Tuesday, December 28, 2010

an update

.. my little baby girl (not so much at 18 months now) just said this....

'baby, air are you, come on' while looking for her 'baby'.... seriously? since when does she know how to form a sentence!!?!?!?!

the other night she was in our bed knocking on our wall (with aunt sessie knocking back) and she yelled, 'Gamma (grandma) riiight now!' - tom and i busted out laughing wondering if she really did just say 'right now' we asked leslie and mom if they heard, they did...

she now puts her baby in her blanket, puts her finger over her mouth, and says 'shh shh nigh nigh' - now if only we could put her down that easily.

she talks like crazy, a lot of it is still jibber jabber, but she'll go in her new princess tent and just start talking like crazy! i can't even count the number of words she can say now. She is starting to repeat like crazy too (ie. today i said darn it and i think she tried to say it back.. yikes. time watch our mouths!)

as for us (Tom and I) ... Tom is officially in at Western Oregon University and will start in March so until then he is working full time for his cousin (working like 60 hours a week, leaving at 6:15 am and not coming home till 7) and is sometimes leaving a few days at a time to work in idaho/washington. We've applied to live in some apartments a few miles down the road where a lot of young couples live so hopefully we'll be able to move in before february (Julie gets home mid february from her mission!) and we know the managers there so hopefully it will all work out. Grandma and Grandpa are already getting sad... grandpa is already planning for Dulany to have sleep overs with them and they can watch Elmo together. Haha. it makes me laugh because we're only moving a few blocks.. good thing we're not moving across the country!

so thats life so far. . sorry for no pictures. Tom took the computer with him to idaho....

Saturday, December 25, 2010


here are a bunch of pictures from last nights christmas eve get together with extended family at grandma and grandpa roberts and then pictures from this morning. Dulany was alittle hesitant to come out and see her presents and even ran back into the hallway and cried a little. poor girl. She actually got into the spirit of ripping the paper open off of presents so that was fun. Most def. fun to watch your kids open presents you kinda forget about yourself.

Tom surprised me (kinda) with a pearl necklace and earrings. The pair i got for our wedding broke and then i got a cheap pair from claires and lost one. i don't wear earrings very often but have been wanting a pair of nice ones (and NOT lose it!)and a necklace to wear.. although i only will get to wear them to church, but it was def. a nice present! I got tom a new wedding band.. although i went on the cheap side and bought his off overstock.com. He got a free band when we bought my wedding ring set and its all scratched up so i got him a nice non-scratch ring.. almost 3 years later.

anywho. here are some pics!

I also got a Vera Bradly bag from Bonnie - which i am in LOOOOOOVE with!! i wish i took a picture. Later on, i will take one because it is GORGEOUS and i already unloaded the diaper bag (hideous one i have) and put everything in this new one. Works great already and it looks pretty!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

more snow pics

and for a laugh -

lately she's been doing this face to everyone.. that stinker.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

our trip to Pennsylvania

this last week we went to PA - it was a LONG trip there and a LONG trip back... - but it was so nice to see my family! We flew in on saturday night and left to go to Pittsburgh to visit my Jody, Alex and Elsa for a few days in their new house. It was so much fun seeing Dulany and E play together. Makes me sad theyre so far away. After a few days we made the trip back to Huntingdon where my older brother and sis in law came up from DC. here are some pictures. (my sis has a lot more of t hem playing and ill just have to steal them from her one of these days!)

We got lucky and on friday afternoon it started to snow.. we got about 1-2 inches. IT was such a pretty snow fall that i HAD to get Dulany out in the snow to play and take some pictures. Also wanted Dulany to play in the snow incase we didn't get any this winter in Oregon (seriously, we got back last night and today it was SO warm and rainy. felt like winter was ending). Here are some of my favorite pictures! Im still editing the rest so ill post more when i finish!

Elf Yourself!

ive been seeing these all over everyones blogs so decided to make one. Ive done some before but never the Elf Yourself one.

i mainly picked this one because of Tom's dance moves.. click HERE to watch it... cause i don't know how to put it on here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

fun with cousin Elsa

before i download all my pictures from this past week with my family in Pennsylvania, i have to share this video before i forget. My sis put it up and i had to steal it.

Dulany LOVES her cousin Elsa. They played a little together last summer at the beach but now that they're older and both running around like crazy they were obsessed with eachother. Well maybe Dulany was more obsessed with E ... Dulany would wake up and say "elthsa" and then when we would come down the stairs or E would come downstairs to us... Dulany would SCREAM (and i mean scream) ELTHSA!!! HIIIIIIIIII!!! she is too funny. THey would run around chasing eachother (sometimes Dulany giving E a little push saying 'go') and playing (sometimes fighting over a toy.. what kid doesnt do that) and their favorite - Peek-a-boo..

here is the video - it doesnt get good until around 50 seconds in - Enjoy!

i really don't know what Dulany will do with out her cousin. Poor girl. we have adam over and then he goes home after 2 weeks and then we're with Elsa and then we leave her after a week.

and I have pictures. I just need to edit some and put them up.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

sick girl

of course, right before we fly out to Pennsylvania, Dulany gets sick.(last time we flew, she got a fever of 102.4 the night before flying). Yesterday she started to get a fever and it just got worse and worse. Last night she had a temp of 102. All day yesterday she wouldn't eat anything and was very cuddly/clingy. Poor girl. as of right now she's feeling better thanks to chidrens tylanol. hopefully she's all the way better by saturday when we fly! we can't wait to see my family and especially have cousin Elsa play with Dulany.

and she had to give a sort of smile to say "cheese"

PS... MORE POSTS BELOW!!! so make sure to look at them!

The Polar Express

she loves this book! and she usually has to read it on her own - pointing out santa and making choo choo noises at the trail. ALl in her "cranberry necklace" and in her 'big girl chair'

oh and then she got herself stuck in a pot... silly girl!

oh chrismtas tree..

Dulany loves the christmas tree. although she has already shattered one of the bulbs. she likes to yank two off and bang them against each other. in the end resulting in time-outs. She LOVES santa claus. there is a santa coat hanger we have in the living room near the tree and she learned within seconds how to say santa...and can find him anywhere. (ie. in winco the other day they had santa stockings and bam she starts pointing and saying santa santa).

here are a few pictures of her with the tree

one jealous baby

Dulany gets a little jealous of Ayla....

Ayla is using some of Dulany's old toys (toy mat/bouncer seat) and i dont think she knows it.. but she is very protective of them. She has also gained a love for the infant swing. She never had one but when ayla comes over (when i watch her) she has the swing here and Dulany wants to be in it all the time. she can climb in it herself and everything..

this is the result of me putting Ayla in the swing....

here are other pictures of Dulany playing nice with her cousin:

then a cute picture of her watching "elmos world" - she is obsessed. everything elmo. she can see him a mile away (aka in walmart, she saw elmo pinatas in the party section.. we cant see it but all we hear is ELMO!)