Monday, March 21, 2011

the laundry basket

D loves laundry baskets. she loves to put her baby, blanket and pig in there and lay in it, she likes to use it as a hat, she likes to "fall" into it. She just loves them.

first she sits on top of the laundry and saying "row row row" (row your boat) - even with kitchen utensils!

then she plops on the laundry:

then she wants to take all the laundry out:

and uses it as a hat:

and in the end, its a table for her snack

she is just a funny girl!

ps. if you cant tell, some photos left unedited. stupid internet keeps going in and out and i think ive spent an hour on this post. So done with it.

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Jody and Alex said...

I never edit my photos, so don't feel bad! I know I alrady said this on FB but she looks SO big! I love that she sings "row, row, row, your boat" too funny!