Thursday, August 25, 2011

little ballerina

Dulany loves Angelina Ballerina on Sprout - and she loves twirling with her hands above her head and trying to lift one leg while being graceful. its too cute. i decided shes going to be a ballerina for halloween. We found a leotard at walmart and a tutu - (but she hates toole, so i dont think thats going to work). and so im thinking we're going to have to get one of those little skirts at walmart and then tights, and i might just skip on the shoes... shes gonna be too cute!

anyways, we put the leotard on and she loved it. she knew exactly what to do!

here are some pics.


Jody and Alex said...

So cute- the perfect ballerina! Miss her!

The Sabatini Family said...

Love it!! I want her to wear that cute Tutu!! Keep trying to get her used to it... just for me! :) She is adorable and we miss her so much.

The Beck Bunch said...

She's so cute in that! How fun!