it out and now im a pro. I love doing her hair in French braids, makes her look so old! and cute of course.

im pretty impressed with myself... im not going to lie.

ps. terrible twos post below - uh oh!

terrible 2s

I think they came and are still here for a visit. i hope its just a short term visit.

in the past 3 days when we venture out of the house, there is always a fit being thrown about getting into the car, being in a shopping cart, pushing the cart, getting back into the car, then not wanting to get out... its like its never ending. Even going to the park there are issues. Which is so bizzare because she's usually amazing at the park...
so today, we are taking it easy. we may stay at home and work on cleaning the apartment. I feel bad, because its been so nice out this week. and we've gone to the park every day or over to grandmas house to play. but today - i dont even want to "test the waters" of anymore fits for at least today. and yes, i am aware it will just get worse.... so i guess i should really be saying "bring it on!"
Dulany is really good in general, so I shouldn't really even complain....
i think its just that i haven't had a break in a few days and its overdue. Oh. and raging hormones. (not from pregnancy... so dont ask). Mother nature is not fun!

on the flipside - she loves taking our old camera thats not working and "taking pictures" of people saying CHEESE, so i decided to get some of her.
end result:
ok. i love her. i can't deny it.