Tuesday, March 29, 2011

H is for Hat

Dulany LOVES daddy's hats. she always wants to wear them. We always ask what letter H is she she does the H sound and says HAT!

this afternoon tom was doing starfall with her and she was naming almost all the letters. On our fridge we have the magnet letters and we went through all of them and she can name all but a few. She is getting too smart!!

here are pictures of this cute girl in daddy's hate.

this is my favorite - the way she is sitting with her arms crossed cracks me up!

OVERLOAD on posts ttoday . i believe there are 3 more below so make sure to look at them!

Yummy Yummy Cupcakes!

We made these this weekend. It was a mommy/daughter baking day! D just wanted to lick everything and then continued to fingerpaint with the batter!

a few randoms

here are just a few random pictures from the past week.

this is how i found D sunday morning when i had to wake her up for church.

Good Morning Mommy!!

we've been trying to go on walks in the afternoons if its not raining. Its muddy, its yucky, still cold and im ready for summer!

here she is pointing at a tree or the "moon" or something! - im not sure.

she was not excited to be in the stroller. she later ended up crawling out of it. but yikes. im ready to let her run around so she can play! and i could use some vitamin D myself.

Goodwill Purchases!

i love finding good deals at Goodwill.

last week i went and found sunglasses for 99 cents and this grocery cart (which is kind of a piece of crap - sorry for my language) for $3. She loved it automatically. She has been wanting to wear daddy's expensive sunglasses so i got her own pair. (they're High School Musical and say I *heart* Troy hahaha loves it.) here are pictures of the treasures we found:

A few months back i found this really sturdy wooden baby doll high chair.
D loves it. Recently she decided it's HER chair she sits in instead of her dolls.

Now if only i could find good deals on clothes and shoes!!!!

ps. i have picture overload (if you've already seen facebook,theyre on there) but i will post more posts later today.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I love Ross. I love ross more when i'm not with D. Last time we went i tried to try on a dress. Didn't work so well. we ended up dropping everything and leaving the store while she screamed. So i went back and found amazing deals for me (stuff for church since i can't really fit into anything. I hate waking up sunday mornings and putting on the same outfit) I also found a few things for D.

new shoes from dad - we found them at ross and he just HAD to get them for her. I think he needs a little boy.

also from Ross - this cute apron that my friend Cat got her. She wanted to wear it all night long. which she did over her PJs and with a headband which she loves to wear as well. here are a few cute pictures

incase you havent seen it - new post below.

the laundry basket

D loves laundry baskets. she loves to put her baby, blanket and pig in there and lay in it, she likes to use it as a hat, she likes to "fall" into it. She just loves them.

first she sits on top of the laundry and saying "row row row" (row your boat) - even with kitchen utensils!

then she plops on the laundry:

then she wants to take all the laundry out:

and uses it as a hat:

and in the end, its a table for her snack

she is just a funny girl!

ps. if you cant tell, some photos left unedited. stupid internet keeps going in and out and i think ive spent an hour on this post. So done with it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

ABC easy as 123

so here are a few videos of Dulany at grandma and grandpa's house and grandma was singing this song. Dulany loves it. As you can tell. Cracking up. I had a longer video but needed to edit it, after i did that - it wouldn't play right on youtube or DL on here. I'm a tad annoyed.

so here is the shorter version.

here is another video of her talking about the letters on the fridge and counting to 10 (i forgot to mention she's been able to count to 10 since a few months ago) But she's starting to learn most of the letters. Im quite impressed. Especially since i didn't necessarily teach her some of them. Silly smart girl of mine!

i think the most impressive thing she's done is take the "m" magnet and she says "monkey" - she knows M is for Monkey. ps the very end of this video is my favorite (bye bye lany")

and not to mention - she just said this "D O T R - Dulany! YAYYY!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

21 months

I knew i needed to update this thing. what a perfect way to do it today - D is 21 months old! yikes. I didn't even realize it till i was commenting on Bonnie's status about how Niccole is already 8 weeks old (which is insane! - cant wait to see them!)

so here it is folks.

She's around 26 lbs. The nurse on monday however tried to weigh her on an old scale and somehow got that she was 20 lbs. Im sorry. I don't think she lost 6 lbs in the last week (she was 26 the monday before).

she's around 31 inches. i assume. im not really sure.

her hair however is getting longer... which makes her look older.

she says a million words. Learning a new one every day. Sometimes tom and i look at eachother and ask "did she just say...." (ie. the other day for nap i said lets go nigh nights and she yells "YOUR BED"... we both looked at each other so puzzled.)

things she really enjoys saying are (ok things i think are cute!) "what was that?" "Oh No, Oh My!, trying to say "what are you doing?" "pee you" (while holding nose or waving at her nose) and Yucky! 'Where it go?'- my favorite as of lately is she always says please and thank you and now when mommy or daddy says thank you she tries to say Youre welcome. it is too cute.

she still loves her baby (she even chewed the nose off. ewe) her blanket and "pig" (her pillow pet pig) she loves to lug these around all around the house and HAS to sleep with them.

her favorite color - Orange. Everything is orange.

favorite food - well this morning i asked her if she wanted breakfast and she asked for corn. haha but i think pretzels top it all. besides 'ellybeas' (jelly beans) and my favorite as she says "yummy yummy eye cream" (thank you barney for the yummy yummy ice cream song!)

favorite song - probably I love you from Barney - seems like she already knows all the songs. I dont care what other people say about how they hate Barney - i love it. She's learned so many songs from there which means new words.

she still has 12 teeth. i dont think she's gotten teeth since like before thanksgiving...

she LOVES nursery. She freaked out last sunday because we had to leave. Im looking foward to t he day where we can put her in a daycare thats only a few hours a few days a week so she can have lots of fun with other kids. She's always been this way, wanting to do what the other big kids are doing. Maybe we just need her to make more friends!

and im pretty sure she's hit the terrible twos. I know everyone says "oh it only gets worse" but in all honesty. im not sure how. Yeah there are still probably more things to come, but i think she's hit the beginning of it at least because it is bad. yesterday I had to drop everything in the store in the cart and just leave because she was just out of control. Even to change a diaper or getting her dressed is a pain in the butt! Even the grandparents are surprised by it because she's usually SO good. Oh well! its to be expected!

its crazy to think only 3 short months she will be 2 AHH i never though i would say i have a 2 year old.

ok enough of the longest post ever. = here are pictures from the last week.

D decided she wanted to wear my boots. we got them on her and she walked around in them for a good while.

here she is with all her hair up in a ponytail. i thought it was too cute.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yummy Yummy Popsicle

When D was sick, all she wanted was popsicles, which i don't blame her, with a cough thats all i want!

(ps. she is wearing my headband thingy cause she thinks its "pitty" (pretty!)


as of late.

D has a thing for Hats. Everything is a hat. Buckets, baskets, you name it, This has to take the cake though. It cracks me up!

Today while aunt sessie was here, she wanted to change baby's diaper. She got a diaper out, laid it down, opened it up and then got Baby and put her down on it. Too funny!

This is her this morning, in my favorite PJ pants of hers! She is too cute in my opinion.